How To Use Aarogya Setu Application [UPDATED]

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Today, the world is struggling with a disease that has no cure, so every government is trying to spread the corona virus to at least the people and there is a way of social distancing and self quarantine but there is only one cure. That is why the Indian government has launched a aarogya setu corona virus tracking app
How To Use Aarogya Setu Application
How To Use Aarogya Setu Application

'Aarogya Setu' tracking app to detect coronavirus infection using smartphone's GPS system and Bluetooth
The Scalable Aarogya Setu app supports 11 languages

The 'Aarogya Setu' tracking app, already available on the Google Play Store on the Store Store for Android smartphones and iPhones, will help prevent coronavirus infection using the smartphone's GPS system and Bluetooth and help determine if you have a Covid-19 infected person nearby. Not at all.

How To Use Aarogya Setu Application

The application, first spotted by 'The Next Web', determines whether you are at risk by scanning a database of known cases all over India, as well as the location.

To make sure the data is encrypted, the app uses your location to know the area under the database's infected area, and active Bluetooth is also required to determine if you are six feet away from the infected person.

Aarogya Setu tracking app

The Scalable Aarogya Setu app supports 11 languages. You must register with your mobile number once you download the app from the Google Play Store. Then, the app will have the option to enter your health statistics and other credentials. To enable tracking, you must turn on your location and Bluetooth service.

Once you are in the app, the app will scan your location and share your data with the government if there has been a positive test for the coronavirus or close contact with someone who has tested positive.
Apart from this, the app also has a dedicated chatbot that answers a number of questions if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, as well as information about various features and updates of the Ministry of Health, including a series of helplines. National and state wise numbers.

At the launch of this app, the government is trying to limit the spread of Covid-19 cases through technology , and to help raise awareness among citizens about infection-related information. According to the Ministry of Health.

After installing the app, you'll need to switch on to Bluetooth (it's recommended that you always keep it) and location. Then set "Location Sharing" to "Always" (you can always change this later).

It has a means of self-testing. The user is asked to answer many questions. If some answers show symptoms of covid, this information will be sent to the government server. It will help the government to take timely steps and initiate the isolation process if needed.

Data is shared only with the government. The app does not allow your name and number to be publicly disclosed.

The steps required to use the app are as follows:

1. After you run the app, allow it to access your device location as suggested.
2. You will get an OTP, enter it and you are up and running.
3. Select your gender from the given options.
4. Enter your full name, age, and then business as stated.
5. You will be asked about your travel history.

It is important to register your mobile number and complete the necessary details such as name, age, business, international travel.

- After submitting the details, it will cross-check the details in the government database and use Bluetooth proximity and whether you are safe or not.

- If you are not secure, the app should be careful to isolate you.

Note: The data provided by the user is said to be encrypted and is also sent anonymously to the government server.

- When using an infected patient using Bluetooth, this app will also check the user about six feet of space, regardless of whether it is nearby.
You can show whether you are at 'high risk' or not. If you're in a high risk area, the app advises you to go for a test and call toll-free number 1075 to schedule an appointment at a nearest testing center.

In addition, the app will suggest preventative measures for coronavirus. In this case, your app will share the data with the government if someone has been positively tested or contacted in person for Covid-19. Also, the app's privacy policy is not shared with data shared by third-party users.

- Invite your friends and family to install the app.

There is no doubt that the government will help you to take the necessary steps to assess the risk of infection and the need for complete isolation.

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