How To Cancel Train Ticket Booked Online On IRCTC [UPDATED]

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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) facilitates the cancellation of the facility's train ticket. To cancel a train ticket, be it an e-ticket or a ticket purchased from the counter, be the IRCTC fee cancellation fee as per the relevant category.

According to IRCTC, train tickets can be cancelled until train chart is ready. After successful cancellation of the train ticket, cancellation charges, the customer's source will be credited back to the account/wallet that they use to make the money transaction when booking the ticket.
How To Cancel Train Ticket Booked Online On IRCTC
How To Cancel Train Ticket Booked Online On IRCTC

Indian Railways is the easiest option when it comes to India. Indian Railways is known as the lifeline of the country which can be used as a daily route for large numbers of travelers to travel. However, if you are not an avid user of Indian Railways, you may find it difficult to deal with it. Indian Railways have many rules and procedures for cancellation of railway tickets and refund.

In this story, we are informing our readers about the process of cancelling a train ticket, a train ticket booked at the counter, and how to cancel the IRCTC ticket cancellation refund time. Counter ticket cancellation rules and procedures may vary depending on the different online and offline methods, though IRCTC train ticket cancellation times are the same in both cases. You can get information about how to book train tickets online.

How To Cancel Train Ticket Booked Online On IRCTC

Cancellation of Railway Ticket Step by Step Process

If you are wondering about how to cancel a ticket online ticket, tell us that the ticket can be processed online through online processing only. Here is a detailed step by step guide on how to cancel a train ticket online.

Step 1) Login to your IRCTC account using your user ID, password and captcha
Step 2) Click on 'Cancelled ticket'
Step 3) Now, you can select the details of details like PNR number, transaction ID, from date and date of travel or you can select the ticket to book ticket tickets.
Step 4) If you want to cancel the ticket, select the passenger name where you want to cancel the ticket.
Step 5) Click 'Cancel', this is how to cancel a train ticket booked online.

Cancel Train Ticket Booked at Counter

If you are looking out for ways as to how to cancel counter ticket booked at counter, we have some good news for you; now you can easily cancel counter ticket booked at counter online as well as offline. Here is how to cancel train ticket booked at counter.
Cancel Train Ticket Booked at Counter (Online)

Step 1) Note down the 10 digit PNR number and Train number as mentioned on the top left corner of the counter ticket.

Step 2) Go to the official website of IRCTC and click on ‘Counter Ticket Cancellation’ widget.

Step 3) Enter the ‘PNR Number’, ‘Train Number’ and the ‘Captcha’ provided. Then tick on the ‘Terms and Condition’ box signifying your acceptance to the terms of cancellation and submit the details.

Step 4) An ‘OTP’ will be generated and sent to the number used at the time of booking the ticket. Enter this OTP and submit for verification of the details.

Step 5) After proper verification, full details of PNR will appear and the ‘Cancellation’ option will pop up. On clicking on the ‘Full Cancellation’ the refund amount will be shown on your screen.

Step 6) After cancellation the PNR will be marked as ‘Cancelled but Not Refunded’. Soon after this an SMS will be sent to your mobile number stating “Your PNR xxxxxxxxxx has been cancelled. Collect refund amt xxxxx from journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations.

Step 7) The user can now collect the refunded amount from any nearby satellite PRS location. The user will have to produce the original ticket on the counter in order to receive the refunded amount.

Train ticket cancellation rules, policies and procedures

Railway ticket can be cancelled only for 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.
RAC or Waitlist tickets can cancel the train for 30 minutes at the scheduled departure of the train.
Train Ticket Cancellation Charges:
Train Cancellation Time Train Ticket Cancel Charges by IRCTC
Upto 48Hours Before the Scheduled Departure Rs.240 for AC First Class and Executive Class • Rs.200 for AC 2 Tier • Rs.180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair Car • Rs.120 for Sleeper Class • Rs.60 for Second Class
Cancellation Within 48 Hours and Upto 12 Hours Before the Scheduled Departure 25% of the ticket fare will be deducted subject to minimum flat rate mentioned above
Cancellation between 12 hours and up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure 50% of the ticket fare will be deducted subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned above

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Any confirmed ticket canceled after this period will not be liable for any type of refund from the IRCTC officials. However, if the vehicle is running more than 3 hours late or the user claims to have some exceptions, the customer's IRCTC has the option of filing a TDR. If the ticket is cancelled half an hour after the departure of the train, the full refund of holder of the waiting ticket will be given. Booking and cancellation of tickets may vary according to these rules.

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