How to Delete All your Social Media Accounts [EASIEST METHODS]

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We know that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all the most popular, useful and interesting places. In my opinion, it is necessary for everyone.
But for some reason, Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn should be deleted from any of their accounts, so it is easy to get out of your online presence.

How to Delete All your Social Media Accounts
How to Delete All your Social Media Accounts

How to delete all in one Google Account

It's very easy to delete your Google Account. Google offers a feature to delete your own account. Here are the easy steps -
Visit on and after logging in to your account.

Now, I've pointed to the Account Management Department here that you'll find the option to delete your Google+ profile and features, account and data, and delete the option to delete products.
So, if you choose the first option, your Google+ account will be deleted and your second Google Account and your data such as purchased apps and more will be lost.

How to Delete Twitter Account

It's as easy as deleting a Twitter account so you just have to follow a few steps -

Go to and sign in to your account.
At the bottom of the screen, you will click the link to deactivate my account on it.

Now after opening the next page, click the deactivate button and your account will be deleted

How to Delete Linkedin Account

Now, let me tell you about the deletion process, so, take a look at these experimental steps -

Go to and sign in with your account.
Click on the account button here and you will get a link named Close Your Account.

When you click Close your account, it will ask to delete your account. If so, give reasons and go ahead

How to Delete Facebook Account

We all know and see that Facebook only explains the option to deactivate your account. With that option, you can deactivate your Facebook account for some time.

Social networks are such places where you are far away from them. People around the world use social networks for business purposes, for a variety of purposes. But most of the time, we have to delete your account from such an account. If so, you can use the steps above to delete your Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts, but this will remove all your online data.

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