Best Way to Protect Wifi Network [MUST USE]

Home broadband router not only provides internet access but also acts as a security against the external world. But if the router of your house is misconfigured or is suffering from weakness, it is worrying to let the virus and hackers break and bother.

Best Way to Protect Wifi Network
Best Way to Protect Wifi Network

Nowadays, wifi usage is becoming popular among young people and many of them also use free/public wifi. But, you should understand that most public WiFi networks are not safe because they have password protected.

The second thing is the same network so first, you should not use public Wi-Fi networks and if you use it in any way, you should take care of the public Wi-Fi network.

Best Way to Protect Wifi Network

Enable firewall

A firewall is a software or hardware that helps hackers and some types of malware to be used. This is information that is coming from the Internet or the network and then allowing it to block or block it from your PC.

Firewalls help protect against antivirus or antimalware apps, not just firewalls from worms and hackers, antivirus apps help protect against viruses and help protect antimalware apps from malware. You need all three   

Therefore, you need to enable firewalls in your Windows computer. To enable firewall in Windows PC, allow control panel and System; Security and Windows Firewall and Programs and Features.

Do not broadcast your router's details

When you're in your router settings, you must change your service set identifier (SSID). This is the name of your network. The name of the router is the default. How easy it is to find online admin login online, hackers life is not easy before. Due to not an SSID broadcast, a fixed hacker will not be able to prevent or access your network but it is meaningful to use a random name instead of factory defaults. The user has yet notified that the user does not understand the security of any more than the router creator.

Keep sharing off

Files, folders, and printers before starting to work on a public Wi-Fi network. It is your duty to stop

If you are using a Windows computer, you can easily turn off sharing. Just go to Control Panel  Network and Sharing Center, click Change Advanced Advice Sharing Settings and then close the file and printer sharing.

Use a virtual private network

Even if you are using the original router firmware or have the option, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is a great opportunity to support it. When people think about VPN, they think of a third-party application that costs all their internet traffic through a proxy server - again. The lower your operating system are considered?

In an encrypted Internet Surveillance, you get the same end-to-encryption as a subscription service for the purpose of securely accessing your home network while you are away, so that you can safely use that coffee shop or hotel Wi-Fi but with no fees or bandwidth effects To resolve your domain name as the main user, you will almost certainly need the dynamic DNS service (DDS); To ensure that most ISPs do not offer static IP addresses for your router;

Only browse sites with HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in HTTPS has communications over the security of the traffic level or connections encrypted by its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer.

HTTPS protocol

Gmail, Facebook, and many other popular sites need to check the HTTPS protocol before logging into the public Wi-Fi network.

If there is no HTTPS on the website, you should log in to the public WiFi network on that site and you should logout instantly if you are logged in by mistake.

Keep Wi-Fi off when, not in use

You must keep your WiFi connection off when it is not easily possible for other people to steal your data on the same public WiFi network.

If you are using a Windows computer, right-click on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar and then close the WiFi

Set up a guest network

Families and friends visiting your Wi-Fi passkey have a problem that they reduce their security every time you are doing. Not only do you know, you can change the new password every time after every opportunity, if not more convenient, if not more convenient, well-set-up, and a whole nine group visitor and guest network, the concept of a safe guest network is not supported by your router, all Lost: Buy a good router before or precede the order According to Firmware Change.

The popular restorer router firmware supports guest mode to Tomato, and it means that you can provide a key to users who can provide them online without opening their own connected devices on the virtual network.

Never do sensitive tasks

I was told that most public WiFi networks are not protected and that's why public working on a public Wi-Fi network is extremely dangerous.

Meaningful online money transaction, sharing important documents on the Internet, etc. Therefore, you should never take sensitive action on public Wi-Fi networks to stay safe

Things to remember when using public Wi-Fi on a mobile phone

Not only on computers but also on mobile phones, it is risky to use free or public wifi. You should remember the following when using public Wi-Fi on a mobile phone.

Enable security features. Each smartphone comes with some security features which you should enable when using public Wi-Fi. If you do not know about these features then you should get help from a nearby service center or online help center.

Install Antivirus App For powerful mobile phone security from viruses and worms, you must have an antivirus app on your smartphone for Android smartphones, check out this article for the best antivirus program.

Do not use social and communication apps if you are using free Wi-Fi in a public place, never use communication apps like messenger, WhatsApp, etc. You must also log in to your social profile

Do not tell anything for online banking or credit card transactions as explained above when you are on public Wi-Fi, do not ever engage in sensitive tasks like online banking or credit card transactions.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not in use and you're in the category of public Wi-Fi

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