How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android [UPDATED]

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Ever tried to set a full photo as your profile picture on WhatsApp? When you ask to crop a photo, you will face a problems. As such, you need to select a specific part of the photo, which is what the Whatsapp profile does not accept the square aspect ratio of Picture 1: 1, as a smartphone clicked by the smartphone, either the camera is in landscape or portrait mode.

How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android
How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android
It is said that if you want to set a full-size profile picture without a crop, this article will definitely give you from iPhone and Android so that's how to look at it.

Most of our images are in rectangular shapes that can not be used on the WHATSAPP DP and if someone uses it, they will first harvest your image. What is the problem? In fact, how do we "set up WhatsApp dip without a crop?" We are going to fix you for that. Yes! It is possible, in fact, you just have a simple application that is available free on the Play Store. You can read more in the following section

If you want to know how to set up a WhatsApp profile picture without cropping, then this issue will be followed by this method if you are looking for your DP or profile picture without being roped into your personal account. We're going to share two parts with two methods

This is bad news that Whatsapp automatically falsifies your picture because it only requires a square image if your picture is of a circle, rectangle or another size, it is not applicable to use. Now, what's the problem? Do not worry about this guide.

Whatsapp is nowadays the most popular social networking app, it launches not just a single app but a website like Facebook which is called WhatSapp Web. It is also available for PC users. You can download and install it on a Windows computer or MAC. This means that the social networking app is now fully developed and you are able to use it on any platform. You may also like the GB Whatsapp APK

We use our profile picture or DP on WhatsApp. But sometimes we think Facebook is better than Whatsapp. That's why only Square-sized photos are allowed, but if you choose any other size image then your photos will be shipped and set in your account. This is the worst thing that harasses many users. So you are having the same problem? No problem, I'm happy for you. In this article, I show how to set up a Whatsapp DP without cropping.

Whatsapp is the best messaging app for Android, it provides audio with messaging, group chat, share status, share current location, share photos, videos, friends and relatives. Once you've established your profile picture, mobile number, profile name and status of your WhatsAppSite. But WhatsApp messenger has sometimes allowed you to upload it as a WhatsApp profile picture, so WhatsApp users want to upload a full-sized profile picture in most of whatsapps.

How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping on Android

So, in this tutorial, I show useful WhatsApp tips on how to 'set your Whatsapp profile picture to full size'. You must follow the instructions to set a full-size photo as your whatsapps profile picture.

How to set your Whatsapp profile picture in full size

There are dozens of apps available on your pictures that can help you convert your operating system (iOS, Android, Windows) into your square resolution to your image. Below I am sharing some great and useful apps

Set up your Whatsapp profile picture in full size in Android

You can install the free Android app on the Google play store. The app will crop the picture in a square shape by adding the boundaries. In this way, you can upload your profile picture cropping or full size to Whatsapp. Below I'm showing with a step-by-step guide to set your Whatsapp profile picture in full size by the square app

First, you must download and install it

Step 1- After the installation, open the app and select photo> select gallery and select the picture.

Step 2 - Now you can save the color by clicking the color button.

That's it, now you can upload this full/square picture.

Set your Whatsapp profile picture to full size in IOS/iPhone
You can use the square app for iPhone or iOS devices, the app is also used, download this app and change the picture to import the border color and save it in square resolution and set your whitespace profile picture in full size in IOS / iPhone.

Set your Whatsapp profile picture to full size in Windows Phone

In a Windows enabled smartphone, you can also set your picture in square resolution, for that you need to use 6tag application for Windows using this application. You can easily set your whitespace profile windows to full size in windows phone.

How to set up Whatsapp profile picture without taking a peak in Android

Whatsapp tips will show you the Whatsapp profile picture at full size using the Whatsapp app. This app is able to set full size images on your WhatsApp without cropping, as this app will resize images. So, download simple, install, and do not crop and follow the steps given on set up the WhatsApp profile picture.

Step 1 - Now after the launch of the WhitCorp app, open the app and click on the image option and select the image from your phone gallery.

Step 2 - After selecting the image, it opens the image

Step 3 - Tap Backdrop You can add any background image, color or photo frame to your liking.

Step 4 - Tap on Save icon. Setting Whatsapp Profile Pictures and Pictures in Your Whatsapp DP Without Crop

Now you will be able to set a Whatsapp profile picture without crop

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