6 Best Meditation Apps Review [UPDATED]

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If you have half an hour or 2 minutes, these meditation apps help you relax, worry less and sleep better.
Best Meditation Apps Review
Best Meditation Apps Review

Meditation apps have become one of the easiest and accessible ways to maintain a mindset. Whether you prefer guided meditation, longer breathing exercises, or quiet sleep, mindfulness meditation can greatly benefit your daily well-being.

Best Meditation Apps Review

1. Calm

This award-winning app also includes Quiet Exercises, Breathing Techniques, and Quiet Kids section for kids between the ages of 3 and 17. The new Sleep Stories section has a great mix of voice talent - you may know actor Matthew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn - to make you fall asleep. Three recent breathing exercises, including the latest up-to-the-minute watch on the Quiet App, offer a meditative experience with mindfulness meditation and calming exercises that you can all access from your watch.

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2. Headspace

Headspace is also a great meditation app to help you focus more, reduce stress, and get better sleep. This app teaches you how to meditate. The app behind the team claims that this app is basically a gym membership. This app acts as your personal guide to help you focus, stay calm, learn breathing exercises and get better sleep. There are more than 40 courses on different subjects. If you do not have much time you can try super-short mini-meditation. It also features 10 sleep music tracks or 16 nature soundscapes.

Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps - and for good reason. We attribute the obstacles around your head when you first choose to meditate. How do you fit What if we get stuck in the thought? How do we stop beating ourselves up when we get distracted?

It is managed by daily practice through a simple, easy-to-use app with colorful visuals, simple instructions, wonderful visuals by Andy Pudicombe, founder of Headspace Andy Pudicombe.

This is a great first port of call for beginners looking to get grips with meditation. There are many different types of meditation to try in all kinds of situations. Whether it's a simple mental habit, meditation for children, sleeping or busy, including cooking for the mind.

This is a paid app that offers a seven day free trial. You have to pay monthly 13 monthly or 5000 annually.

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3. Sattva

Sattva is extracted from the Vedic principles of meditation and features of meditation, mantras and mantras given by Sanskrit scholars. Simple, honest, and deep meditation begins at six minutes, and users can gradually set goals to enhance their practice. You can track your progress through meditation journals and browse ideas collections and playlists designed to motivate your sessions.

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4. Buddhify

Buddhist aims to bring peace, clarity and kindness to your life. You can use the app for guided meditation. There are over 200 meditations for anxiety, stress, sleep, pain and difficult emotions. Sessions are for both beginners and beginners. Meditation sessions are 3-40 minutes long. The app also includes Kids content. If you have this app, you don't have to go to meditation class. You need to install these apps to learn meditation.

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5. The Mindfulness App

Beginners and teachers alike will find many options with The Mindfulness App. Five days of guided practice and mindfulness help you get started, and guided or calm meditation for 3 to 30 minutes in time will fit your busy lifestyle. The app also gives you personalized meditation options, reminders to keep you awake all day, and track statistics in your meditation journal.

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6. Waking Up

Waking Up has been created by Sam Harris, a neuro scientist, philosopher, podcaster and author of teaching and discussing meditation in a modern and scientific context.

What you love about the app is that it doesn't fool you into waking others. No chanting, shining rain sounds or spiritual references. The app has an easy-to-use and minimalist design.

The purpose here is to be present and aware. But it also means that it's both soothing and transformative. We've been awake for more than a year and have been in use - especially at stress levels and in response.

There are two sections to wake up. There is a practice section where you can find yourself practicing simple meditation every day by Sam Harris. When you first sign up for the app, these daily practices will introduce you to the basics of meditation and the basics of becoming more aware.

But there is a section called Theory, which is about learning about going back to practice. Sam Harris interviews a number of nominees in the meditation, self-development and neuroscience space to discuss topics such as death and awareness, and six short stories, six short ones, and one sixth.

These lessons about meditation, interviews, and additional insights about meditation make it different from being competitive. Therefore, we recommend awakening those who want to suffer from meditation, as well as science and the thoughts behind it.

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Final Words
These are some of the best meditation apps to learn breathing exercises, get good sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. These apps come with a guided session where you learn and practice meditation. You can download and install any of these apps on your phone and start meditating daily. I tried to include all the good meditation apps in this list. If you think I should miss some good meditation in this list, you can let me know by using the comments section below. I will definitely test the app and add it to the list.

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