How to Save Money Online Shopping India [UNLIMITED TRICKS]

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Nowadays people are crazy about online shopping. Do you know This is possible for online shopping? To save money online I will continue to provide different tips and tricks from time to time and now I will give you 5 extremely smart ideas, which will help you 70%-90%% of your shopping expenses.

How to Save Money Online Shopping India
How to Save Money Online Shopping India

If you buy things online often, this article will definitely reduce your shopping cost by 80%. Then, why are there big bills for online shopping? Just read the following tips

Reduce your shopping cost by up to 70-90%

Online shopping is not just about buying things online, but it's been a lot worse nowadays and users around the world are saving thousands of dollars every day. Some best ways to keep your purchase price up to 80% are as follows.

See Deals on Social Web

Most of the online shopping brands in India are active on Twitter, and some of them post regular deals and make deals on this channel. It may be a good idea to like/follow your favorite retail on Facebook and Twitter so that you stay in the loop.

Popular AZ shopping sites such as,,, and are dedicated to the pages in which they offer ongoing offers - you probably will have pages on the monitor or at least keep in the browser bookmarks.

Buy things in the festive season

The festival is available for lots of offers and discounts. Every year many festivals and Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. are many festivals. Online shopping sites offer different discounts on festivals.

Many times I bought shoes, clothes and other items from Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon for the festival season, from 70% to 90% discount.

Therefore, you can take advantage of the celebration season. I mean that by purchasing lots of things in the festive season, you can easily reduce up to 80% of your total purchase cost.

Set price alerts

You can use the price tracker after the prices of any goods decrease. Just keep all the things you want to buy in Google spreadsheets and the tracker will monitor their pricing for you. You can also use Amazon's Wild to set a price alert.

Always try using a coupon code

Do you use coupon codes on online purchases? You can save a lot of money by using coupons or discount codes. Many websites like VouchersColl can find coupon codes for large discounts by money saved by various products and shopping sites.

You can ask if you enter a coupon code at the time of purchase of every online shopping site. Therefore, on the web, different coupons with coupon codes and their application will be paid before the checkout page.

These coupon codes can save you a lot of money.
Earn cashback on online purchases

The coupon code is the only way to save money on your online shopping. and sites offer cashback in special links to your regular shopping and cashback websites.

It works like this. You have created an account at and it will provide links to various retailers where cash money offers are available. You can visit the shopping site through these special links, buy as usual and the cashback will be given to you when the threshold is completed.

Buy it on the right day

On Sunday afternoon, while browsing on various retailers, it seems enjoyable to have lunch at your lunch. Most of the stores present Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon and special deals.

According to Rather shopping, shopping for laptops and desktop computers is the best day Tuesday because major retailers like Dell Home and Hewlett-Packard send special coupons every Tuesday. Saturday's bookmarks' Amazon and Barnes and Noble have launched numerous books on sale, targeting new readers on Saturday and Sunday.

Use price comparison sites or apps

Price comparison website or apps really need every online buyer. Price comparison website or apps let you find the cheapest price for a product that you buy.

Therefore, instead of one or two shopping sites, this price comparison site lets you compare the best deals and money with the prices of products to find hundreds of shopping sites.

4 way to save online delivery charges

Just clicking OK is very easy

We have spent a lot of time trying to pick what we want to buy, so we definitely want to deliver it - and do not give it another thought often.

But the delivery charges may be high - so there are some ways to save on this area of online shopping: -

See if the terms and conditions will be delivered free of cost after spending a certain amount. If you are under that amount, then what else do you need - just do not add it now and save the fee?

Find online for "SHOP FREE DELIVERY COUPON CODE" where the shop is the online delivery code you are using - and you have a few clicks for all saved money!

Distribute in local stores instead of your home. Most shops now offer this because if you have a large volume distribution for them and you have a local pickup point - save time and hassle by choosing this option (bother and reprint any way to collect your post office or go out!

Predict the accumulation - This means that there are delivery options for some shops where you can pay an annual fee and get free delivery for the year. If you buy it regularly at a particular store, Amazon is available where they are available (Amazon Prime ** - worth, but you can enjoy many free benefits as well as free distribution), ASOS, Next, and many supermarkets

Subscribe to products or add to wishlist
Put items on your online shopping cart. You will receive an email alerting you Not all retailers use Price drop alerts but they are immediately capturing in email marketing. The goal is to ensure that you have an account on the shopping site and the alerts I like to keep them logged in to your cart.

Because a different email account is set to be used for online purchases, my regular email account does not contain many promotions and spam.
Subscribing to products on shopping sites will mean you get all kinds of news related to that product. This may include various offers including products such as combo, discounts, and more.

Therefore, if you feel that you need to buy any product next month, subscribe to it today and start getting news about it and save your money.

Keep an eye on social media sites

This is because many online shopping sites like Flipkart, Jungle, etc. always advertise on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter. You can get many discount offers and coupon codes for your shopping expenses.

Shopping destinations offer interesting customers and favorites. So, you can take advantage of social media sites.

This is all the people! You can find this note easily and too old. But, honestly, I've saved my tips from these tips and really reduced my shopping expenses to 70-90%. Just try them out and I hope you will definitely benefit from them.

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