8 Best Cash Counting Machine in India [Buying Guide 2021]

Everyone wants a simple, fast and easy job at banks and even in the business environment. A time-consuming job is to count notes. With advanced technology, time-consuming measurement tools have been invented to perform calculations, sorting, aligning, arranging and many other functions. Some Cash Counting Machines are designed to detect counterfeit notes with modern technology. They are available in a variety of sizes, which you can buy to suit your needs.
Cash Counting Machine Best Brand
Cash Counting Machine Best Brand

Factors to consider when buying the best cash counting machine 

In this case, the machine indicates the number of bills that the machine can handle per cycle. This parameter is determined by the size of the hopper, which is the portal where the cash is placed in the machine before the money is taken.

Larger hoppers mean more capacity, which means more cash will be handled each time. This makes high-capacity machines more suitable for busy settings that handle large amounts of cash. They are a great fit for low-volume environments with low capacity and low volume.  
Types of cash counting devices Battery Powered
These are battery-powered lightweight portable machines that you can carry anywhere. Although they are measured relatively less than electric-powered machines, they do come with counterfeit note finder alerts.  
Electric powered - These machines run on electricity. You need to place it somewhere near the plug point. But it is also very useful for counting large numbers of notes and has many other advanced features.  
Counting options 
There are three types of counting - simple counter, mixed bill counter and bill sorter.  
Simple Counter
This is a simple option that counts the number of notes you put into the machine regardless of the price and shows them. Notes are only useful if arranged in perfect synchronization. Say, if you add 50 numbers to a 2000 rupee note, it will be counted as 50.  
Mixed Bill Counter
This type of note counting option helps to evaluate the value and display the calculation. For example, if you pay 10 x Rs.20 + 20 x Rs.100 + 8 x Rs.500, the value is Rs. 6200 and calculation 38.  
Bill Sorter 
This is a combination of the two machines mentioned above. With all those features it also has multiple trays to keep the currency separate. When you have more than 40 notes at a time, it is a common practice to count cash notes by hand. Many people experience large measurement problems and if you have time to work, you should opt for a no measuring machine.

Counting speed 
To save time and effort, it is advisable to invest in a machine that calculates the maximum number of notes per minute. The average counting machine in India comes with a counting speed of 1000 to 1500 notes per minute.  
Currencies supported 
Different types of currency counting machines work with different types of currencies. Some machines can handle a specific currency while others can handle other variables.

If you have to deal with a single currency, a currency machine made for you. Multi-currency machines can be used to handle multiple currencies.  
Fake Note Detector 
Almost all updated note counting machines come with this feature but there are also machines without this feature. Since most of the counterfeit notes are counterfeit, you will need counterfeit note detectors in your calculator considering the current market situation. Numerous sensors will be present in the machine to detect counterfeit notes, half notes, damaged notes and double notes.  
Price and warranty  
Unfortunately, cash counters do not come with much warranty coverage. The maximum warranty period is usually around one year. The price of this machine varies a lot.

Best Cash Counting Machine in India

1. Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine

One of the fascinating designs on the entire list is Kores. From your name it will be noted that this product supports 440 types of currencies and you can easily use it in India in Rupee.

It features USD and Euro detection, mg detection, IR detection and last UV detection.
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There is an LED display to provide all the details and you can easily batch 999 notes. Placing extra buttons lets you keep more notes in and count easily. This thing makes for an effective choice.
You can also use it to measure dollars and EUR with Indian currency. Noiseless There is a fake alarm that prevents clamps in the machine. 
The counting speed of the machine is lower than other machines of the same type.

2. BME Strob 5700 Note/Cash/Money/Currency Counting Machine With Fake Note Detection. Fully Automatic

BME Fully Automatic Cash Counting Machine is the latest model of note measuring machine brand. It can detect fake notes, torn notes, and uneven notes. It has a measuring speed of 1000 notes per minute, which can be beneficial for commercial use. Moreover, the product works well from Rs.50 - Rs.2000. 

Loose note counting machines that look attractive for small and medium businesses that handle cash as part of their daily routine. This money counter is ideal for people who want to reduce their cash handling time but cannot afford expensive machines like banks.  
It can count the number of notes very fast and has an inbuilt counterfeit note detection system. The machine is fully automatic. It detects suspicious notes (counterfeit notes and pre 2005 notes) with UV and MG sensors. It also has an add-on batch function which can save a lot of time. It is compact and light weight and has a handle for portability.


The buttons are easy to read and understand. 

The machine is here to provide you with excellent portability.  


If you are using this machine for the first time, you may find it too fast. 

In the first piece of notes, you need to put a small piece and then continue with the larger one.


3. ooze Currency Counting Machine

The list includes a high-speed, efficient, and affordable cost-counting machine that uses a currency-counting machine. UV and MG have the feature of counting notes.

It can work with all currencies and also supports Rs 2000 notes.
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In addition to the design, Oozy currency counting machine has an automatic start and stop batch so that it works without wasting any time. It has two small exhibits to count the number of notes and tell you a few other things about this product that you can count on.



The construction standard works well for reliable systems against everyday use. 

Advanced counterfeit and defective note detection 

It combines watermarks, ultraviolet and magnetic systems to meet all counterfeit detection needs. 

Provides speed and capacity sufficient for moderate to heavy use. 

