How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Install Tracking App [DETAILS AND SOLUTION]

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It's easy to take ownership of Android gadgets as we already know, there are still many thieves who are still stolen some new gadgets. It also includes your Android phone if your Android device is misplaced or stolen, you can try it out below. Okay, these 3 ways are alert about your suggestions.
How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Install Tracking App
How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Install Tracking App

Tracking a lost/misplaced Android phone is not easy. But still you can try below, some methods we have listed all 3 ways to track your lost Android phone are based on Android apps. Like many other improved applications like Android lost app or spots premium apps, many people use their stealing devices. So you can also try your luck.

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Install Tracking App

As explained earlier in the above article of this article. Tracking a lost Android device Although you still have a lot of hard work, the following listed methods tell you to try your luck. These methods are working and are fully verified by us.

3 best practices for tracking lost Android phone

Now we're in our main section of this article. Of course, you can use them properly.

Track lost Android device using IMEI
Track your lost Android device using Gmail account
Track lost Android device using the Android Lost App

How to track lost Android phone using IMEI number

Each Android device has an IMEI number. You can find the backside of your Android device. Or, if your device is on, you can also get your device IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your device. All you need to do is copy your IMEI number and save it to your PC or any safe place. Therefore, this IMEI number can help if your device is lost or stolen, you can try your Android device using IMEI.

How to find an Android device using IMEI number?

If your device stolen or misplaced, then only your simple F.I.R. File with your IMEI number of the device, in compliance.
Then your service provider will use the IMEI number and track lost Android phone.
Even if they changed the SIM, they can track without their SIM
And when your device detects it

To Trace The Lost Android Phone Using Gmail Account

Gmail has always been recognized as the best email client, have you ever thought? Your Gmail account can help you keep track of your lost Android phone. Often many Android applications require Gmail account access such as the Google Play store, then we create and add accounts. Okay, that Gmail account can help you track your tool. But in just a few cases -

Make sure your phone's internet connection is running.
Make sure you have GPS turned on your device.
Make sure your device is switched on
Be sure to log in to your Gmail account.

In addition, you can use your Android device using your Gmail account if they have been given the terms.

How do I find an Android device using Gmail?

Hope you've checked your Google Account using your device.
If yes, first go to
Then find the word "Google Find My Phone" in Google.

Then click Allow there.
Then you must have your device in which your Google Account is logged in.

Choose a lost / misplaced from there and get your device's real-time location.

How to track an Android phone or tablet using an Android lost app?

Android has lost a popular app that works remotely on your Android device. Meanwhile, you can remotely access your Android device and you can use your device anywhere. If your device is lost or misplaced, you can use it if your mobile has an internet connection. But you need to assure that you have such a situation -

Your Google Account must be logged into your device
Your device must have an Internet connection enabled (if you have not already installed an Android lost application.)
Your device needs to be turned on

How to track your lost phone?

First, make sure your Google Account is logged in.
If yes! Then first install the lost Android app from the Play Store.
Then they are activated
Then sign in to your Gmail account on Android, and then you can access all the controls that Android has lost.

Favorites - Get tracking location, get final call details, get message details, alarms, videos or photos


So this is our article that deals with Android tips and tricks. In this article, we have mentioned 3 best practices for using your lost Android phone. In the methodology, we have added the above methods that devices that are stolen or misplaced, but we are advising you to take care of your device.

Okay One method might be detected on your device that might not allow us to do this. Hope you like it. If you have any suggestions or feel free to comment, we will try to resolve the issue, thanks for reading.

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