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More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. Instagram has always been a great platform to showcase your brand presence. Nowadays, every brand tends to include Instagram Stories in their social media strategies; Credit goes down its huge.
What Are The Best Apps For Instagram Stories
What Are The Best Apps For Instagram Stories

Posting pictures and videos on the Instagram feed may seem easy to most of you, but getting the best start requires a mix of effort and the creativity of the apps. Most users on Instagram love stories, so if you’re a creator, you should also consider promoting your work on Instagram stories.

If you want to gain control of your followers, you need to come up with something that will excite and amaze them at the same time. And we've compiled a list of the best apps for instagram stories.

There are also many Insta Story Editor apps on the market. Which one is worth it? What does everyone use to create these beautiful Insta Stories? Here are the most popular Apps For Instagram Stories

Reasons to Use Stories on Your Instagram Business Account  
Build and strengthen relationships 
Instagram Stories are the perfect way to engage people with your brand. Any content you put on Stories is quick and easy to consume, making it more attractive for customers to click on it. By maintaining a steady presence with visual content throughout the day or week, you'll build a strong bond with your followers. 
The more regular your content is, the more people will expect it and be eager to see it. Exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage that showcases the people behind your brand, as well as sneak-peaks of new products and services, is a great way to reward your followers and strengthen brand loyalty. Other popular options are recipes and tutorials related to your products, personal customer testimonials, Q&As, and exclusive announcements.  
Reach more Instagram users 
Instagram stories are searchable. This means that people who are not your followers can find and see your stories. You can use hashtags or tag other people or brands to increase the reach of your stories content and drive traffic to your website. 
Plus, if you want to extend the reach of your Instagram Stories beyond the Instagram app, you can use EmbedStories and display your Instagram Stories on your website.  
Learn more about your online community 
To see who viewed your story, click it and swipe up to access basic analytics. This is a great way to explore what types of people are engaging with your brand and gain insight into the lives of those who consume your content. Check out these people's accounts to get a better idea of your demographics. You never know, by searching for your content you may discover new demographics that you can cater your products, services and content to
This is also a good way to gain followers. Find people who are viewing your Instagram Stories who don't currently follow you and follow them first. Doing so will remind them of the great content they've seen on your channel recently and make them more likely to follow you back. 
Immediate - Post on the move 
Many people say they "don't have time" for social media marketing, and we can often sympathize with them. There is so much fantastic content on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that it is understandable why MDs, owners and the like take the time to create carefully crafted content. Enter Instagram Stories, a space that doesn't require fancy editing or overly clever captions. 
This feature is built for immediacy – get your content out there without a hitch! Don't be afraid to post as you go, it often makes for some fascinating stories. Had a busy day? Why not show how hard you work for your customers on Stories. You don't even need to worry about the "best time to post", because this content is visible for 24 hours!  
Instagram Stories as a complete conversion funnel 
 Instagram stories provide for their users goes beyond creating brand awareness. Instagram Stories are becoming a truly powerful solution for the lower part of the marketing funnel and provide businesses with opportunities to increase their lead generation and online conversions. 
Flow is easy. Once businesses have created a compelling story, valuing their followers, they can invite them for a live chat in their Instagram Messenger or simply provide a link in their Instagram profile bio (if they don't have the option to add a link in the story) where potential customers can go and find their product or service. Can actually buy.

Best Apps For Instagram Stories

1. StoryArt

StoryArt is great app to enhance your Instagram stories. This free app allows users to choose from a selection of templates, then add photos, text, and play around with the results. Once you're happy with the result, you'll be able to export it directly to your Instagram Story. Download the StoryArt app on Android.
Download: Android

2. Mouve

Mauve is a relatively new application but is the best. The app has many beautiful editable story templates that you can easily edit. You can choose from the available video collage layouts, add your own photo videos and then share them on Instagram.
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I personally liked the animation and the effects of the templates. There are over 100 templates to try. The developer behind the app promises to keep adding new layouts and new story templates every week. So, you never run out of creative storytelling ideas.

The interface of the app is clean and minimal. It's really easy to use. You can also add your own music and text if you wish. Not just on Instagram, you can pull out stories like WhatsApp Statue or Facebook Story.

The app is free to use and doesn't show any ads, but it does put a watermark on the stories. If you do not want to show the watermark, you may get a monthly subscription compared to the features offered, which is very low.

Download: Android

3. Canva

Canvas is a popular photo editor that you can use to create beautiful photos with text overlays and other results for your Instagram stories.
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This graphic design app has the largest collection of templates you can use to craft attractive Instagram stories. The app also has a huge collection of stock images that you can use as background images for your Instagram stories.

In addition to these features, Canva also provides various photo editing features including fonts, text, filters, etc. The app can be used to create and share images on multiple platforms.

Download: Android

4. Story Maker

Story Maker is also a great app that offers 50+ creative templates for creating interesting Instagram stories. You can choose any of the given templates, add your own photos and text, and share stories. There are cool templates and backgrounds to use. It also has a minimal interface and the application is easy to use.

The app has a lot of free templates but also many paid template packages. If you need more templates you can purchase the available packages and more. I have checked many packages and I have to say that the premium template has to be priced. You can preview the premium template before paying.
Download: Android

5. Unfold

The Unfold app brings perfection to your Instagram stories.

Unfold app has reached over one million active monthly users.

Unfold offers a series of modern, clean and great ‘Instagram Story’ templates. You can then choose to add photos from your camera roll or stock image.

You can also add beautiful text overlays to take your Instagram story to the next level.

The app also comes with some of the most beautiful collages out there, making it easy to share two or more photos in the same story.

I also love the option to add videos!

This is one of the honestly available apps if you are thinking of curating your stories with the same beauty as your feed.

Download: Android

6. Inshot

This Instagram app is a must for all Instagram fans. Inshot can easily create any video in a size that fits perfectly for any post. The Instagram Story Maker app offers a lot of background colors and patterns that have a background stain effect.
You can shoot videos directly from the app and edit them at your convenience. As such, it is said to be the best app for creating Instagram stories with perfection. The app lets you edit any video with editing options like trimming, voice-overs, speed adjustment, image merging videos, and more.

Download: Android

7. Instastory

Insta Story is a similar Instagram Story Maker app available for both Android and iOS. It comes with many free and paid templates to choose from and edit. You can add your photos directly and create stories. There are dozens of images and background story colors to choose from. There is also a free collage maker for combining multiple images. You can apply stickers, text and filters.
Download: Android

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