6 Best Exhaust Fan For Indian Kitchen [Buyers Guide 2021]

Are you tired of dealing with the humidity and odors in your Kitchen? Have you tried everything but still get optimum results?
Best Exhaust Fan For Indian Kitchen
Best Exhaust Fan For Indian Kitchen

If this is your situation, you need a proper and effective - exhaust fan!

Exhaust fans are now an essential part of our Kitchen. These fans are useful for removing bad odors from ventilation where ventilation is low. They also help reduce moisture levels from the air. They help improve air quality. They provide a fresh atmosphere in your Kitchen.

The fans are now widely used in the house as people now understand the need for fresh air. Exhaust fans protect family members from many airborne diseases by letting all the bad air out of their bathrooms and kitchens. Both bathroom exhaust fans and kitchen exhaust fans work the same.

Why is an exhaust fan good?

Exhaust Fans vs Axial Fans - Exhaust fans are different than axial fans. The airflow created by the exhaust fans is directed through the tubes. Exhaust fans generate higher air flow pressure than axial fans. The exhaust fan needs more power than the axial fan. With lower flow rates, exhaust fans are able to generate a steady stream of air than axial fans.

Exhaust Fans vs Kitchen Chimney - When a kitchen chimney expels oil, smoke and grease particles from the kitchen, an exhaust fan is used to remove all smoke and odors emanating from the kitchen, bathroom or room. Kitchen chimney is only installed in the kitchen but exhaust fans can be installed wherever you want proper ventilation. Chimneys are expensive and exhaust fan is very cheap in India. Exhaust fans consume less electricity than kitchen chimneys.

Normal fan versus exhaust fan - A normal fan moves slowly through the room into the air while the exhaust fan removes the hot and stale from the room. The blades of the exhaust fan are smaller than the normal blade of a normal fan. The normal fan of the rotation is clockwise, and the exhaust fan of the rotation is counterclockwise.

Best Exhaust Fan For Indian Kitchen

1. Usha Crisp Air 150mm Exhaust Fan

Usha Crisp Air is a great exhaust fan for the Kitchen. It has a smart and compact design with heavy-duty rust-proof plastic frames and blades. It's quiet to the whisper and doesn't make a jarring sound. Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan has a fan sweep size of 150mm. Its speed is 1386 rpm.
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The power consumption of the fan is 30W while the power requirement is AC 100-240V, 50Hz. The fan has 5 blades. It is lightweight and weighs just 1.48kg. It can be adorned with concrete, wooden and glass walls. The fan is ideal for ventilating small to medium sized rooms. It emits polluted indoor air, moisture, oil droplets and odors in the kitchen.

There are two slots on the outside of the fan that open and close the log when the fan is on and off. This shutter acts as a barrier against dust, insects and small birds. Usha Crisp Air Exhaust Fan has a one year warranty. The package contains a fan, user manual and warranty card.      
It is lightweight and easy to carry. 
During operation, the fan makes no noise, thus is a silent product. 
It comes with a 1 year warranty on the product. 
They soon become oily and dirty and you need to clean them regularly. 
Users have said that the fan speed is not good.

2. Bajaj Maxima 300MM Exhaust Fan

Bajaj Maxima Exhaust Fan is a great product to keep the Kitchen healthy. It keeps the room free from stubble and refreshes the room quickly with cool and crisp air. This is a great way to get good health by stopping mold formation inside your Kitchen.

The fan body is resistant to color change. This plastic body is easy to clean. You can mount it on a glass window. It has anti-static properties for smooth and noise-free operation. You can fix in your kitchen. It comes with 1350 rpm, which enhances efficiency and air speed

This fan can be placed anywhere in the house and on all surfaces. For this purpose, it is also light in weight. This fan uses only 55W of electricity to make you feel heavenly. Thus, it is nature-friendly as well as pocket-friendly for you. 
Offers 150mm of air sweep and 870rpm for better vapor extraction
Automatic shutter operation to keep away the dust and trash 
Comes with a stylish white finish appropriate for any bathroom 
Lightweight and noiseless operation for stress-free ventilation 
Provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty over defects 
 Not suitable for large rooms

3. Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

Another list comes from the Luminous brand - it's perfect for a medium-sized kitchen. This exhaust fan is specially designed with 5 blades that ensures optimal air distribution compared to other fans.

