Educational Apps For Students With Special Needs [BEST AND LATEST]

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As a special needs teacher, you have new challenges with each new student. Although you work in combined classes or specific groups, each child is different from the other, they have different needs, different behavioral practices, different challenges and different skills.

For the same reason, businesses are running and there are apps for other digital devices. Applications can help you customize your curriculum from time to time, and forcibly. Here, We highlight 14 apps that help students with special needs to be personalized to learn.

If you have an Android phone and are interested in learning new things like a different language, coding or programming, math and many other study material, what are you waiting for? Do you know that many academic android apps are available on Google Play for smarter learners and students? No worries, I came with the best academic android apps for everyone I love for students and new educational things.
Educational Apps For Students With Special Needs
Educational Apps For Students With Special Needs

These great apps keep huge stores of unlimited learning material at your fingertips. So, here I will show you some very useful android apps that have different types of educational content. I'm sure you'll love your device on these apps

Learn a variety of languages online, therefore, by installing this app, you will have a great advantage to learn the language on your Android phone anytime, and anywhere.
English, Spanish, German, French etc. This is a fantastic educational Android app for people interested in different languages like this.

ABC Alphabet phonic
By helping with sight, voice and touch, children learn ABC
Looking for a fun, free and easy learning app for your child to learn the sound and alphabetic letters? Look no further than ABC Kids

ABC Kids is a free phonetic and alphabetical learning app that teaches fun to preschoolers and kindergartners for children from children, toilets. It is a series of tracing games to help identify letters in children, add sound sounds, and use alphabet knowledge in funny matches. Any children, kindergarten or pre-school age can easily learn English and English alphabet by following the arrow. They can collect strokes and toys because they are full of tracing games!

ABC Kids is more than just child-friendly educational applications, it has also been included in adult participation. The interface keeps alphabetical reading and writing, ting menus are far from moving commands. Adults can easily access settings to engage in teacher mode, to view report cards or to toggle tracing and sound.

Coursera is a comprehensive popular learning application that connects students, professionals and lifelong students with over 100 top-level global universities and organizations with free online courses.
This is the best educational Android app for programmers or interested in learning programming. However, this application is also popular with data programs, social psychology, finance and more besides programming.
This app teaches games, books, songs, art activities, puzzles and offline printable with a variety of interactive activities - all of these parents can be monitored by a progressive progress tracker.
ABCmouse is an award-winning education program that includes reading, mathematics, art, music and more for kids aged 2 to 8. There are 10,000+ exciting learning activities for children at the educational level, created by educators and educators.

Math Tricks
Indeed, the calculation of this Android app is to learn interesting mathematical tricks for people who want to grow in mathematics. These tricks will help you to quit the part of the mathematical problem and work much faster than the classical.

When you learn these mathematical tricks you will be able to demonstrate your skills and you are a talent for mathematics.

Quizlet – Flashcards & Study Tools:
This app allows you to create your own Flashcards created by Quizlet users on thousands of topics or choose from among millions.
Quizlet is the easiest way to prepare your own flashcards and to create study sets or to make millions of choices by other students - it's up to you language, history, vocabulary and science are simple and effective, making it the leading education and flashcards app That's 50 million students and it's free!

If you're a painter or are interested in painting, this could be a great app for you. In this app, you will find small information with a small art, a little bit of painting, artist or echoes when ready.

This app has also proven as one of the best educational apps for artists and art students. Therefore, get inspired by the classic art of classic art and the hidden stories

BrainPOP Featured Movie
Watch a different animated movie every day, then test new knowledge with interactive dialogue.
Learn more about our free featured movie, then test your information with an interactive quiz.

Featured movie topics revolve around and the current events, built historic miles and figures, holiday and more! This app is suitable for informal, investigative learning or in-house.

Pocket Physics
Pocket Physics is a cool and free educational Android app that covers most sources with descriptions and images.

This app is suitable for all types of life students. Pocket Physics app includes many important physics topics such as force, gravity, flexibility, astronomy, magnetic field and more.

True or False Quiz
Wonderful questions in 15 categories, Play with bonus rounds of real or false facts, including four rounds of selected questions.
Welcome to the world of True or False Quiz! True or False Quiz war against watch! Try to start the true or false question-playing game in real or inaccurate games, by taking a simple knowledge, get true and wrong questions and think fast!

True or false Trivia questions are spelled with unrealistic questions mixed with myths and fictitious truths such as questions and answers or real funny facts! True or Quoted Quiz History Quiz, Common Knowledge Quiz, as well as food, geography, art and more, is a good combo. Take this false check and draw out questions and answers.

Finally, as I'm going to share, we know that Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia that has more than 32 million articles in 280 languages, so this app will enable you to have a full encyclopedia in your pocket.
The app has been rewritten from scratch, and this new and original app allows you to browse and edit Wikipedia faster than ever before.

English Grammar Book
Understanding grammar is a fundamental requirement

The English Grammar book can help you.

The app is developed by Apps of India.

It teaches accurately about the concept of tenses, voice, preposition and other English grammar concepts, including exams and notes.

The app is available for free on the Play Store.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, and English.

Study, read, listen and write skills while playing games! You will improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and by completing the lessons. Start with original actions, sentences and sentences and learn new words every day

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