10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 10 [FULL GUIDE]

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After the free upgrade to Microsoft 7 to Windows 10, it was the last date for the 26 July 2016. Fortunately, most Windows users were given this opportunity and they were upgraded to Windows 10.
7 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 10
7 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 v When comparing Windows 10, it is the best Windows version of the latter. Completely under the hood improvement, full of new new features.

But the Windows 10 upgrade is for everyone, so there was a solid and real reason for not upgrading to Windows 10.

Even before leaving Windows 10 in 2015, Windows users are asking many questions on different forums.
If this question is usually to upgrade to Windows 10? Is Windows 10 good? Can I Get Windows 10? Is Windows 10 Price? Should I Update to Windows 10? Should Windows 10 be upgraded to Windows 10? Is Windows 10 better than Windows 7?

After the release, many experts wrote the Windows 10 review. These Windows 10 reviews were wrong calls for new users that are still thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 or still thinking about it.

Although Windows 10 system requirements are very high, this post is mainly about issues / issues that are related to the Windows 10 upgrade.
You know that Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to their new Windows 10 operating system for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

This is mainly because they want to promote their new OS by showing their performance, performance, and improvement. It's free because many users have already modified their current Windows OS. 10. Some of them are experiencing good with some upgrades and some users have messed up their PC and do not even like the new OS.

Upgrading to Windows 10 is not good idea

10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Windows 10

Driver Problem

You will have to deal with a driver problem because Windows 10 is a new operating system and it is possible that current drivers of your Windows 7 and Windows 8 will not be able to work with Windows 10 and if you do not have drivers available for Windows 10 on the Internet, then you have more trouble for your devices. And you have to install your previous Windows operating system.

Upgrade Problem

The software project has resolved many issues that make up the upgrade process, many users have reported failure to upgrade to Windows 10 due to various reasons. Some people find compatibility issues with hardware and software, and in such cases the operating system can not complete the upgrade process. One of the most common problems

Hardware limitations

If you have older hardware, they might not work properly with Windows 10 because they might not be designed to support Windows 10 OS. If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, then you have the latest hardware configuration

Shutdown and reboot take a long time

There is probably not a big deal for most users, but I have had the ability to reboot or close a few times in a few things from Windows 8. I have a brand new Intel Core i7 and a 16GB RAM machine, and I do not know what's going on with Windows 10, but it can take a few minutes to reboot or shut down now.

The learning curve for the new interface

Windows 10 has a new look and a user interface (UI) so that you have to do it in their new design and interface. It may take time, and some of us may not like new interface or design or maybe even be. First, use it on your friend's or computer's computer interface, which is installed on Windows 10 and then if you like the new interface just go for the upgrade.
Slow functionality

It is possible that your computer (PC or laptop) will be slow after installing Windows 10. This can be due to low hardware configuration, hardware support, compatibility or other unknown reasons.

No Windows Media Center or DVD support

Upgrade to Windows 10

Before starting Windows 10's major drawbacks, see what you're up to with Windows 10 Update.

Once you upgrade to Windows 10, it kills the Windows Media Center completely, while evaluating Windows 10 vs 8.1, the later version of Windows Media Center is shocked, but it has been completely removed in Windows 10.

No doubt, Windows Media Center is very popular, most people do not use it. But if you are one of those who do not want to upgrade to Windows 10

Cody, Plexus and DVR workaround are some good options for the media center, but it's up to you

Then if you upgrade to Windows 7 to Windows 10, remember that Windows 10 does not offer DVD playback.

Unknown Defects and Problems

Windows 10 is a new operating system that is still in the starting phase. We do not know what bugs and problems are, we can say that this is still in its beta because all its major drawbacks and problems are not exposed and are not fixed.

Less software Compatibility

Upgrade to Windows 10

After a compelling upgrade to Windows 10, there is another problem that is incompatible. Old software for Win 10 is not bad, but most of them do not work in winning 10

Do a Google search if you use any special software for you. Make sure that this software is compatible

For example, Office 2003 and Windows 7 or XP mode are not required for the software. 10 also has a new feature called Microsoft Upgrade Advisor. It tells you whether any software is compatible or not, this feature also does not work properly

Rolling back is not easy

Upgrading to Windows 10 is easy but it is very difficult to retract because the downgrade option is not available and you must have your original drive and need to re-install your previous Windows version.

One Drive does not work properly

Upgrade to Windows 10

The other which can not upgrade from Windows 10, the visibility of the folder in File Explorer and the options to drag and drop are still intact. You can not drop a file without signing in

Win10 tells you to select a folder in File Explorer and when the selected folder is unavailable. But Microsoft has promised to solve a drive problem

These are some of the major issues that most users have to face after upgrading to Windows 10 ... ..

Data loss risk

If the error is incorrect during the upgrade process and you will not be able to run your data you will lose it.

Damage of Windows 10

Windows 10 old Windows versions such as Windows 2000, Windows 2001 etc. Can not upgrade, not up to date in Windows Media Player, it was the same as before.

Touch-friendly features have been removed from Windows 10, you can not turn off apps by swiping it from top to bottom, many tablet users are experiencing difficulties in the case of touching the operating system.

Using the handle-bar present in most previous versions of Windows, you can not resize windows, if you are using a pen, the grabing borders of the windows are very hard, the functionality of using Volume Levels in Windows 10 is the scrollbar available in the taskbar.

If you got tired of testing Windows 10 and want to bring PC back to the OS, then you have reinstalled from the previous Windows OS Recovery or the installation disc - usually a DVD - which came with PC

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