8 Best Apps To Improve General Knowledge [MUST USE]

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You have more free time than you think. We use smartphones for many reasons. In addition to entertainment, we can also use it for educational purposes. Android phones are also popular among college and school students because it is easy to take notes on the app.
Best Apps To Improve General Knowledge
Best Apps To Improve General Knowledge

Also, many apps are available for different educational purposes. As we have already written about different apps for Android. Similarly, there are many Android apps to promote general knowledge.

With the help of these apps, students can study outside the home, while traveling and even when they do not have books to study. Trivia apps for Android save the cost of buying hard books.

The best reason to choose this is that we don't have to visit multiple sites and spend time searching for useful content. Android apps offer a variety of features that offer all of these features.

Best Apps To Improve General Knowledge

World General Knowledge
The World General Knowledge App is a collection of quizzes on various topics. In total, the game has over 2000 questions, most of which are answered in detail.

The topics in question are very diverse. Arts and sciences, sports and geography, history and religion, music and cinema. And this is not a complete list.

In fact, the game is a kind of museum of curiosity. Some of it will even be a famous revelation for readers.
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Game selection occurs when you first use the World General Knowledge app. The quiz can be on the main screen.

Download: Android

Current Affairs 2020

This app is best for learning current affairs and general knowledge. This app is great if you are preparing for Bank, SSC, Railways, Civil Services or MBA exams. You will get information in both Hindi and English. 
In addition to HL and current affairs, the app also offers daily quizzes and daily news. You can then bookmark important articles to move forward. The app is useful for many government exams.

Download: Android

Secondly, this is QuizUp, another useful general knowledge app for Android phones that includes quiz games. This is an inconsistent application for getting information or for quick answers to any general knowledge-based questions. Finding answers to your doubts or questions is very easy and quick. So, this is like the most useful for helping hand to get to the quiz. However, check out the quizup features here.

Download: Android

Wikipedia is one of the most popular non-profit reference books. It's also accessible for anything on the Google Play Store. It provides general information throughout the world.

It also shows the area in the article on Google Maps. Selects offices and pictures from Wikipedia as well as wiki information. This requires Android 4.0 and higher versions of Android.
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Approximately 50 million users download these apps. Wikipedia is one of the most important sources of data that can be accessed on the web.

Wikipedia is the most unpredictable source for creating GK. The application has excellent material structure and overall light form and works smoothly even on medium information associations.

Download: Android

GK Quiz
GK Quiz is a form of game in which you can strengthen your knowledge by answering questions. This is a game that takes you to the world of knowledge. He has numerous questions in different fields. You can take tests freely and also find important events.

Download: Android

General Knowledge Trivia
General Knowledge Trivia is one of the best General Knowledge apps for Android. The app comes with free multiple-choice questions to help students expand their general knowledge into multiple categories. So, the app is useful for competitive entrance exams. It is useful for those who are preparing for Civil Service Examination, SSC, or similar exams.

Download: Android

  Quora – Questions, Answers, and More

Want to find a Q and A trivia app for your Android device? Try Quora. It is the most reliable quiz answering app that you can enjoy improving your brain activity and capacity. It responds very quickly and you will find answers to questions on any topic. That's why Quara is the most popular platform for gaining and sharing knowledge.

Download: Android

Aptitude test and preparation
You will be looking for the best educational apps for Android that can meet your needs more than your exam preparation and aptitude test and aptitude test and preparation. It is equipped with many different test patterns and templates for your training. Almost all employment and competition-based exams are all fully included in this single pack. It comes with many different features that make your approach easier and smoother.

Download: Android

Final Words
This was a list of the best general knowledge apps. You can download one or more apps to your phone to improve your general knowledge. Not only education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. So, you should also install a good quiz app to evaluate yourself and learn new things. All these apps are great for learning all new things. So, go and start learning.

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