How to Check Property Records Online

You can access the land records from all over Maharashtra with one click on the Mahabhauta portal in Maharashtra. As part of the land record digitization, the Government of Maharashtra has scanned more than 34 crore records and will be available online soon. According to the authority, the aim is to enable home buyers and investors to check the owners' names, land records, pending arrears (if any), area, etc. The stress of buying/selling land/property - free and smooth.
How to Check Property Records Online
How to Check Property Records Online

Checking online land records is very easy today. With one click button, you will find information about the landowner. Before buying a property it is important to check the land records as real estate is a non-transparent section where black money is black. Even more, there are more and more frauds in real estate deals. Recently, the Government of India has revised the Real Estate Bill which will protect the buyer against any fraud. However, if you are buying or owning land or property, it is recommended that you check the land or property records yourself. Today I will share information on how to check land records online in India.

In the meantime, the next steps are to check the land and property records online in Maharashtra

How to check land records online in Maharashtra?

The first to visit is also known as the official Maharashtra Land Records Site e-Mahabhumi.

Now you need to select a district. Once you select a district, it will switch to the speed at which you can select the village and tahsil from the dropdown list.
Find a 7/12 land record by surveying or registering.
Click "Search" and it will display a 7/12 record of the land.
Print the record for reference. It cannot be used for legal purposes.

Checking property records online in Maharashtra

First of all, visit the official site of Maharashtra Property Records.
Select the year, enter the district to know the name of the village and details of the property.
Enter survey number/property number/CTS number/plot number/gat number or any property number
Click "Search" and it will display the asset record.

Under the National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP), a computerized record (RR) of rights initiated by the Government of India has been made available online by several states.

The first is to find an online portal to check the land and property records for your state. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, UP, Kh. Almost all states, including this one, maintain land records online.

Let's check the method of checking these records online for Maharashtra and Gujarat state. For another state, I am sharing the website and you will be able to check these entries by yourself.

Checking records in Gujarat online

The official website for checking land records online in Gujarat is which is well known as any.
Visit this website and click on View Land Records.
You will be redirected to a page to learn the 7/12 (seven times) record
Submit details about district, district, village and survey number.
Enter the verification code (CAPTCHA) and click on the Get Details button.
Land records will be displayed.
You can obtain a printout, however, this is not a certified copy. To provide a certified copy, you will need to visit the e-stream center and request for a ROR (Record of Rights) print containing survey number.

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