Windows or Linux Which is Better [SUGGESTION]

Windows has been bought for a while and many of you have purchased computers with the latest Microsoft pre-installed. We have to admit that Windows 10 is a great improvement in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and is very good as an operating system.
Windows or Linux Which is Better
Windows or Linux Which is Better

Windows or Linux Which is Better

The ability to run Linux BASH commands in Windows is a great feature, which is a long-awaited virtual workspace that allows you to run applications on different desktops.

However, this guide provides a detailed list of the reasons why you may choose to use Linux instead of Windows 10, because one person who is good for another is not needed for another.

There was a time choosing the operating system for your laptop. But now, let's get you Windows, Chrome, Linux, etc. Different operating systems like this have to face.

So, each operating system has its own strengths and deficiencies. To help you make a decision, today there is an overview of three operating systems dominated by three markets.

Windows vs. Linux: Software and Compatibility

You can find some Linux-compatible versions in most applications. The truth is that most Windows programs are not available for Linux

Many people have a Linux system rather than a free, open-source alternative. There are many apps you can think about. If not, programs like VM can run Windows software in Linux instead.

Despite this, these options will be more than Windows. If your application requires a specific application to run Linux the original version or an acceptable replacement exists.

Comparison of programs installed in Linux software compared to Windows, you can download and run executable files (.exe). In Linux, programs are installed from a software repository related to a particular distribution.

By typing the apt-get command from a command line and installing it on Linux. Package Manager handles this by inserting the graphical user interface on the typing messing system in the right combination of words and commands. This is a very popular way to purchase an app store for mobile devices.

Depending on the software, some repositories may not be stored in and downloaded from the stroke, such as open source non-owned software such as Skype or Steam.

In this case, the installation becomes similar to the Windows software, you download the related package for your distribution from the company's website and the rest of the package installer will complete the rest.

On Linux, there is a big advantage of Windows which is part of the software; actually, every program is created from the ground with the help of Windows. Generally, Windows users do not have trouble compatibility. As mentioned earlier, set-up is also often the easy relationship.


The reputation of the window is deep, everyone has been successful with it for many years, its failed OS, Windows Vista had some fantastic power. If you're not naive with the operating system and if you're looking for something safe, Windows OS is your best bet

The main reason you choose is that the availability of the software that you want to use it is the versatility and consistency with most businesses.

Do not worry about hardware compatibility because Windows has solid state drive laptops, regardless of the hardware you are going to use, it will work perfectly with this OS.

Strengths include:

Legacy Programs
It offers various types of games
It's also easy to use even for beginners
This is ideal for offline activities

The weakness includes:

It is a virus and malware threat
Software licenses can be very expensive
Compared to Linux it is relatively expensive

You want to use it:

Various hardware compatibility
You can use the heavy to gaming
High-source operations like photo or movie editing

Chrome OS

Chrome has been specially created to access the Internet everywhere. Directly useless if this is not online. However, this could be really one of Chrome's best assets. He has dug a hole in the future by presenting users to cloud computing.

Another reason why you think it is lightweight is that you are not afraid to choose the best SSD laptop running on Superfast Processor. They also run on dated devices

Strengths include:

No app install is required
Your files and data are not physically placed on your device
It offers built-in antivirus systems
It provides automatic updates
Android integration is possible
It's on-the-call computing

The weakness includes:

Editing graphic artists may be difficult to edit
They do not offer high-game gaming capabilities
Chrome will not work offline

You want to use it:



Linux is another operating system that has been growing popularly for many years. It's free to think that Linux is the least preferred choice.

Linux is open for open source. If you have the skill, you can definitely make sure to edit your code. A growing number of people prefer this OS because they have a lot of support. Not to mention it's too fun

It's custom quality makes perfect for almost everyone. Many people think that Linux is for those programming languages only. But you do not have to do it. You can select from most distributions, in fact, if you are viewing it, Ubuntu is the date of the popular Linux distribution, which is the best system to date.

Strengths include:

Linux has minimal system requirements
OS offers high customization capabilities
It's free

The weakness includes:

There is almost no capacity to run the game
Troubleshooting new users can be difficult
It will be difficult to use businesses that depend on a large number of applications and utilities

You want to use it:

An Open-Source OS
Something is very safe

Which OS is it useful for you?

Depending on what you need to do, if you're a gamer, Windows will serve you well if you need 100% compatibility with a particular software. Linux is a viable option if you are an open-source software or your device is too old or incompatible to run a Windows or is tired of having to reboot and reboot Windows completely.

I hope that this is a more perspective on both systems, showing the conditions of the benefits and disadvantages of each situation. I did not discuss every field, because I have used Windows and Linux for the most part based on what I need to do through dual boot or virtualization.

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