8 Best Entertainment Apps For Android Free Download [UPDATED]

The default smartphone applications are unused and for one thing we all know. When mobile devices were being used for their direct purposes - making calls and sending messages - a long time ago. Mobile gadgets are the perfect way to brighten one's leisure nowadays, and for many of us, exciting free entertainment apps are all the rage when it comes to spending a lot of free time without having to work too hard and go too far. There are many solutions, however, that are both good, medium, and completely wasteful.
Best Entertainment Apps For Android Free Download
Best Entertainment Apps For Android Free Download

That's why we've listed the top entertainment apps for the year, based on a complete analysis of the many high end products available. Browse through your smartphone to find some really cool pieces of interesting software and free time with it.

Best Entertainment Apps For Android Free Download

Netflix is a streaming service that comes in the collection of popular shows, featuring the best movies of all time, as well as Netflix originals. Search movies in titles and collections are constantly being aired as new episodes are added as they air. It works across platforms so you can watch it on any device. Start watching it on one device and viewing on another. You get a one month trial to find out about the services. If you like shows and movies you like or dislike, this will help Netflix suggest better titles for you.


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Yokee Karaoke
Yokee is a popular app that lets you and your friends sing karaoke for free. This app has a large collection of music genres including Pop, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Country, Latin, French, Russian, Zapop and more. It gives you access to millions of karaoke songs, music and lyrics.

The Yokee Karaoke App has profiles of more than 100 million karaoke fans who use this app to enjoy karaoke. You can also record and share your performance with the world on this platform. The app is also adding new songs every day, so you always have a choice for new songs.

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Ted is one of the best entertainment apps for Android because it's a platform that brings you innovative thinkers and techies on your small screen. This Android app comes with a simple interface and works natively in 24 languages. You can browse the entire Ted Talk with subtitles in over 100 languages. Broad-based thinkers can be a good means of entertainment, breaking many myths and helping people to grasp unknown facts. You can create your own playlists and add videos you want to watch. In addition, you can download videos and audio on playback as well.

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Shazam is an app that can recognize certain songs in seconds. You can find artists, songs, videos and playlists in this app that are also free. You can listen to and add playback music or Spotify playlists, as well as watch Apple Palm music or music videos on YouTube.

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Dubsmash is an Android entertainment app that you can create interesting video clipping. You can grab your favorite dialogue or song and share it with friends. The app comes with a large library of sounds like classic movie quotes, funny sounds, famous dialogue and more. You can also add special effects like text, stickers to your videos. It's a great way to spend your time and fun with friends.



Nowadays, Ticketok is a very popular and entertaining platform for all ages. It has millions of movie dialogues, short voice recordings, songs on which anyone can make videos. You can discover and/or create your own awesome videos and share them with the world, capturing fun and memorable moments.

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YouTube is a video streaming app that needs an introduction. This is by far the most interesting app on the web. Watch short series of millions of videos, TV series, movie clips and songs. Subscribe to your favorite artist or video blogger and get all the notifications and alerts when their new video comes out. You can download your favorite videos and put them into offline videos for you to watch whenever you want. You can share your thoughts and comments on videos on your content. You can also become a YouTube Blogger by adding your own content and making money from it.

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Voice changer with effects
This super fun app lets you change your voice in fun and amazing ways. Can you change your voice to a guy, a robot, a badass, a walkie talkie, and guess what? It's free. There are many interesting sound effects that you can use to fool your friends.


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That's why Android/iPhone's great entertainment apps keep yourself entertained by the latest movies, TV shows and more. I hope you like this page.
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