How Do I Find My Device IMEI Number : Why It is Important

Every GSM phone, powerful smartphone, its own international mobile device identity number, commonly known as IMEI. This is usually a string of 15 or 16 digits and the carrier uses it as a network. Because it is unique and difficult to improve, IMEI can also be used in a given network. In some cases, a specific device can also be used to return the number to return to its original owners.
How Do I Find My Device IMEI Number
How Do I Find My Device IMEI Number

How Do I Find My Device IMEI Number

But how can you still find the phone's IMEI number? There are several ways to do this - by entering a special code using the keypad or phone app of the device, digging in the handset's settings or checking your user account on the details stored, some examples. Other methods of finding phone and IMEI numbers are described in the paragraphs given below.

Is It Important To Protect Your IMEI Code?

The agency highlights whether you keep a phone and even before purchasing a new or used device.
In case of theft

If you lost your phone or it was stolen, you should report the incident to your provider (in case of your telephone operator) and request a blockade. Once you have identified yourself, enter your cell phone number. There is no need to provide IMEI as well, which can be unlocked by calling the phone and blocking it, repeating the device, by calling the provider again.

It is important to remember that if you have a stolen phone, you have to go to a police station and register a case. If you allow online registration in case of police theft, then you can do it on the Internet. In some states, the police can also be blockaded at the time of registration of the case.

What is the purpose of the IMEI Code?

Mobile operators (or not) use the IMEI code to access their mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

IMEI, the code you need to unlock your mobile phone

IMEI code is required to unlock a mobile phone. Indeed, if you have purchased your mobile phone with a commitment, it is possible that it is locked on the network of operators that you sell. In this case, your mobile phone will ask you for a network unlock code when you insert the operator's SIM card using another network. To recover this unlock code, you need to interact with your phone's IMEI number operator.

Once your phone is unlocked, you can use it on any operator in london and abroad.

IMEI code, indispensable

If your phone is lost or stolen, the IMEI code will be very useful because it will allow you to use your mobile phone.

So when you are declaring your mobile phone's loss or theft of your SIM card, they can suspend your line because you can use it, you can take advantage of it. Only pass on the IMEI number Once your phone is blocked, no SIM card, no operator or network you use, you will operate in your mobile

But what can you use for that?

Identify them

Now you know that IMEI is unique on every phone.

For that reason, it is possible that your manufacturer will ask the truth about your cell phone.

Lock the cell phone

The most popular use of IMEI means that you lose it or you will be able to lock it if you steal it.

Just call your operator and make the code easy.

A number will also be used to steal (more data, more good, better).

Find it

If you are not registered as "theft" or "lost", you may be given the following website * IMEI: *

You can search if you have a blacklist of the stolen phone.


Not bad! You Found The Lost Cell Phone!

How to unlock it now? Very simple: Use IMEI and call your operator again.

But you should remember that the unlocking process is not as fast as it can be blocked: it can last up to two months.


IMEI can be used as a mobile phone "release".

This process allows you to use the device by a different company.

This was a complex system that only the expert knew and had been offered in many stores. Today, many operators provide tools for this.

You can do it through the companies' websites. What do you want Again, the IMEI code. Once you enter that you get the unlock code in a few seconds.

This list also includes a computer

The company usually provides additional information about a device like the model. If it is Apple, then you will know about the status of the cloud

Trial updates

Finally, IMEI also provides software updates in beta stage which is complete but initial

Some manufacturers allow you to register, they need to know your code.

You can find IMEI number 4 ways:

1. By Code:

An easy way to find out just enter the code * # 06 # to view IMEI, serial numbers are also displayed in some models.

2. Back the device:

If the device's battery is removable, then identification can be made on the device, remove the battery from the product to the location.

3. In the toolbox:

Sometimes you can also find the device's IMEI

4. Device Status:

Another option for this device is access: Menu Settings About device is displayed in some IMEI models and sort order numbers.

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