How to Cancel Confirmed Ticket in Bookmyshow [UPDATED]

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All booking can be done online. From today's beginning of the day when people buy tickets, we can easily book movie tickets online. Bookmyshow is a popular forum that allows users to pre-book movie ticket tickets and their place. But people want to know how to cancel the BookMyShow ticket.
How to Cancel Confirmed Ticket in Bookmyshow
How to Cancel Confirmed Ticket in Bookmyshow

How to Cancel Confirmed Ticket in Bookmyshow

Booking online movie tickets has become a trend today. Online companies show exciting offers and cash back on ticket booking from their respective sites or apps. But sometimes we have a confirmed ticket for any specific reason.

Now, the question is, how to cancel a Bookmyshow ticket? Different sites cancellation policies vary from one place to another. But Bookmyshow is the main player in this area and we want to deal with the Bookmyshow ticket. Most of the time, we can not wait for the show due to some personal problems or other reasons.
When a friend canceled the movie plan at the last moment and wasted money, it was so annoying. Cancellation policy website, once sold, is sold, without the cancellation or refunds. Tickets will be returned within one week if the organizer canceled the show. However, there are other online portals that allow a few hours before the show.

BookMyShow has been in the online ticket booking business for many years. You can also view the latest Bookmyshow offer and coupons for booking tickets for movies and programs.

With its competitive new cancellation policies, it is expected to get a strong competition, so that the site can also discover the cancellation policy. Bookmyshow allows your users to book movies tickets 3 hours before the show's time. If you still want to answer your question, then only options are available.

Theater Manager If you have enough support to help you and get your money back. BookMyShow is searching for an alternative to cancel tickets and then the first thing you want to do is find the theater where the show is located. Broadcasting is necessary then you need to call the theater and request for your ticket or exchange your ticket on the next day.

If the manager is helpful and cooperative enough he might call you just a few hours before the show time and try to sell the ticket over the counter. The process to cancel tickets in BookMyShow is tedious and isn’t guaranteed, but still, you can try.

The other option available is to sell your ticket to one of your friend or relatives if you think you cannot make it to the theater on that particular day and time.

To cancel the Bookmyshow ticket follow the steps below:
1. You can use this feature if you have booked a movie ticket in a movie with cancellation support

It is worth noting that there is a specific time to cancel the ticket

2. Open the BookMyShow app or website and go shopping history. Here you will see a list of the tickets bought.

3. In the ticket transaction section, the 'Cancel' button will be available.

4. Click the Cancel button and it will ask for either Wallet or Payment Source in Refund Options.

5. You will get a refund after the cancellation fee is reduced.

The refund may take 4-5 hours to complete. In most cases, Bookmyshow deals with 30% of the cancellation fee. Also, the Internet handling fee is not included in the refund.

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