6 Free Unlimited Calling App [Android Download 2023]

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Worried about spending hundreds of dollars a month calling friends and family living outside your country? International calling is no longer expensive thanks to Free Unlimited Calling App that work on the Internet.
Free Unlimited Calling App
Free Unlimited Calling App

All you have to do is pay for an Internet connection, which is cheaper than roaming charges or any other family or friend extra charge when calling abroad. All free international calling apps work on 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi networks.

You can create them anytime and all you need is internet connectivity. We all know about some free calling apps like Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Tango, etc. that also enable free calls but they need an internet connection to make calls. What to do if calls go offline without an Internet connection? As you hear, you can make free calls without an Internet connection.

Free Unlimited Calling App

These apps use offline calling technology, meaning you can talk for free without a data connection. Once you download it, you can get rid of paying high bills on your mobile. These mobile bills are becoming more and more prevalent for international calls. So to get rid of all this you can download these Free Unlimited Calling App and you can use them unlimited. So here are the Free Unlimited Calling App for Android without internet

1. Maaii Free Unlimited Calling App

Maaii is a popular call and text app in many places in Asia and the Middle East, including Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. If you have friends and family in that area, you have a good chance that they installed the Maaii on their device.

You can make unlimited Wi-Fi-based calls when calling other My users. The app also supports outbound calls to landlines and cell phones, though those minutes are not free. Outbound calls are supported in over 120 countries around the world.

Other people don't offer inbound phone numbers to call you. Other notable features include video caller ID, voice and video mail, a location-based friend finder, and group video chat.

The Maaii app is free to download and is available on Android.

Free Download: Android

2. Nanu Free Unlimited Calling App

Nanu is the latest free calling app designed for Android phones for free calling. The real Nanu app provides unlimited calls to Nanu from Nanu for free on the net and offers free calling for up to 15 minutes per week without internet.

Features of Nanu

Nanu doesn't need internet connection. Once you download the app, you can have free calling. So the internet is essential every time.

Also works as unlimited free calling in 2G connectivity.
Wifi also works for connections and it increases the balance.
Nanu, in recent days, this app is offline calling time and will expand to different countries as well.

Free Download: Android 

3. TextNow Free Unlimited Calling App

TextNow is an app that offers free texting and free calls. You will get your own dedicated phone number that you can actually give to other people. You can make free calls to people in the US and Canada. However, to call the international number we have to pay. 

It's not cool if you live outside the US, but if you live there, this is what you are looking for. The whole thing is financed by advertising. Signing up for a plan eliminates that. It's the best app to make free calls right now.

Free Download: Android 

4. Libon Free Unlimited Calling App

Using this free app, you can call other app users and all of them for free using just an internet connection. You can also call other users, even those who don't use the Libon app, but there is only one restriction, meaning that users will only get 30 minutes for those types of calls each month.

Features of Libon
Unlimited free Libon-to-Libon calls

Users who don't use free links for minutes every month (mobile, landline, Libon calls without internet connection)
Also, offer a referral program, refer your friends or family for free for 60 minutes

Free Download: Android 

5. WhatsCall Free Unlimited Calling App

WhatsCall is another great free calling app without internet on our list, as well as my favorite free calling apps for Android phones. Whatscall is also a free calling app where you can place calls over Wi-Fi or the Internet. To make free calls without the internet, all you have to do is download and log in to get 100 credits.

The app also gives 1000 credits for referring your friends. There are also ways to get free credit without having to make a free call. So, establish and earn credits just for calling your friends and relatives. Whatscall is available for both Android and iOS.

Even if your friends or family does not have network access, WhatsCall can connect you for free.New "Moments" feature lets you upload photos and share your colorful and exciting life with WhatsCall.
-Instant Messenger: send photos, text, and voice messages to WhatsApp friends.

Free Download: Android

6. Signal Private Messenger  

Signal Private Messenger is an increasingly popular service that focuses on security. Encrypts its open source and everything it sends. This includes voice calls, text messages and everything in between. It offers free calls and text, although other people will also have to use Signal Private Messenger. 

Everything is completely free, at least for now. For those who want a free call but are concerned about security, this is definitely the go-to option. Please note that if both parties are using Signal Private Messenger, it is completely secure.  
Free Download: Android

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