What is the Difference Between DDR4 and DDR3 Ram : Which is Best

Every computer needs memory that is used by the system for continuous restoring on all the media and information on which it is constantly sitting on your computer. This is the function of RAM in every computer system.

The initial communication between the pressure and the RAM is done and the rate of transmission depends on the speed of the RAM. Speed is usually measured by frequency and thus we will learn more about DDR 3 vs DDR4 RAM and the difference between them.
What is the Difference Between DDR4 and DDR3 Ram
 What is the Difference Between DDR4 and DDR3 Ram

What is the Difference Between DDR4 and DDR3 Ram

DDR3 and DDR4 ram do not work together

The first important difference between the two RAM-types is the actual structure of the pins on each module. The DDR3 uses the RAM 240-pin connector, while the DDR4 uses the RAM 288-pin connector.

DDR3 is currently the most popular type of computer. Buy now with the launch DDR4 ram I think it will be gradually replaced by fast and the latest DDR4 ram. What DDR2 and DDR Ram did now will be at the end of DDR3 RAM. It has been said that DDR3 is still a routine and DDRs can be as fast as 4 RAM. Here in this post, I will tell you the latest DDR4 RAM, its benefits on DDR3 RAM and both of these different types of memory types.

What is DDR4 RAM?

DDR4 RAM or double data rate fourth generation RAM is the latest DDR RAM type for computers and the DDR is the successor of RAM 3. DDR 4 has dual data rate memory like DDR3, DDR2, and DDR RAM but it is relatively faster than its older. DDR4 is available for desktop PCs and laptops.

DDR 4 DIMM has a length of 133.35 mm, its height has increased slightly to 31.25mm and it is slightly denser than 1.2mm.



DDR4 is powered by the latest Intel 6th generation core series processor coded as a supported scalar while DDR3 runs with Haswell (fourth generation) and older generation core series and dual-core processor. DDR4 is fast and has more bandwidth DDR3 ram DDR runs on a low voltage of RAM of 1.2V, while DDR is running on 1.5V 1.5V. The low voltage version of the DDR3 RAM is also known as DDR3L RAM, which makes the DDR4 RAM voltage more efficient than the 1.35 VHV drive. DDR3 only one side of RAM is slightly more latent compared to DDR3 RAM.

Note: It should be noted that the DDR3 RAM is incompatible with the DDR4 motherboard and is also true.

DDR4 is the latest standard for DDR RAM and it will change the DDR 3 memory in the future. Price of DDR4 will be lower than DDR3 RAM because DDR3 is outdated due to old age as it is now known as DDR 4 benefits.

DDR 4 RAM Benefits on DDR 3 RAM

Here are the various benefits of DDR4 RAM on DDR3 and DDR2 RAM types.

Available in large capacity - Module density of DDR4 is high, which means that you can pack a large capacity memory chip with a ram. The 16GB Ram DDR 4 RAM module can be searched but in case of DDR3, the highest RAM module is of 8 GB.

Less capacity is needed - DDR4 DD is running very low voltage of 1.2V compared to 1.5V of 3D. Help reduce low voltage power and also increases battery life in laptops and netbooks. DDR3 and DDR4 are fewer voltage versions of the ROM which are operated on less voltage. Here we have DDR3L from DDR3 which runs on 1.35V and operates on low voltage version 1.05 V DDR 4 (DDR4L).

Low heat production - Less voltage DDR4 reduces less heat than DDR3 RAM. This reduces the need for heavy and expensive heat on RAM, and this also increases the overall efficiency of the memory.

Relatively faster - DDR 4 is faster and higher bandwidth than DDR3 RAM. The DDR 4 RAM can reach up to 3200 MHz and the faster DDR 3 RAM can be increased to 2133 MHz. Here I want to say that some DDR 3 memories can be as fast as the DDR4 ram but they are very rare. My heart is on me. Skilled TridentAx is a memory that runs on 3200 MHz.

Future proofs - DDR4 is the latest memory standard for the computer, and this is future proof because all new motherboards will only support DDR 4 RAM. So if you want a computer that has future proofs, then buy one that supports DDR4 RAM

Good value for money - DDR4 is now priced at the same price as the DDR 3 RAM for the same capacity. The advantage here is that we can get a faster DDR4 RAM for the same DDR3 memory at the same capacity, for example, you can get 8GB DDR4 (2400 MHz) RAM on 8 GB DDR3 (1866 MHz) RAM. This means you will get more money for your money while getting the DDR4 memory
Real World Performance of DDR4

The  DDR4 is definitely faster than the DDR3 ram, but you will not see any difference in normal day-to-day applications and office performance. DDR4 is light-intricate high-end gaming and wave memory intensive applications where DDR4 ram will show you the performance advantages. The DDR4 benchmark against DDR3 also shows that you will get performance benefits with DDR4 ram in great memory and a lot of RAM will be run.

Brief summary

RAM is a very important component, which is a part of the computer, without which the computer fails. DDR 4 raid against DDR3, the best selection is compulsory

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