What is Difference Between Iphone and Android Phone: Which is best

The first choice can be most difficult when buying one of the best smartphones: iPhone or Android is not easy, Both offer very good features and they are fundamentally similar to brands and prices.

However, a close-up scenario shows that there is some important difference. To help you decide if an iPhone or Android smartphone is right for you, you read about it to look closely at some of these differences.
What is Difference Between Iphone and Android Phone
What is Difference Between Iphone and Android Phone

What is Difference Between Iphone and Android Phone

IPhone does not come with extended memory or SD card slots

Each iPhone model comes with built-in flash memory which you can never grow. So, when purchasing an iPhone you need to select an accurate model according to your memory needs. But not with the Android phone. Most Android phones come with SD card slots, this could be a strong reason that makes Android phones even better than iPhone

Android phones battery is removable

If your Android phone's battery starts to make any problem like heating, you can easily remove it from the phone or replace it with the latest but iPhone cannot come with an unreliable battery if you can not replace the battery in any case.

So, people looking at the future or the problem can definitely give Android phones and at least, in this case, Android phones will shout out that they are better than an iPhone.


Music-Widgets Android's wings often have wings in its cap compared to the static row of icons you find in iOS. Microsoft also saw the advantage, developing a live tile system for the Windows Phone widget is still a big advantage for Android on iOS. Simply tell, you can see all the information at a glance on your home screen without the app.

And yes, we know Apple has presented the widget in September last. Have you seen these things? They are very limited and only live in your notification area. Not like that! Android still wins here

The iPhone cannot be used as a TV remote

This is another reason that Android phones are better than the iPhone, that most Android phones (with LG G3, Galaxy S5 and HTC One) can be used as remote because they have infrared blasters at the top but not iPhones.

The industry moves faster and Android runs so fast

Bugs, logs, malformed interfaces, lack of apps - Android's weakness has been handled properly by a definite development team. The Android platform is not recognized with the first release and it is rapidly growing and developing rather than improving the competition.

It has a large user base and a wide range of manufacturers. While the IOS is suspended, "do not fix it, do not fix it," it crashes, Android is fast and innovative at a faster rate of thinking. Think Android has accepted NFC first, fingerprint readers, and retina scanners and mobile payments and high definition displays. The list shows why Android is better than iPhone

iPhones require iTunes to download music but Android does not like such restrictions

Android does not care when you download music, but Apple or iOS 8, however, requires iTunes even if you want to get your photos on your computer.

More free apps and games!

It can be a double sword, but you can not avoid the possibility of having more free apps and games on Android than you are on iOS. Sometimes a port of those apps that keep the price tag on iOS is free on Android, there is also a good desire to follow freemium or ad-supported models.

Sadly, at least partly, in terms of piracy concerns and, if more hits are ported, the ability to earn more from iOS development is still to release the first high-quality, premium apps and iOS first game. Android is dominating and we've seen a change here, but this is Android's biggest challenge

Any Micro-USB cable can be used as an Android phone as an Android phone

You can use Micro-USB cable to charge Android phones, but in case of an iPhone, you will need Apple's special electric cable.

Custom ROM

Another reason why Android is better than an iPhone is that it is necessary to replace the existing software with a custom ROM,  it is necessary to install a new operating system and many Android users do so because their carriers or creators are slow to upgrade, the latest version of the Android platform, but you better It's also for performance or some add-ons or tools This is definitely the ultimate frontline for Android customization and you need to be troubled. He said that, as long as you can follow a tutorial and your device is supported, the benefits can be large

There are also ways to install some other Android devices like Hail, Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Sailfish, and the list is running.

Apple's Maps app is not good for Google

Apple's own Maps app is not that good compared to Google Maps. But, the worst thing you can do with the iPhone is that you can not make Google Maps your default Maps app and it can cause users troubles!


You can argue and it is true that you can do a lot of things again by switching apps but they do not even come to the multi-tasking level of some Android phone offers.

Take Samsung as an example, which has released a multi-window long ago, in which you can see multiple apps at the same time. Most manufacturers have done this for a long time - we are an area where the stock is behind Android.

Most Android phones come with a sample or face unlock but there are no iPhones

Many Android smartphones come with many options for phone lock. But the iPhone only has fingerprint and passcode, so some users will also be disappointed

Good value

If you want an iPhone, you have eight options: 24430INR iPhone SE, 31430INR iPhone 6S, 38430INR iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7, 46830INR iPhone 7 Plus, 48930INR iPhone 8, The 7797INR IPhone 8 Plus and 9999INR iPhone X The 4-inch iPhone looks like a deal compared to its older ones, so you find a really good Android phone that comes with a bigger screen for less than 24430INR and a sale.

IPhone can be customized more than

However, this is not a big issue but if you still like to design the phone's home screen, the iPhone will be frustrating than the Android phone because there are many ways in the Android phone on your home screen such as widgets, etc.

IPhone does not support the addition of SD card for a large amount of storage, while many Android models do.

The Android operating system is packaged with various hardware. The iPhone is produced solely by a company, so that users have no choice on the number and level of features on the phone.

Android phones show notifications at the top but there are no iPhone

One of the best things about an Android phone is the instructions at the top of the screen, but it does not appear in the case of iPhones. In the iPhone, you will have to visit different apps or services if you have any suggestions.

Compared to Android, the iPhone's file system is not as effective

In Android phones, any of your photos, screenshots, downloaded pictures and photo messages saved on or from WhatsApp, but this is not with iPhones

Plus, when you connect your Android phone to the computer, you'll see much of a familiar file system or the way you're working. However, Apple does not offer such access to files, this is one more reason to love Android phones instead of iPhones

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