How to Secure Your Phone Number

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Cell phone calls are becoming more important for encryption and encrypted messages. Recent programs have shown that sensitive communications on smartphones are not always confidential, but continuous improvement in cell phone encryption standards protects the network from unauthorized access, although they do not provide complete security in case of industrial intelligence or hacker attacks.
How to Secure Your Phone Number
How to Secure Your Phone Number

Tapping in the phone line is easier than ever If you are listening to your calls, you can use the Voice-over Internet Protocol service which is hard to hack on an electronic or counter-measurement device that prevents the phone from being monitored

In the Modern world, almost everyone has a phone number, however many of them do not know the importance of their phone number. So in this article, I want to tell you why you want to protect it

How to Secure Your Phone Number

Why should you worry about your phone number?

As a mobile phone number, if you have already posted your mobile phone number or you have a second-hand platform forum sold, this information can also be easily accessed.

Also, hackers can save your cell phone number in the address book, then download various social software, add them as a friend by the address book, For example, add your tweets to your address book

How to Secure Your Phone Number

1. Be careful with bank payments

When applying for a bank card, you confirm that the number you have reserved in your bank account is your own phone number.

2. Remember the risks of online registration

Many phone calls are troubling because you can make your number missing on the website registration, especially the information of any link to some shopping sites can be erased, so do not use mobile phone numbers to register unknown websites. The user name is recommended for direct registration.

3. Install cell phone security software

Installing security software on cell phone is necessary. When a telephone receives a spam call, it will display on the screen that thousands of people have been marked by "spam phone", "promotional campaign" etc. It can also add such annoying phone to the blacklist so that it can not bother

4. Do not necessarily leave your cell phone number

Do not easily leave your cell phone number in different street questionnaires or in comments and replies on the internet, if the street questionnaires are genuinely rejecting you.

5. Separate the number of work and number of lives

It's a little annoying, but it's safer, almost in the era of "privacy" we live in. It's almost impossible to stop privacy disclosure. Reducing the risk of privacy disclosure, paying attention to different situations of cell phone numbers is what our phone calls in our daily life and when necessary There is a number. In addition, we must pay more attention to bank payment.

6. Parcel Slip

Generally, when we receive express delivery, we remove the package, in addition to recording your name, phone number and address, the bad person will ask the item name on the package according to the package owner's income, too much troubles. So we have to throw down the express package, we must tear her personal information down.

7. Old phones also have risks

We can format them when we sell old phones, but actually, data deletion can be restored by some technology. After deleting data, old cell phones are sold to cell phone marketers. Unexpectedly, those who use illegal elements transfer from bank accounts to mobile phones. So we should think about it

Privacy instructions and tools for mobile devices

If someone gets your hands or your phone or hacks your mobile device, they will steal your money, find out where you are, or even worse. Thankfully, you can follow some simple steps to keep that information private

Thankfully, you can follow some simple steps to keep that information private

1. Install the Security App

If you do not let your computer run without antivirus, then why is your phone insecure? Do not know what your mobile device's operating system is doing or how secure its creators are: If you access it through the Internet your phone is illegally attacking.

There are plenty of anti-virus and anti-malware apps available for each type of device. Firewall apps are also easy to ensure that no apps are sending or receiving information.

2. Paste to the App Store

Even if your phone allows you to install programs without your app store, you probably should not do this

Your phone's app store provides reasonable protection against malware Not only apps for malware are updated, but your phone may continue to scan regularly. External sources, such as files you download directly from third-party websites, may not have the same protection.

If you are running Android, disable the "Unknown sources" option under your phone's security settings:

3. Find my phone and remote wipe

If you have not set these features for your phone, one of the most powerful security measures you'll get is missing ... and with many phones, it's free. If you lose your phone, Find My Phone will help you determine the precise location of your phone using GPS. Some services also allow you to ring while your phone is nearby.

If you can not get away from it, you can erase all private data remotely. In this way, even if someone manages to crawl your newly created, super-secure lock screen password, they will still not find anything on the phone.

4. Limit your apps to access

When you install new apps, your phone will ask you to confirm the app's accessibility requirements.

Generally, apps need to access things like your files, your camera (to take photos) and maybe even GPS (to provide location-specific content). Some apps may require more access: your contacts, your profile information, etc.

It's impossible to use a smartphone without access to some of these things, but you just do not agree to the access terms of each app. Many apps make money by selling your information to advertisers, so they are surprised that they need more access than they really need. For example, does your flashlight application need to know?

You do not like access to the app, which requires less access

5. Remember, public networks are public

Data plans are expensive and none of them waste their valuable megabytes. But when you connect to a public network, you can open your device to anyone on that network. Any amateur hacker can use public Wi-Fi to watch other users in the surrounding area

You do not have to tell public Wi-Fi completely - just be smart if you can not wait to wait, go ahead and google it. But if you are thinking of getting a new pair on Zappos, wait until you go home

You can use VPN services if you want to get protected sites or access private data. Virtual Private Network encrypts your activity, so no one on public network can track it. Many businesses offer VPN services for their employees and allow them to access anywhere in the company network. Some home routers also offer this service.

6. Secure your lock screen

This looks great, but most people still do not do that. The password must be typed, but it is correct. If you have locked your phone, thieves can access everything without a safe lock screen: your personal files, photos, Facebook accounts, shopping apps, your browser remembers your password? If so, the thief can now access any site with a password saved.

Still feeling safe with a swipe?

Do not go for a sample, either to be sure it's technically more secure or just swipe one up, but look a little bit on your phone's screen, give it some sunshine to see something? If you use a pattern, you can use it in front of you. We turn our phone dozens of times daily (even times) every day. If you want to see

Keep your mobile security and privacy in mind

You have no way to stop using your mobile device. In fact, the more features we add to the companies, the more we rely on them and trust the collection of more private information.

Smartphones are becoming faster with our wallet, our cameras, our notebooks and even our personal safe. You will not leave any of them

Make sure that you are taking the same precautions

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