6 Best Tawa For Dosa [Buyers Guide 2021]

Dosa Tawa is probably one of the most essential accessories you'll find in Indian kitchens. India is such a diverse country that you will find a huge variety in terms of cuisine as well. Dosas, chapatis, bread ,and parathas are some of the items that will get you a staple diet depending on the region in which you live. Choosing the right kit is very difficult, especially given the huge selection you have. Let us check out some great options for the best tawa in India for chapati.
Best Tawa For Dosa
Best Tawa For Dosa
Dosa lovers are especially everywhere in North India, they love South Indian dishes. How good it is if you make dosa in your kitchen, maybe many of you have tried, but without it, it is not possible to make a good dosa.

Dosa Tawa is thicker than normal baking and allows the dosa to cook at the right temperature. Nonstick dosa Tawa is highly recommended as it prevents sticking to food on cookware which is also annoying.

Dosa Tawa Description Types 

Anodized Aluminum:
The anodized aluminum frying pan is an incredible guide to warmth and is considered somewhat nonstick, one of the choices of the dosa frying pan. After immersing the aluminum in the electrolyte shower and conducting an electric current through the metal, anodized aluminum is obtained. This cycle protects the aluminum from falling. After the entire interaction, you will be left with a hard dull dark surface that is corrosion-resistant

Aluminum Dosa Tawa, on the other hand, is lightweight and rust-resistant and is also good at carrying heat. They are available in a variety of options but can be easily damaged.  Aluminum can often react with alkaline or acidic foods and change the taste of the food and can also cause rust.
Cast iron
Cast iron has an amazing quality, it heats up quickly and stays hot for a long time. It also has natural nonstick sticking for long use. This can be very good, which can be a problem. 
Cast iron dosa pans are good at retaining and retaining heat and can serve as a non-stick pan with a little oil. Moreover, it is durable and affordable, and extremely easy to clean. So, if you want a cheap but long-lasting dosa tawa, then cast iron is the right material for you. However, cast iron dosa frying pans are plentiful and can usually only be used on gas stoves
Non-stick coating 
They are very familiar as they are easy to cook and the meal does not last. The nonstick covering is important for making dosa. 

Benefits of Nonstick Dosa Tawa

This makes cooking health because nonstick pans do not require as much oil as other ingredients or iron Tawa. The coating of non-stick cookware prevents food from sticking and is therefore easy to use and clean. 

Non-stick Tawa has a dark gray coating that makes it look stylish and compliment your modern kitchen Another advantage of nonstick pans is their resistance to acid. They will not react to ac seeds like tomatoes. 

Factors to consider when Buying Dosa Tawa in India

Size or diameter 
If you think about it, the dosa pan is supposed to be as flat as possible. The size usually revolves around 8 inches and it can be up to 16 inches and the ideal size is about 12 inches. But it should be wide and thick so that it absorbs heat energy properly and retains that heat for a long time. Try going for a dosa pan that doesn’t have an elevated surface. 

The size depends on your preference. If you are a professional, you can buy a big pan. But if you are still in your early stages, it is better to buy a smaller one. For a small family, the best 8-inch Tawa for dosa will be enough to meet their daily needs. But if more members are present, it is better to choose the 16 to 20+ inch  model as it can help you to cook multiple dosas at the same time, thus saving you a lot of time as well as giving you the power to cook. In simple terms, note the number of mouths you are feeding and choose the size accordingly.  
Dosa Tawas is available in materials such as anodized aluminum, cast iron, and aluminum. In short, if you are looking for a lighter option, you can choose one made from anodized aluminum. However, if you can handle a slightly heavier pan, a cast iron dosa tawas is a great option.  
The best dosa tawa in India is as thick and effective as you can cook your favorite dosa or chapati on them. Usually, choose a model with a thickness of at least 4-5 mm  
Gas and induction compatible 
Most Indian families now have induction cooktops. Plan your frying pan accordingly which will give you convenient cooking options. Choose a pan base that lets you cook on both gas and induction cook-top.  
PFOA free 
PFOA is polyetetrafluoroethylene and is a chemical that was used to make nonstick coatings. Later, it was studied that PFOA is not good for human health. It is important to check whether the griddle is PFOA-free as it can affect your health and the health of your family.  
Non-stick coating: 
Some dosa Tawa come with non-stick coatings, which prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom and make cooking a perfect dosa easier.

In addition, cooking non-stick surfaces requires less oil or non-greasy oil for seasoning, which ultimately reduces your fat intake.  
Usually dosa frying pans and frying pans are equipped with backlight handles that stay cool and give a soft and comfortable grip. Furthermore, you can go for any other material but make sure it is a good heat insulator to allow safe cooking. 
A good dosa tawa without discount can be purchased in the price range of 900 / - to 3000 / -. This factor may vary depending on the characteristics of the dosa Tawa. If it has an induction base, the cost will be higher.  
Look for a minimum 1-year warranty on your tawa. All major brands should give you a 1-year warranty.

Best Tawa For Dosa

1. Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

Made of heavy-gauge, aluminum material, this copper is remarkably durable with a continuous heat distribution for a uniform effect. It is 4.88 mm thick and highly rated by users. However, it has a non-induction base and only works on traditional gas flames.

We love the smooth non-stick surface that leaves Dosa's ease, the thick bottom that retains the heat for longer, and the aluminum design with a plastic handle that stays cool. Tawa comes with a 2-year warranty from Hawkins.

However, be aware that this towel is flat and has no lips. Although it is suitable for dosa, chapatis, toast, etc., it does not retain oil and therefore it is not suitable for flowing bacon, eggs, etc.

