How to Check Multiple Folder Size in Windows [SIMPLEST WAY]

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Most of the times when you want to check which folders take up more space in Drive. However, checking out how much space individual folders take is not easy because the folder size in Windows Explorer is not shown.

The only way to determine the size of a folder is to right-click on the folder and open properties. If you have large files in a folder, it can take a few minutes to determine the total size of Windows. This makes the entire process to check which folder is more usable.
How to Check Multiple Folder Size in Windows
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How to Check Multiple Folder Size in Windows

Existing disk space on your hard drive? Need to know which folder is taking the most space?

If you want to figure out which folder you want to be used, you'll need to manually rename it. It's just annoying! Why do not they display it because the window is not expanded?
When you want to know the size of any folder in Windows, right-click it and see it under properties. This can work well when you want to know the size of one or two folders. Do not worry, this is a small application that opens the window. This new column shows the size of all the folders and files, and also keeps track of the folders you see, and scans them in the background.

Managing or clearing a folder on Disk is a very useful application. It's available as freeware and it only supports Windows 2000 and XP, does not support Vista and Windows 7 so you have to switch to XP

You can download folder size from here.

Folder size app features

Do not translate when you're looking at your thoughts (you can also change the view when you see it in the Open and Save File dialog box) and this is a great visual cue to help you find someone you're looking for. Not just cleaning the disk

Not Scanning Steps As You Displays the Folder Size column, you will see it instantly. Large folders will continue
Explorer will automatically update the folder size column in real-time. No more manual redistribution
Backdrop When Folder Size Recognizes that other programs are reading and writing lots on hard disk scanned

Folder size is just for you Folder size is a freeware Windows utility which adds a new column to the details view in Windows Explorer for Windows XP. New columns not only show the size of files but also shows the size of the folder. The folder can be viewed in a full-sized folder of all files.

In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, the program cannot edit the explorer interface, so it instead loads up floating windows to the right of the explorer screen.

Here are some key features:

No need to switch as well, they are shown in the Open and Save dialog box (Windows XP only).
Scanning is not required when you browse
The window will update automatically

Currently, the software works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP so that the column will display directly in Explorer in Windows Explorer and the higher, the popup window will be displayed instead. The popup window is the biggest solution. It's close when you close Explorer.

The developer has kept in mind that this folder is set as a small taskbar icon so that you can do it and click on the Taskbar icon. After a few minutes, the program was scanned on all the folders and I was able to quickly see the folder size.

If you do not want to appear completely popup windows, you can open an example of Explorer, just right-click on the taskbar icon and show folder size uncheck Popup. In this way, you can run in the background and whenever you want to see the folder size, just click on the icon to open the window on the taskbar.

This software also supports a 64-bit machine, so that some people will be happy. There are some issues with the software that developers hope to fix in the next version and include:

1. Occasionally the size of the Windows directory has been reported from the original size due to hard links in the system.

2. Background services can sometimes be run on permission issues on certain machines.

3. Background scanning in Windows Vista and the highest are not yet fully optimized.

4. Occasionally pop-up includes a close button on the Windows Explorer Interface.

While running Windows 7, I did not participate in any of these issues, but due to the problem, we should be aware of them. Overall, this is a good program, but the developer is able to hack Windows 7/8 to get the shape to show as a separate window. Still, the fact that it is closed and closes with hidden options and with Explorer is still a utility. Enjoy!

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