The exhaust fan is made of high quality plastic which not only makes it stable but also clean and easy to maintain. Luminous exhaust fan comes with a safety guard and will shut down after the operation. The simple design and efficient functionality of this product ensures that all odors and fumes are removed quickly from the room. 
The modern and stylish design makes it easy to blend in the interior of any kitchen. Unlike the first product, the manufacturer of this product offers a 2 year warranty. This product is easy to install and may require expertise. 
The fan is made from high-quality materials. 
The installation process is simple 
It is very compact so that it can be easily placed in your kitchen. 
The speed is too fast. 
The kitchen is not perfect.

4. Havells Ventilair DB 300mm Exhaust Fan 

The blade and main part of Havells exhaust fan are made of metal. This makes the fans more durable and adds years to the longevity of the fan. It is coated with metal powder which makes the exhaust fan corrosion-resistant. The fan plays a bird guard made of metal spokes. 
The bird guard prevents the birds from flying into the fan, creating chaos and jamming the exhaust fan blades when turned on. The exhaust fan is made entirely of metal with a blade and body. The metal bits are powder coated which makes the exhaust fan corrosion resistant, thus prolonging the life of the fan for years. 
Due to the sweep size of 300mm, this fan is 900cm. Can facilitate air flow. This sturdy motor of this exhaust fan ensures that it can work throughout the day without any hassle and change the air. This exhaust fan is a fast fan
The blades rotate at a speed of 1350 rpm which makes the fan very effective in removing stale air and bad odor. The strong motor of the fan ensures that the fan can operate continuously for hours while increasing the speed. 
The blades of this exhaust fan are aerodynamically designed so that the blades can move the optimal amount of air. The dimensions of the blade are 300 mm and the sweep size is 300 mm. The design and position of the blade is well balanced so that the exhaust fan causes a minimal buffet.  
It lasts a long time. 
It’s not terribly confusing.
It has a specially designed metal blade. 
The suction force is not so good. 
The built-in quality is delicate.

5. Sameer 150mm Ventilation exhaust Fan 

Sameer exhaust fans help make you fresh and comfortable by giving you extra steam and increasing the smell for cooking so that they don’t linger in your kitchen. The fan blades quietly make your operation completely seamless. 
This exhaust fan provided does an important job, every home must have at least one installed in their kitchen. With a strong and sturdy make-up, this exhaust fan has a high quality anti-rust ABS plastic body and blades that provide high durability and optimal performance.  
Pros : 
Suitable for kitchen
Available in 150mm and 250mm designs. 
Durable body
2 year manufacturer's guarantee 
Cons :
Low fan speed

6. Crompton Brisk Air 200mm Exhaust Fan 

Crompton is a very old brand that has brought some outstanding products. One of the products in their collection is the Crompton Brisk Air 200mm Exhaust Fan. This product is something that you will not regret buying. 
It helps provide proper air circulation in your Kitchen and keeps you and your family healthy and fit. So, get this product before it goes off the shelf anymore. This exhaust fan is perfect for installing in kitchen
Crompton is an extremely fast ventilated fan that removes odors from your kitchen and takes them out in just a few minutes. The sleek and elegant design of this exhaust fan adds beauty and charm to your beautiful decor. 
It is very light in weight so if you want to change your fan placement you can do it easily without any hassle or stress. It is also rustproof which makes it extremely durable. It has a plastic body and sharp plastic blades.
The fan speed is 2730 rpm which is excellent for providing good airflow.The air distribution of this fan is 460 cu m/min. It comes with a two year warranty on the product.It uses 50 watts of power.  
This protects against all corrosive elements and keeps the exhaust fan free from rust. 
This helps in the flow of powerful air so that fresh air can flow quickly into your room. 
This brand has excellent customer service. It comes with an inbuilt safety grill. 
No sound comes out of it. 
The backside ventilation fins are of poor quality and do not open completely. 
The built-in quality doesn’t look harsh.

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