Top Computer Software Programs Everyone Must Know [BEST AND LATEST]

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This is not a mystery and no wonder that computer is now a business world, it is the center of health care, finance is the center of the world and the center of everyday life. It is astonishing to think of where we use every day. But what program do we use and why?

Top Computer Software Programs
Top Computer Software Programs

You've recently purchased your dream laptop / PC for your office and are waking up in this latest gadget experience.

You've got a great deal at the store and you're back to the back. Clearly, you're excited about new purchases and can not wait. But stumped because you understand that your system is still not equipped with the readon that is needed to operate so that software programs are very important to run your computer very smooth.

Top Computer Software Programs

Although there are a lot of useful applications for downloading and using, I also bring the top  of the program's multiple systems


Protecting your office system from viruses, malware, and other external solutions need to be intensified on your data, especially if you are an entrepreneur, then distribute large data on daily data.
360 Total Security, Avira Free Antivirus, Panda Free Antivirus, and BullGuard are some commonly used anti-virus programs that can be used to protect your laptop/desktop from frightening crash or malfunctioning work. Their use will prevent any unauthorized infringement in the office system and will keep its logs for future reference.

How do you protect your Mac computer or your Wi-Fi router against unauthorized access and potential virus attacks? Thankfully, there are many anti-virus software available for each of these options that will repair the system and provide high-level security.

To browse these options through a host and their respective features, you can visit the portal here and make the best fit for your needs.

Download Manager

Internet Download Manager - Even after many years, Internet Download Manager is one of the best download managers for Windows, because users do not mind their performance. It helps you download files and manage them in the list and there are many other features too.

Free Download Manager - As the name suggests, Free Download Manager is free and manages downloads for your PC and lets you download files from the web and it will be your computer. These downloads speed up

FlashGet - FlashGet puts your downloads in sections to download speed and download separately. Antivirus helps you scan files downloaded on your PC.

Microsoft Download Manager - Microsoft Download Manager makes downloading files easy and reliable with your various functions to download files from your Windows PC.

Internet browsers

Today the Internet can not work without the internet, even if the staff is sitting in the middle of the room, it will reach for a few seconds.
A good internet browser is a great way to determine the nature of your online activities as well as speed and efficiency.

There are various Internet browser options. For example, the most favorite Google Chrome is one of the most productive browsing tools available and can also be used with Windows, Linux, OSX and other operating systems.

Firefox is a relative browser and can be installed as a secondary browser. Apple's Safari has different versions for different operating systems including Windows.

Interestingly, Microsoft has built incomparable windows and is using billions worldwide, some times before it has competed in comparison to Microsoft's Edge and replaced by Internet Explorer Browser.

Instant messaging

Telegram - Telegram is a great option for WhatsApp and it has original apps for many popular platforms including Windows. The app lets you send and receive messages from your contacts and also helps you communicate with bots.

Viber - Viber is a good choice for you if you are looking for free and well-quality voice and video calls because it has the facility of sending a text to your friends with all these features. A native app is available for Windows OS

Slack - The focus here can be a forum for communication at the workplace, but there are more serious issues for sending a fool GIF as well as an even more serious case of group chats management and keeping track of workers and activists who sign in. This is a perfect balance

Whatsapp web - OK, so you can not use this phone without the QR code by phone, but it does not matter? You can not use the right keyboard feature - especially if you're looking for a friend with a touchscreen!

Cloud storage

Recent technology development allows cloud storage users to store virtual data in a virtual space (instead of keeping them in limited physical options like a real USB drive or external hard disk).

Cloud storage is a more financial option to store large data on large data, data backup and increased data from increased security and disaster recovery.

Secure and enhanced storage capacity increases the scalability of operations and helps you save faster by accessing and sharing files on bandwidth.

