What Is Zoom Cloud Meeting App [Full Guide]

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a fully-featured cloud-based online meeting platform that allows for HD-quality video conferencing and simple group messaging. It is web-based and works on various platforms including desktop clients, tablets and smartphones.

It supports screen sharing with real-time whiteboard tools and allows document collaboration through Dropbox and Box. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a comprehensive video conferencing service that combines simple online meetings, group messaging and video conferencing onto an easy-to-use platform. An innovative solution is to deliver exceptional audio, video and screen-sharing experiences across devices such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as room systems like H.323 / SIP. The platform enables users to host webinars, virtual meetings, video demonstrations, video conferences and online training.
What Is Zoom Cloud Meeting App
What Is Zoom Cloud Meeting App

Since its inception in 2, Zoom has been so successful that it attracted high profile brands like Dropbox, Uber and Godaddy. Although RingCentral - a business phone system, identifies Zoom as the ringcentral meeting of its video conferencing suite. So what is the reason behind widespread popularity?

The reason this software stands out is its extensive set of features that meet the needs of almost any business. The video conferencing platform has virtually any basic, advanced and supportive features of the zoom the company wants. In addition, Zoom offers high quality video and audio for premium pricing on your cloud server. Its affordability, versatility, makes it a force to consider in the video conferencing space.
In addition, Zoom supports up to 1000 interactive video participants and can only supply up to 10,000 visual partners. The solution is fully versatile and can be easily tapped from a variety of devices and locations. Even better, Zoom has a free plan, which allows businesses to host unlimited single-meeting and 40-minute group meetings with up to 100 participants.

Zoom review

Zoom video conferencing software.

Zoom is quick and easy to set up and get a link to a personalized meeting room. Zoom has been used a long time ago, but after hearing mixed reviews from friends and colleagues about software confusion, I decided to permanently switch to GoToMeeting and have looked back ever since.

However, I have a lot of experience using Zoom first, and I share my experience with the features here.

If you are interested in Zoom's webinar feature, it is important to note that this is truly included (not included) in their video conferencing service.

Zoom video conferencing

Here are some basic features:

Screen Sharing: Meet with one or a large group, and show others what's happening on your screen. It's useful to present a deck, walk through a product demo, or rotate your computer's camera and display your face. Basic ability but still important.

Group Video Conference:
This meeting can host up to 500 participants (if you purchase the "Big Meeting" add-on). There's also a free plan that allows you to host a video conference for up to 40 minutes and up to 100 participants.

One-on-one meetings: Host unlimited one-on-one meetings with their free plan. Zoom is an excellent resource for organizing professional one-to-one meetings with people across the country without paying zero percent.

What are the pros and cons of Zoom?
Zoom's pros and cons revolve around its ability to streamline enterprise communication and provide a consistent, consistent experience across all use cases. Its ease of use, high-quality video and crisp audio are its strong points. However, there may be a demand for zoom for some computer builds.

Zoom Pros
Zoom is a great and popular choice for web conferencing, with over a million meetings every day.

Using Zoom, you can:

Organize live video chat
Access meeting analytics as the top users by meeting minutes.
Easy screen sharing during calls.
Use the recording feature to save and document your session.
Have a brainstorming session with Zoom's on-screen whiteboard feature.
Access to in-depth support such as live help, online chat, phone support, FAQs, help articles and video tutorials.
Hook assemblies like Slack and Zapier.
Zoom's free plan lets you host about 100 participants in a video call so start using it for free.

Zoom cons

However, zoom is not a perfect tool. If you plan to use zoom, there are some things you should know about how to rely on the platform.

First, it can be expensive for large teams as you pay for the host to zoom. The price depends on which level you choose, such as business versus business. Enterprise. Pro per month/host. It starts at 14.99 and goes up to $ 19.99 per month/host.

Secondly, while Zoom has some innovative features like white-boarding, voting, and remote control, users find it difficult to use. Grabel Companies, Inc. Craig Riley, SVP, application development for IT systems in, found that "sometimes chat features aren't available."

Many users say that one of the disadvantages of zoom is poor, predictable video quality. Video on zoom is often fuzzy and pixelated.

"The quality of the audio and video is degraded," says Richard, who uses Zoom. "For me, this happens every time I use it for the part of the conference I attend."

Final Thoughts

Zoom Cloud Meetings offers advanced collaboration options with high-quality video conferencing platforms. It allows you to host online meetings with up to 25 participants and offers unlimited airtime for one-on-one meetings. If you are looking for a flexible video conferencing platform, Zoom may be the perfect app for you.

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