How To Increase Followers In Twitter For Free [UPDATED]

Imagine standing in a room where people talk.

Now, remember, this is one of the best speeches you've ever given. It's full of creative ideas and useful information that your audience will love. The only problem is ... no one in the room listens to you.
How To Increase Followers In Twitter For Free
How To Increase Followers In Twitter For Free

Now imagine you're publishing content on Twitter. This is one of the best content ever made. Except for the moment, no one is clicking on the link you provide or making sure to look at the graphic you created for it.

This is what the content marketing world likes to call "engagement." When it comes to using Twitter, your job is to make the most of every content you send. But how?

Twitter with Facebook is a great platform for businesses, brands and businesses where over 135,000 people sign up daily and 75% of businesses are engaged with Twitter or users. So, in such a big crowd, have you missed Twitter Followers? But if you are worried, I have compiled how to increase twitter followers organically.

If you don't think people can engage with others only on Facebook, that's certainly wrong. In fact, by making some changes to your Twitter usage, you not only increase engagement with your followers but also attract new followers.

One more thing, Twitter is made just for those who have something to tweet all day long. Tweeting throughout the day can increase your engagement with your followers. But, sometimes it can diminish your followers if your tweets are useless to your followers. In addition, you may lose some useful and must-have elements for increasing your Twitter engagement.

How To Increase Followers In Twitter For Free

Add links to your tweet

As with images, you should also have links to your tweet so people can read the entire information and get it real. Because many people ignore tweets without providing links.

I found on a number of popular Twitter accounts that the most frequently viewed tweets are with links and images on their walls. For images, I've already told you in another point. After applying this, you will notice that the link with the tweet has been over-tweeted. I personally found this out on my Twitter profile.

Use images to increase retweet by 5%

To engage your audience in your posts and click on your content, they need to see what they are posting. One of the best ways to differentiate your content is by adding images.

Buffer found that image sharing on Twitter increased by 150%. Including a brief summary of text on Twitter is more appealing than just a text-post.

In fact, research shows that users were engaging at a 5x higher rate when an image was included.

Include images in each post for 35% more retweet.
Images can be anything from pictures and screenshots to mini infographics and charts.
Make sure your visuals are directly related to the content you are attached to.

Think of the best time for your tweet

You might think I already said that tweeting all day is a good idea to engage Twitter followers so why am I saying that this is a good time for your tweet? So, let me tell you, friend, I say again that tweeting all day is a good idea, but for a moment the flashback key is that I have said that it can sometimes have a bad effect. But, if you plan on tweeting your updates throughout the day, then surely increasing your engagement with your followers throughout the day would be a killer idea.

I just think that the whole week is still so busy except Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are perfect days for your followers to tweet attractive offers.

Now I'm telling you how you can think of the right time for your tweets to go live. Here are the hours I chose - 10am, 1pm, 5pm and 9pm.

Pin tweets to promote your best content

Do you have a cool tweet that all your followers should see? You can pin a tweet on your profile that will remain at the top of your page until you remove the PIN.

This is a simple strategy with great results to boost investment. Just select the tweet you want to pin, click on the “…” icon and then click the pin on your profile page.

Pin the tweet with an eye-catching image to increase retweet by 35%.
Pinned Tweet is like an advertisement, except it has to be paid. Take advantage of this free ad by calling the action loud.
Include a URL to your pinned tweet to get 86% more engagement.

Tweet questions to get a response

Your tweets are likely to get answers or answers to questions that are a great way to increase engagement. So start getting answers to the questions to get answers. More than 50% of people wait a moment to read a question, and more than 20% want to answer a question on Twitter. So the question should be tweeted at least twice a week.

Use hashtags for double engagement

Twitter has invented the hashtag (#), but it has certainly become popular with the public.

Hashtags double your engagement rate and help users easily find a topic or trend on Twitter. This is a great way to join a conversation that is already happening or to organize a conversation like Twitter Chat.

Hashtags identify the subject of your content, making it easy for Twitter users to stumble across your page when searching for similar topics. Because of this, using hashtags is an incredible way to encourage social media engagement between both followers and non-followers, making your content more visible.

A good hashtag is memorable, unique, and relevant to your content.
Try not to use more than two hashtags per post so as not to be annoying.
Always use hashtags when participating or hosting Twitter chat

Try to keep your tweet short

Twitter is a social space for sharing posts with only a limited number of posts. Only ą„§ charactersą„¦ characters are allowed to tweet. So, it is also tested by some social media experts that if you post your tweet with less than 100 characters, your Twitter engagement will improve by up to 15%.

Use the video in the tweet for a 34% boost

While images perform better than text, Twitter users love videos. 82% of users watch video content on Twitter - just a big number! Simon Rodgers found that adding videos to your tweets will increase your investment by 34%.

You have 10 seconds to conquer your followers. According to Visual Measure Research, 20% of your viewers will click away from the video in 10 seconds or less.
Promote and train your followers with your videos using video. Adding a weekly note to your page is a surefire way to engage with new followers.
Add Twitter videos to people around your office to give your followers a personal touch.

Reply to your followers on their reply

This is a good habit and the most important way to communicate with your followers as well as the public. If any of your followers ask questions or reply only to your tweets, you should appreciate their answers and reply back to them.

Through your activity, people will always love to see your tweets and not want to miss a single tweet. When you reply to a tweet, your followers will reply to most of your tweets and get more likes and retweets.

Use emoticons to increase your choice by 51%

Instead of taking a simple block of text, consider breaking the text with emoticons. Emoticons represent a unique element of toys that gives your brand a little personality. In fact statistics shows that using emoticons will boost your post's sharing and comment rate and help increase likes by 51%.

Select one or two emoticons per tweet. "Think of emojis as the ultimate elevator pitch for your business: you have one or two signs to let people know what value they bring to each tweet."
Use emoticons when responding to your followers to add individual followers and show appreciation.
Emphasize specific areas of your tweet with a relational emoticon to make engagement more intense.

Use catchy profile pictures, cover photos, and backgrounds

It's attracting new followers! If you are a brand or business, always keep a profile picture and cover photo about yourself. However, this is not a great way to increase your Twitter engagement, but despite having a professional profile, people will at least like to follow and stay on your profile.

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