Setting up your own server for cloud storage can be really complex and expensive. Service provider, low-cost storage, no need to select maximum bandwidth without compromising data security

Dropbox's professional membership in the commonly used storage options allows users to start operations in the office when unlimited space is delivered to individual Dropbox accounts.

The liberal free space provided by Google Drive makes it a viable option. It can be easily synced with Google's Office suite - G-Suite.

For Mac lovers, Icloud is a friendly choice. Work done on the Work Office Suite can be saved on the iCloud window, which allows users to sync their files with iCloud. Includes other mega, one drive, box and next cloud in Tangent.

File compression

WinRAR - WinRAR helps to remove many archive formats including zipping and rar on your computer. The software also allows you to download files within the archive. This is a popular software

7-zip - In our tests, this is a stored form that will win over your heart. It's fast, open source, and works great to significantly compress files from its competitors.

IZArc - IZArc helps you to zip and unzip files and helps you encrypt your files so that no unauthorized person can access it. It supports 7-zip, RAR, TAR and many other formats for removal.

PeaZip - PeaZip is an open-source archive excel utility created for Windows and Linux machines. Utility helps you remove RAR, TAR, and Zip files.

Office suite

Office suite (sometimes known as productivity software) is a pool of integrated bundled applications that is much more efficient than your regular Windows operating system. The document, the words used to create spreadsheets and presentations, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and other applications are taken care applications, together with the Office Suite.

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite and is widely used. LibreOffice Suite which is open and open and still complete.

iWork can also be called a fuzzy discount, because all the applications come into being independently, and can also be used for those who use the Mac OS system's G-suite.

Screenshot Tools

Snipping Tools - The built-in snipping tool of Windows is a nice and happy way to save full screen or just to catch parts of the screen, in JPG, PNG and even GIF format.

GreenShot - GreenShot is a free-source and free screenshot tool that helps you capture your computer's screen. When you take a screenshot you have many options to choose from.

LightShot - LightShot lets you take customizable screenshots on your computer. You can also use the built-in screen button on your computer.

ShareX - ShareX is an open-source screenshot tool for Windows that allows you to capture full screen or anywhere on your computer or anywhere in your clipboard. There are also screen recorders and many other features.

7 Capture - 7 Capture helps you to take your screenshot in transparent mode, which means you have a screenshot of the circular-corners app window that means you get the best screenshots you want

Pdf reader

The most important application to be easily overlooked in the Office system is to be installed. This makes it possible to read and create PDF pages.

PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Drawboard PDF allow readers to share documents, graphs, notes and other required written information, but keep documents protected from unauthorized access.

They are compatible with multiple platforms so they can open in different operating systems, are small in size and are perfect for organizing many of your tasks.

Media Players

VLC Media Player - With the support of dozens of file formats, the VLC media player is your go-to media player. It's not at any cost and plays in almost all file formats.

SMPlayer - SMPlayer is an open-source media player that comes with all codecs to run on all files on your computer in the form of media files on your computer. This allows you to view and download subtitles and watch YouPort players for your videos.

Port player - The portrait player uses almost all kinds of media formats, such as when you open it, you can add your own codec where you want it. It uses hardware acceleration to provide users.

Backup software

EaseUS Todo Backup - Euseus Todo Backup offers a comprehensive system backup that allows you to quickly back up and create backups when your system works well. While restoring, you can select and select the files you want to restore.

Comodo Backup - Comodo backup allows you to back up your data on external locations such as external drives, network drives, FTP, CD / DVD, and online storage services.

Personal Backup - A personal backup not only helps you to back up your data but also protects your data against malware so that your data remains intact and your computer will not be infected with any malicious apps.

Genie Timeline - The Genie Timeline is a fast and lightweight app that helps you to back up your data with only two steps and automatically save memory space on your computer. This is a type of app that you once set and then it does everything automatically

Redo Backup - Redo Backup works by doing other apps, because they are bare metal restored so that your data can be backed up and restored even when difficult, such as when your hard disk is damaged.

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