We also think that 33cm is a perfect size, so whatever is smaller it can't do.

Pros of Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

A strong and sturdy aluminum body provides durability


Cons of Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

The tawa is said to have a deep center and is not flat 

The Tawa can only be used on gas and electric stoves


2. Wonderchef Click Dosa Tawa

This Wonderchef Dosa Tawa has a PFOA-free nonstick coating which means that it will not cause any harm to your body. Chemical PFOA is an indicator of specific tumor risk in laboratory rats. This is why PFOA-free non-stick coating is recommended even though expensive.

Its Size is 30 cm so comfortable for all kitchens. Detachable handle with a patented click system. It is Induction friendly so you can  use on gas, induction cooker, electric heater, grill, OTG. It is Oven Friendly so Remove the handle and use it in the oven  
3-layered PFOA-free non-stick coating Virgin Al Luminium enables faster cooking Material: Aluminum with non-stick coating Guarantee 2 years

Pros of Wonderchef Click Dosa Tawa

Useful for making dishes like Dosa, Uttapam, Pizza, Omelette, Rolls and more 

The Tawa has a granite finish for that cute look 

It is easy to clean after use as it only needs water with hot soap to clean it 

It comes with a 2 year warranty period  

Cons of Wonderchef Click Dosa Tawa

It is prone to scratches


3. Pigeon by Stovekraft Special Non-Stick Aluminium Flat Tawa

This is an ideal non-stick baking dish for dosa that fits perfectly into your budget slot while preparing delicious doses. Not only dosa but it can be multi-used for making non-stick Tawa omelets, pancakes, and chapatis.
This Pigeon stovecraft nonstick dosa Tawa has a specially designed design to ensure you have a great cooking experience. This towel handle is heat resistant so you burn your hand while cooking.
It is 3mm thick which is perfect for a nonstick pan.


Pros of Pigeon Non-Stick Aluminium Dosa Tawa

Metal spoon friendly PFOA free, non-stick greblon coating 

Thick body 3 layer coating from Germany 

Triple-layer coating of Griblon Germany  

Cons of Pigeon Non-Stick Aluminium Dosa Tawa

This induction is not favorable Small in size


4. Nirlon Induction Marble Tawa Non-Stick for Dosa, Roti & Paratha

Nirlon is the oldest and most trusted brand in the field of home and kitchen appliance brands. They fully understand the needs of the user and offer services as needed - this is one of the really available options in the pool of available brands. 
It uses special press aluminum technology with a thick marble coating that accelerates and also gives heat distribution. Enjoy a great cooking experience with this unique and delicious Dosa, Roti and Parantha maker. 
Hey, we mentioned that there are five layers for coating this product and that is a one-year warranty? Guys, it also has an ergonomic design. It will be as if it has been caught and stirred and can be used in cooking. 


Pros of Nirlon Induction Marble Non Stick Dosa Tawa

The handles are attached with rivets, so they do not close easily 

The handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and control 

It is easy to clean and maintain 

Comes with 1-year warranty  

Cons of Nirlon Induction Marble Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

It is only compatible with gas stoves


5. Vinod Zest Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

This perfectly flat, thin Tawa is a great option for those who are not experiencing an iron cast, heavy-weight pan in hand. In terms of size and shape, this Tawa requires you to make a good dosa. It is very flat, coated with a non-stick finish, and has no rim. The benefits of a non-stick finish are many. First of all, this Tawa actually has a 3-coat surface. 

The two layers provide extra durability and protection, while the last one ensures that your dosa never sticks to the pan. You must know that this is absolutely necessary. You should not consider buying a Tawa that does not have a non-stick feature. The bottom of this pan is flat, which creates a crunchy dose and allows for an even distribution of heat. 
You can also use it to make other types of food, such as bread and chapati, or even light-fried vegetables if you care. Note that it does not have a rim. This will work perfectly with gas flame stovetops. An electric stovetop would be a little less ideal, but it will. 
However, it is worth noting that it will not be suitable for induction stoves. It is so large for the exact dose and without taking up a lot of space your kitchen will definitely get a lot of benefits. 

Pros of Vinod Zest Non-Stick Dosa Tawa
3-layer non-stick coating 
Cooking requires less oil or butter 
The pottery interior is reinforced 
Suitable for use with a metal spoon  
Cons of Vinod Zest Non-Stick Dosa Tawa
Not conducive to induction stoves

6. Amazon Brand - Solimo Non-Stick Tawa with 2-Way Non-Stick Coating, 26cm (Induction and Gas Stove Compatible) 

Equipped with a triple-layered Teflon coating and strong aluminum build, the Amazon-branded Solimo range is the best Dosa Tawa India model suitable for those who are looking for a fully featured tawa at a very affordable price. 

Amazon Brand - Solimo Non-Stick Flat Frying-Review Coming to the features, the base plate is 3mm thick and comes with heat retention for fast cooking, grippy handles are (obviously) heat resistant. And for ease of cleaning, the exterior also comes in a non-stick material-like coating - just wipe with a damp cloth. 
Protected by a 1-year warranty, this consistently designed best dosa tawa model's top highlight can of course be its increasing versatility, being able to be used in equal proportions in electric, induction, and gas stovetops. 

Pros of Amazon Brand Solimo Non-Stick Dosa Tawa
Easy to wash 3mm thick base plate 
Scratchproof Cheap 
Cons of Amazon Brand Solimo Non-Stick Dosa Tawa
Limited size Cannot use steel spatula 

In their article, we have a discussion about the 4 Best Tawa For Dosa  that are perfect for your kitchen. If you want to buy the best dosa Tawa, you can buy this tawa from the link provided in this post.

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