How to See Which Apps are Draining Your Battery on Android [DETAILS AND SOLUTION]

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If your Android phone's battery looks a bit lower, you can find out where that power is going. Android's battery screen shows you how apps use battery power from your final charges from system services and hardware devices.
Nowadays almost every Android user is running the problem.
How to See Which Apps are Draining Your Battery on Android

How to See Which Apps are Draining Your Battery on Android

There were many reasons why your iPhone's battery is causing you problems. Some in-depth processes may be affected and you only have to wait for them. Or in any other case, here's how you can handle the life of an iPhone battery or any other android phone

However, I can say that there are few apps available on the Play Store that still have nothing but Android apps, but still use battery power.

So, in this article, I'm going to tell you about Android apps that use a lot of battery power so you can remove them from your smartphone.

Antivirus Apps
Many Android phone users install an antivirus app on their smartphone without taking any of the apps and phone configurations.

Always third-party antivirus apps on the administration are always affected

And, today, most smartphone makers are offering inbuilt software that protects your phone from malware and keeps your phone data safe.

Another reason that antivirus apps affect phone and battery performance is that they continue in the background and therefore use more battery.

So, if you have more battery issues, you should uninstall unwanted antivirus apps from your Android smartphone to save more battery and improve phone performance.

 Weather apps for larger apps

Weather apps are always up to date in order to keep constant weather information, and therefore keep battery power on the smartphone

So, if you want your Android phone's long battery life, you can keep weather apps off or if you use one, just uninstall to improve your battery performance.

Now you might think that you will get a weather update. I tell you, you can use Google OK for this. Right?

Shopping App

It is true that e-commerce companies offer their shopping apps and so many Android users install shop apps on their smartphone.

But apart from this, there is another important truth that these shopping apps are more battery power and reduce the efficiency of the smartphone

So, if you're serious about improving your phone performance and want to extend battery life.

Facebook Apps

However, the Facebook app on the Play Store is one of the most popular Android apps but honestly uses more battery for smartphones.

Not only the battery life, but the phone's day's performance is also there. So, it's good to remove this app from your phone.

Of course, it's not worse than the Facebook Messenger app Facebook app, so you can use messenger to chat but you can use your phone browser to browse through Facebook.

Clearing the App Clear Master

Apps can be used to clean junk files and remove cache. However, it's true that some apps are really useful for removing junk files, but these apps may still be good for your phone's battery life.

Besides, you do not need apps appropriately to clear the phone cache

To clear the phone cache, go to Settings Storage Clear cache data and tap on the next pop-up screen. For detailed help, read this article.

Speed on the default phone browser internet browser

If you are using your smartphone's default web browser, you need a lot of battery power from the phone.

There is a more powerful, faster and safer browser available on the Play Store.

So, you only need to enable inbuilt inbox with the phone and Google Chrome, Firefox for Android, UC Browser Mini, CM Browser etc. Another good browser must be installed from the Play store like this.

Data Monitoring Apps

Many Android users use data monitoring apps to keep track of their data usage.

These data monitoring apps are also available in mobile network data every time and therefore these apps have more battery.

You can use the system's default data monitoring tool instead of using these apps. Navigate by selecting Settings  Data usage and Limits.

Limited streaming and downloading

Downloading a lot of data is not burned by your monthly data plan; It makes your battery life burn like your date. This means that no battery life is about

Some of the common things like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Google+ Hangouts, Skype, and FaceTime are some services, such as Netflix and spotlight let you download videos and music to your phone. If you know that you have a charger, then download your music and videos for the first time.

Free apps

Even though free apps seem to be appealing, these ad-supported apps will burn at least extra battery power to download and display ads. In our own experience, ads downloading apps have the fourth highest data usage on our iPhone- and as mentioned above, when you have data downloaded, your battery will be charged.

If you always like enough app to use, why not pay a dollar or two every time you go ahead instead of your phone download ads?


These kinds of apps really consume the excessive battery of the smartphone. However, I can understand that I recommended uninstalling the shopping apps, antivirus apps, weather apps, cleaning apps, data monitoring apps, etc. even when all are useful but I also suggested the alternative medium for all these apps.

Still, if any of the above kind of apps is very useful to be present on your phone, you may keep. But, faithfully in order to keep the battery last longer and improve smartphone’s performance, you should stay away from these Android apps that Draining Your Battery on Android.

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