6 Best Idli Maker in India [Buyers Guide 2021]

Breakfast is one of the most important meals you have in a day. For breakfast, you can buy a lot of foods, including many South Indian dishes. Do you consume idli every other day for breakfast? If not, then the only problem you have is that creating an idli can seem like a really daunting task. To create quality ingredients you need both a cooked kitchen as well as the most delightful of Idli.

Best Idli Maker India
Best Idli Maker India

So, today we have come up with the best Idli makers in the market, which is the management used to create Idli easily. Depending on the price and quality of the product, you may find idli cookers made from aluminum, steel and plastic.

A list of the best Idli plates is provided solely for the purpose of reducing your time searching for the best. So, go through the Idli Maker options below to find one that suits your needs and will help you create Idli easily in the comfort of your own home.

The Benefits of Being an Idli Maker

Some of the Benefits of Being an Idli Maker

1. Easy to use

Idli makers are really easy to use and one of the top benefits of buying an idli maker. You can use it without any practice. The best part is that you can buy flour from the market to make idli and then you can load the flour in idli stand and start the steaming process. It rarely takes 15 minutes to get a new batch of idli.

2. Steamed properly

The idli maker ensures that the steaming is done properly and the idli is not cooked down. One of the factors that makes Idli makers stand out from the crowd is any other way to make idli.

3. Versatile

Idli makers are not the only ones used to make idli. You can also go ahead with the idli maker and make a door and cooker cake. Yes, these will come in the form of an idli but how will it make a difference unless you get an amazing taste and texture.

Before you get Idli Maker / Cooker, check out the following: - 

Consider the features of Idli Maker / Cooker: - 
You can find the best idli maker in different materials. It can be stainless steel or it can be made from a material like ionized. This can be confusing but you need to find out what suits your needs. Do you need the best idli maker of stainless steel, or do you need an aluminum material idli maker / cooker
For a lightweight idli maker, which should be easily clean, strong and shine like the new best idli maker, stainless steel beds are great if you need to go for stainless steel. 
Aluminum Idli Manufacturers can make Idli faster than Ispley Idli manufacturers, but it is harder to clean and does not last long. So at the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you want something cheaper, go for aluminum but if you want something permanent. The best idli maker of stainless steel should be your first choice.

How to choose the best idli maker 

Size and capacity: This will ultimately depend on your family size. Idli makers are available in different capacities and can make 4 to 24 Idlis at a time. 
Compatibility: Go for Idli manufacturers compatible with a variety of cooktops, including LPG burners, induction cooktops, traditional stoves and microwave ovens. 
Price and Warranty: Go to Idli Manufacturer for at least 6 months. 
Additional features: It includes multi-functionality, ergonomic design, safety features, easy cleaning and low maintenance. Choose the Idli manufacturer that gets the most out of these extra features. It is our round of the best idli makers available in India. Pay attention to the points mentioned in the article, choose the most suitable and create a healthy, tasty and healthy idli for your family.

Best Idli Maker India

1. Pigeon Hot 24 Idli Pot with Steamer

As one of the largest kitchen growers, Pigeons entered our list for the second time with their outstanding strong and stable idly maker capable of producing 24 great idli.

The Pigeon is a multipurpose hot-pot with a capacity of 7500 ml and induction consistency. It is made from a strong and stable stainless steel material which enhances durability and is rust proof.

This is a very clean product that is clean and easy to wash. Thick pressure gauge makes it great for steaming a variety of foods.
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The dimensions of the product are 21 cm (8.3%) without lid and 16 cm (6.3%) without a lid. Its diameter is 28 cm (11 ″) at the top and 19 cm (7.5 ″) at the bottom.

Distributed package includes 1-piece Idli maker, 6-piece Idli plates and stainless steel. And only comes with a 6-month warranty.

Other notable features

Light weight and maintenance-friendly

A Rust-proof Idli Maker that is easy to maintain and easy to operate! It weighs about 2kg.


One of the best multi-purpose hot-pots designed so far. In addition to idli, you can cook any cheese like chicken, cakes, rice, vegetables, etc.

As always, Pigeon made another strong and consistently idly maker with excellent quality ingredients. But the potential for this idli maker is greater than most of the products on this list. Therefore, if you have a large family and they have a large number of guests coming to you frequently and want something really quick like a 15-20 minute flat, this can be an ideal tool.


Truly a lightweight slug maker with the ability to cook for a large number of people.
A multi-purpose hot-pot capable of cooking more than other idle ones.
Compatible with induction oven.
Plates are easy to insert and remove, very easy to maintain.

