How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown Windows 7 or Windows 10 [BEST AND LATEST]

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If you are downloading a big file from the Internet or installing programs to take hours, you might want to schedule automatic shutdown because you may not be able to sit down to close your PC manually. Okay, you can schedule to automatically turn off Windows 10 automatically. Many people do not know about this feature of windows and they might waste their time on their computer.
How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown Windows 7
How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown Windows 7

How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown Windows 7

Today I will tell you how to schedule, this work will be very useful for laptops and PC users. For example, you are watching movies and do not want to turn off the computer after finishing your computer. So, be happy! This is an easy way to run
If you want to turn on your computer shutdown automatically by using the "Shutdown.exe" command, now you can use this command and where to apply? Fixed time after automatic shutdown Now, follow the next steps.

Navigate to Keyword and open Command Prompt - Start all Programs \ Accessories \ Command Commands
At a command prompt type a command
shutdown.exe –s –f –t 600

Now press Enter and close the command prompt. You will see that your PC will automatically shut down in 10 min.

Do you know how this command works?

"shutdown.exe –s –f –t 600" This command will automatically shut down your computer after 600 seconds (10 minutes).

Here shutdown.exe is an executable program file executable by the G -S -f -t option, where the -t option is scheduled to schedule your computer in a given time. Here -f is forced to shut down used applications without any warning.

Additionally, you can change the -r with -s to restart your computer, executable program file executes shutdown.exe -s instead of shutdown.exe -s and provides programs to automatically restart.

Shutting Down Regularly


Low energy costs - Computers can attract large power, especially if you are running a high-end desktop. Turn off the machine when not in power.

Less Temporary System Problems - They keep their machines when they use computers for a long time. There are amazing small problems and they are often resolved through a reboot. If you are rebooting required daily, you are giving your machine a fresh start. This helps to avoid retail system issues

Quiet hours - When your machine is on, it is capable of making noise. If you are sleeping in the same room, the sounds of fans can be troublesome, but you can play the computer and play alerts or other dangers of sound unexpectedly. It is easily improved by your sound every day, but you run the risk of forgetting. (That is, you can easily automate this process on Windows and OS X.)

Long-lasting machine - Even though you do not understand that you can never forget your computer, you still need to keep it clean, dust-free and in good condition.

Loss closure of your computer at night

For a long time, this is a rhetorical argument: do you go to sleep? People on the "Shut down" team can have reason to believe in their work, but whoever is practicing computer to go to sleep mode, has made some logical arguments to support their faith.

No network updates

If your computer is on a network, then network administrators may back up files and send updates to some times in the night. Turning off your computer at the end of your day's work prevents you from upgrading and backing up.

Inconvenient care

Every computer, such as virus scans and clearing disks, sometimes has programs necessary to run. Schedule these programs to run in the middle of the night and they will never bother you. If you turn off your computer, you have to set some time in your workday.

No background programs

If a program is installed, it will start in your downtime, it will not run at all. Give a small amount of computer while not getting a small price for a big project.

Lost productivity

If you work on your computer, this is a rare day. If you are more likely to have your computer shut down at night, you have to go through the process of closing every file and tab, bookmarked sites, shutting down your browser and shutting down the computer. The next day, you need to reverse everything, if you leave your computer in idle mode, then you go to work and sit.

The biggest disadvantage to climb down and bounce the daily cycle is that it is inconvenient. You must wake up in the morning, if you forget to boot and access your machine, you will not be able to use it at the office. This problem is easily closed and processed automatically. Doing this puts your computer on schedule so that you will not have any inconvenience.

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