Why Tablets are Better Than Smartphones [SUGGESTION]

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Do you have confusion about choosing between tablets and smartphones? Really you should not! Although I can give you best reasons here, I really like that if you have many things to do on a laptop and you need to travel often, then the tablet can be a good choice because you can easily do many of your work on the tablet. Typing as smartphones, reading ebooks, etc.
Why Tablets are Better Than Smartphones
Why Tablets are Better Than Smartphones

I've compiled the reasons why you should buy a tablet and I hope that these reasons will have your mind on the tablet.

Why Tablets are Better Than Smartphones

View the full webpage against the smartphone.

You know that the tablet's screen size is bigger than the smartphone, but this does not mean that if you do not look like a strange version on a smartphone, like the original webpages (as displayed in a laptop), a very small screen, then the tablet will be a good choice for you.

More customizable apps

There are more than 750,000 customizable apps for tablets, especially 500,000 designed for the iPad. You must select thousands of apps even when you are interested in education, health, and wellness, travel or sports. 
In many cases the newsletter and monthly publishers have improved their content for all popular tablets, those devices have been converted to the perfect showcase for news reports, opinions, photos and videos.

Tablets are very portable compared to laptops.

Next, to normal computers or laptops, tablets are relatively lightweight with design and easy to run almost smoothly, if you want to go to a tablet, then buying a tablet is a good idea.

A great learning tool for kids

Everyone knows how little kids just like tablets, their bright colors and intuitive controls make them a favorite interactive toy and perfect shape-sized shapes for younger hands. And developers are able to take up most of this opportunity, thousands of apps create interactive picture books from colorful games.

Whether you are looking for a learning tool or just looking for a temporary interruption, your tablet will always be warmly welcomed by the fewest members of your family!

Tablets make great e-readers

Although many people want to learn that the reading experience is not centered on e-ink devices only and it is not clear if the text is not clear, users have not stopped cracking the free PDF, comics, long web due to this error. Articles, and tablets as well as plus children's books are fun

Time to video chat

Is your child in college or family and friends far away? A tablet is a great platform for face-to-face catch-up, new apps and 4G LTE networks have enabled tablet-based video chats to make it easier than ever before to see what grandmother is doing or visit your hospital tour.
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Tablets are good for meeting and nice.

There is something going on in the meeting that you can no longer get and the tablet can be a very professional way to use it in the meeting. And if you are bored, then play Angry Birds on Mute.

More affordable than before

And the biggest reason to buy a tablet? They never could afford. The previous cellular price might be a Wi-Fi only tablet but now you are able to add 4G LTE tablets to anything more than just 700 INR per month with any long term contract!


Next to normal computers, tablets are relatively lightweight by design and easy to carry easily. Most of them may be very heavy on one hand, but they are good in your tablet or surface. It's easier than ever to boot and boot from your computer by accessing the tablet to browse the web through TV advertisers. Even laptops, which are considered to be mobile devices, may take some time to start and they get uncomfortably hot for a while.

To use a smartphone, you need to have easy access and instant-on but it's better to be able to see the mobile site as an amazingly render version on a small screen of entire webpages or smartphones. Also, there is something about your page being able to place a webpage more naturally, instead of focusing on a laptop screen or a monitor, it feels like a future to you

HDMI for tablets

You know that most of the tablets support HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) that help you connect your tablet to TVs and other big screen devices.

Tablets are good for watching movies.

Instead of buying a tablet, instead of a smartphone, when you're on a car or in the plane, the high definition will help you spend your time watching movies in a larger screen compared to a tablet smartphone.

there is nothing good in the car for kids than a car or a copy of the eye on the iPad. Our kids love this and the headstand costs a little less than installing the tablet early-to-expired DVD-supported LCDs.

Tablets do not crash.

I know that you think it's really possible, that your tablet will never crash, but sometimes it crashes a quick restart button

Storage is not a problem

With the host of cloud storage options, we do not need to worry about a tablet running out of space. Third party providers, like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Dropbox, combine all free and paid cloud-based storage options. On all your devices - photos, videos, media and more have the advantage of cloud services to sync your files so that you can access anywhere in your content and enjoy independent backups independently.


Games are the only way, one of the great things about tablets is that most of them - you have paid, at least - you have some kind of market where you can add additional apps to your device, new functionality Love to read news and stay on top of current events? Download some new apps and tweet and like to spend all day on Facebook? Get some social networking apps

It is true that you have a very clean and easy process. You do not need to handle the product key or registration code and many apps are downloaded and installed in seconds. Tablets are also a great tool for laptops warriors short of their phones, but the size of the laptop and the weight or the netbook to slow them down.

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