Only 6 months warranty

2. LUXURIA IDLY Pot and Steamer

The second idli maker on our list is Luxuria and it is perfect for families as it is very compact. Idli maker can be used to make mini idli and hence the 3 plates that come with this idli maker give you the capacity of 21 idli. The material used here is stainless steel which makes idli maker rust proof. This particular model is also easy to clean and you will notice that the residue is stuck to the pan.  
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The idli maker can only be used on the LPG stove but overall, you will be pleased with the performance of this idli maker. Get you good quality characters and standing. The quality of the handles is also good. Overall, this is one of the best options you can choose when making an idli maker. Let us now examine the pros and cons of this idli maker.

Multiple uses as a cooker are idli pot, steamer, dhokla cooker

Rust is not guaranteed

3. iBELL Idly Cooker Stainless Steel, Idli Maker with 4 Idli Plates

Another iconic durable iBell idli maker who is a great competitor to the pigeon! It typically comes with only 4 plates, but due to its versatile properties.

First of all, this is an idli cooker cum kadai. So, this is a very rare kitchen appliance that can be used not only for making Idli but also for other foods.
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It actually has separate parts; The lower part is kadai which is induction compatible. In addition to its apparent uniqueness, the device also has a strong and stable body made of quality stainless steel. The use of stainless steel prevents this idli cooker from rusting. A very neat device that can be easily cleaned!

The pressure gauge is designed for very thick and high durability.

The distributed package will consist of 4 pieces of Idli Maker and Idli Plates where you can cook up to 16 pieces. Unfortunately, we are not sure about the warranty, but if you receive it from Amazon, it can be returned by following Amazon Rules if you find a defect.

Other notable features

Small but efficient

It is true that this particular with only 2 pieces that are able to cook 8 pieces effectively. This means that compared to other idli makers, it becomes faster and more complete.


The top half of the lazy maker can be used on a steamer. You can even cook the rice in it.

This is an efficient piece of hardware for small kitchens. The 2-in-1 feature of the device is rarely found but very much appreciated. It increases the user's ability, enables you to cook two things at once, while also saving money and space in the kitchen. Overall, a multiple and value for money equipment!


The sleek elegant design looks really cool in the kitchen.
Value for money.
Multipurpose equipment, it is a dull design but also rigid.

Only 6 months warranty

4. Prestige Heart Shaped 4 Plates Idli Set

Reputation is one of the fastest growing kitchen appliance manufacturing companies and this 4 tier stainless steel idli stand is a usable stand. It also comes with a twist, which puts the product eighth on our list.

Normally Idol is a white round shaped rice cake, but the Idli plates made by Prestige are nothing but round. There are 4 plates here and each of them has made different sizes of idlis. Exciting hearts and apple shaped show their creativity and mark the risk of becoming one of many other companies.
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Now, the Idli stand is made of high-quality stainless steel and is capable of producing 16 Idlis at a time. The plates are about 19.5 cm in diameter and 16 cm in height. Unfortunately, no guarantee information is available.

Multipurpose idli Maker

Makes Small idlies

5. Butterfly Stainless Steel Idli Cooker Curve Set with 4 Plates, 6 Pieces, Silver

We bring you a selection of convenient products that enhance the look of your kitchen and dining table with your butterfly Idli Cooker.
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Items are an ideal choice in a collection of items made from Salem stainless steel. This is the best Idli role in India.

It is very easy to use and is worth the money

Heavy gauge stainless steel

6. Solimon stainless steel Multi Kadai 

The Solimo Idli Maker Set is made from 100℅ food-grade stainless steel and safe cooking. The set is strong and sturdy for everyday use with premium quality heavy gauge induction bottoms and columns made from heavy gauge stainless steel. 
It comes in 1 kadhai, 2 idli plates (4 cavities each), 2 dhokla / momo plates and 1 stone plate. A complete solution of steaming mixed foods in your kitchen. The set is compatible with gas stoves as well as induction cooking. 

Strong and sturdy for daily use 
Rustproof Compatible with gas stoves as well as cooking inspirations 
Ingredients: 1 kadhai, 2 idli plates , 2 dhokla / momo plates and 1 stone plate. 
It's easy to simplify 
Daily use 
Stainless steel 


Conclusion: -

If you take into account all the features mentioned here, choosing the best Idli maker is quite easy. Make sure you get the right size for your family. It is recommended that you make a idli maker with an extra steamer so that you can cook the vegetables and other dishes. Steam cooking is also extremely beneficial to your health.

Now, our best choice for the best idly maker in India in 2021 is the Pigeon Stainless Steel 6-Plates Idli Maker. This is an ideal idli maker that can be used on both a stove and an induction cooktop. It is made of quality materials, light weight, healthy and has a strength of 6 months. Capacity is about 7500 mL, which makes it enough to easily generate 24 IDs. You can use an extra steamer to cook other steam dishes.

You can tell us about your favorite products from the list. We will always be excited to hear from you.

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