Simple controls and automation functions make the machine easy to operate.  


It lacks value calculation functionality It lacks additional display for the convenience of the customer.

4. SToK Currency Counting Machine with UV/MG Counterfeit Notes Detection function and External Display

In terms of design and operation efficiency, the stock currency measurement machine is similar to the Ooze currency measurement machine.It ranks 4th in our list due to its smooth function and dust-free cover bag that accompanies the device.

No denomination can count. Fake note detection using the magnetic sensor, IR watermark sensor, and UV sensor. Stok currency counting machine automatically stops when a fake note is detected. Calculated at a speed of 1000 notes per minute. Rubber wheels for a comfortable note flip. 


Defective notes and half notes can be easily detected 

Double notes can be found. Counterfeit notes have been found. 

You have two operating modes, manual and automatic. 

You can set it to your liking. 


Counting old notes comes a bit slow.


There's a portable handle that makes it easy to move around. Comes with a dust-free cover and brush to clean. Extra fuse in case of emergency

5. JD9 Currency/Note Counting Machine

This JD9 cash counting machine is a mix of all the technology we have achieved so far. This machine only counts the number of bills paid in the hopper and not their total value, thus it works on foreign currency as well as on Indians. This machine is powered by fully automated technology, which also starts, stops and restarts itself if the machine encounters an error in the middle. 

There are three modes available: Count, Addition and Batching. Batching allows you to divide a large bundle of notes into 10 notes, 20 notes, or groups of the number you want, if you think about it for a while. 
Allows in hopper notes as long as the combined thickness of the bundle does not exceed 5.5 cm. Finally, there is an additional monitor to allow your payment to view cash calculations. This creates a more transparent environment during the transaction.
Works on Indian and foreign currencies 
There are 3 ways to find fake notes 
The capacity of the hopper is large, so that the thickness of the bundle is 5.5 cm 
Has an incorrect rate of 0.0001% and changes from 200 notes in 12 seconds 

Does not give the number of notes, only the number of notes 

6. TVS Electronic Cash Counting Machine 

TVS is a reliable and affordable alternative to cash counting machines. This machine is suitable for heavy duty operations and it uses UV, IR and MG to detect counterfeit notes. The speed of the machine is very impressive as it can count 1200 notes per minute. A batch function is available in the machine and the display shows you all the details. 

You do not have to count money as the machine supports automatic calculation mode. It can easily find old and new notes, which helps you count money and find counterfeits. No such maintenance is required for this machine and it runs its own diagnosis every time you start the machine. In addition, it restores itself every time to make sure you get the right result. 
TVS also provides a one-year warranty on this machine, so that you can reach the brand directly in case of any problem. The machine is also not cumbersome and will make it easier for you to use. If you are looking for something reliable we would recommend you to buy a TVS electronic cash counting machine. It is affordable, useful and durable.
It comes with automatic mode and also contains fake notes. 
It has a counting speed of 1200 notes per minute 
Support and discovery of old as well as new currency notes. 
It comes with a one year warranty. 

Cons Sometimes, the note flies out of the machine. 

7. Kross currency counting machine 

Kross is another leading name in the industry with an admirable range of products in all price ranges. The balance between price and value makes the Kross IS 5900i a highly respected option in the middle range. Top-of-the-line counting speed, capability, and search systems are some of the features. 

The overall design is not diminished by the touch of professionalism and reliability prevalent in most upper and middle class equipment. The construction follows the same basic principle as the other previously discussed machines. 
The hopper is placed on the control center, where the hopper provides the feeding portal at the backend, while the control interface is placed in front. The control interface includes a touchpad and LCD display. The size and weight of the machine is 30.6 × 24.7 × 18.5 cm and 88 kg respectively.  
This is one of the rare machines that incorporates MT technology on top of the usual UV, magnetic and infrared systems. 
It works at the speed specified for high and top midrange priced devices. 
Compact design and high-quality materials provide a reliable system for handling everyday physical stresses. 
A simple display with clear controls and complete instructions provides for a simple user experience.
It lacks value calculation functionality It lacks additional exposure for customers.


8. Swaggers Note Counting Machine 

The Swaggers currency counting machine is fully automated and comes with an endless array of automatic features. Resetting from auto-start and even shutting down, this machine does it all from start to finish, requiring minimal effort. This cash counting machine comes with several modes. 

It automatically kicks in the ignition and then you can either choose a simple note count or go for adding or batching. This machine uses our staples - UV rays, infrared rays and magnetic ink detection to detect fakes. 
In addition, this machine is not only compatible with all categories of Indian currency but also with many foreign currencies like Euro and USD. This cash meter comes with specific dimensions for acceptable notes, 9 9 19 cm at one end and 5 × 15 cm at the other end.  
Automatic function allows for ease of use 
Fast operation
The LCD screen gives an aesthetic look 
Energy efficient, uses less than 80 watts 
Also compatible with foreign currencies  
Independent denominations do not count

The above list includes the best note counting machines in India. Choosing a Best Cash Counting Machine can be really confusing, but it's also not impossible. We recommend that you go to our shopping guide and explain the product more clearly and well. However, if you are in a hurry and want to buy the Best Cash Counting Machine without a buying guide, you can buy any of our listed products. Without a doubt. We assure you of quality and well-functioning products.

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