9 Best Yoga Apps Android Free [UPDATED]

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Everyone knows about yoga. It’s very popular and is a great workout for those who don’t like weightlifting or running. You can do this at home with the suggestion of the right video (or text) and the equipment is not too expensive for beginners.

Best Yoga Apps Android Free
Best Yoga Apps Android Free
However, getting into yoga is very challenging. There are so many ways to do this and so many teachers to choose from. We can help make it a little easier. Here are the best yoga apps for Android!

Best Yoga Apps Android Free

1. Daily Yoga

Advanced Yoga beginners will find hundreds of class plans and seats on the Daily Yoga app. Step-by-step instructions guide you through each movement, and you'll also learn how to safely master challenging poses, such as full split and shoulder stands. The app also includes more than 50 workout plans to help you stay fit with yoga, the global community, and regularly updated content.


2. Simply Yoga

The Simply Yoga app has a 20, 40 and 60-minute yoga routine with step-by-step explanations for each pose. The first level of this app is free for everyone. When you're ready to go to the next level, you can choose to purchase the full version of the app. The next level is the second level of workouts, the ability to create custom routines, landscape mode and no more ads.

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3. Asana Rebel

An asana rebel as a fitness concept that shows you a mix of yoga-inspired workouts for yoga to get in shape and improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Find a workout based on your personal goals and get ready to work!

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4. 5 Minute Yoga

If you are looking for an app to stimulate yoga or take some stretch before going to bed then this free app is for you. Each stream no longer lasts more than five minutes, meaning you can sit in it when you have time. Each pose has clear images and detailed instructions that make them ideal for beginners and more experienced yogis.

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5. YogaGlo

The YogaGlo app brings yoga and meditation classes offline. You can use the app to access Yogaglo videos and download them to your phone. So, you can practice different yoga at home. All videos are in HD and deliver high caliber yoga classes. You also have access to the global community. The app has over 3,000 classes in different styles, levels, and periods. Energy class in 5 minutes to reduce stress as per your choice. You can start practicing for minutes.
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6. Yoga Studio

This comprehensive yoga and meditation app feature over 13 videos and meditations ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. Careful selection means you can always find the right class and the app lets you create your own class by posing. Quickly find classes based on intensity, capacity, and duration or browse featured collections.

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7. Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Pranayama is a collection of breathing exercises to keep the body healthy and prevent many diseases. But it is really important to know how to do pranayama. The app helps you master the right breathing technique. If you do pranayama regularly, it helps you get better sleep, more endurance, lower blood pressure, and more. You can get rid of headaches and migraines.

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8. Down Dog

With over 30,000 configurations, the Down Dog app means doing a new yoga practice every time you come to your mat. This beautiful app introduces 3 days for yoga and special exercises to strengthen and stretch your back. Use the Boost feature (paid) to target 12 different study areas and choose from seven different yoga instructors so that you can be guided by the voice that really suits you.

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9. Keep Yoga

With over 400 asanas, 10 yoga session plans, and 7 meditation courses, Keep Yoga offers benefits for body and mind. Experienced and novice practitioners will find voice guidance, detailed descriptions, and professional videos to move you into your studies. The app also has a meditation section, where you will learn to focus, breathe, and train your mind in just 15 minutes a day.
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These are the best yoga apps for beginners, intermediate or advanced. Many of them include Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and all other types of yoga. So, you don't have to worry about installing different apps for each type of yoga. Share your experiences with us after using any of these yoga apps.

Stay healthy. Stay fit.

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