[SUGGESTION] How to Choose the Right Computer for Your Needs

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Even though smartphones and tablet sales continue to grow, many people still have to go home or have a laptop where they go. It's a good idea if it's time to change your old computer or get a new person for a family member.
How to Choose the Right Computer for Your Needs
How to Choose the Right Computer for Your Needs

You can still get some stores and buy a computer or you can order and it can be sent directly to you. So now we need to make sure that the basic questions to consider are here:

How to Choose the Right Computer for Your Needs

Desktop or laptop?

You know that you want a laptop or desktop. But if you only have the desktop and you get more money for a laptop, then it's a super-portable computer.

A desktop will be less costly than laptops and not because of low-quality computers or old-school technology because there is more to the laptop than the computer. Even if you have not noticed the desktop has changed, they are not all "towers", and many years ago Appeal did the tendency to create monitors and computers before long and some PC makers followed it. (Of course, you should pay a little more for that technology.) If you do not need a laptop, stay with a desktop computer and save some money.

Mac or PC?

If you have never used a built-in computer (small for Macintosh) - It's time to explore your time is more expensive in Macs, but it provides easy utility, easy operating system and is not prone to viruses such as PCs. There are PC users who are never buying Mac and Mac users. Again, it does not hurt

How much memory do you want?

All the ads for computers (laptops and desktops) will tell you how much computer is counted in "computers" (gigabytes). The higher the number, the more you can multitasking, it means that most programs are running simultaneously or you have to watch videos while having complex spreadsheets and listening to the video.
For reference, 2 GB is the lowest amount of memory you can find on a new PC and it was there - 4, 6, 8, 16 and more. If you just want to send an email, if you want to post notes on social media and Internet browsing, the computer with 2 GB of memory might be a good one. But you will notice that when you buy it there you get a stronger computer, you will automatically get more memory.

Consider purchasing a car. You will get many power features, but with a luxury model, you will get all the homes and wheels, if you want to spend less than 20000 on a single PC, you probably end up about 4 GB of memory. (Macs start at around 60000.) But here's something to keep in mind: Never miss any memory

How much "Storage" do you need?

A hard drive is where your computer is stored. Whenever you load a program (for example, Microsoft Word), it is stored on a hard drive. And when you create the files, they are stored on your hard drive.

Do you live in such a house or house that do not have enough cells and cabinets to store your belongings? If you know that you can be much worse if we did PC 1) Do the hard drive and/or start 2 large) you are an active computer user and store lots of data-space (film, video). Clips, music, large design files, etc.) on your computer 

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Your computer's operating system and all the programs in this period, many new computers come with a large 1 terabyte hard drive (1 TB), which has the potential gigabaitsaci 1000. Even though these numbers do not make you afraid. If you are a power user, you know or imagine what your friends and colleagues would get you if you are a photographer or a musician.

Still, there are people who buy a computer and after one year they do not have enough room to store all their files. Of course, there is no need to have old data available on your new computer. The same method can be used with memory and many other decisions.

So, in today's article, I am reminding you of some simple and common ways. Check out this:

Check out the best deals available on the market

It seems obvious, but many people do not know that they do not need the fastest and most expensive computers with "Extra". In fact, if you are already using an old computer,

If you do not know a lot about computers then you can learn a lot about computers. Ask questions, compare prices, compare features and then get the best price.

You can also find the best deals and discounts on the web for online purchases. You will be surprised that you can save money online more than once.

Do not wait for more computer with "extras"

Generally, most computers are pre-loaded with additional extras, many of which are not very useful. So computers or antivirus, word processors, popup blockers, spyware removal, browser, and so many other preloaded strokes do not search for computers or laptops.

If you want this extra, then you can get it from the best price vendors and you can get some of them free of charge. Before you buy a fully loaded computer with Extra, ask yourself if you really need additional things, then buy it to see if you can buy a scaled computer and get extra to get even less.

Look for an extended warranty period

The extended warranty given by computer retailers seems to be a better idea. Finally, who is supposed to pay extra to the computer after you buy? Even so, remember that most computer systems get frequent and most of the computer problems will start quite a lot or if they are cheap for purchasing new computers. So what is it?
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In addition, if you really feel the need for an extended warranty, ask them about low prices. Not all retailers will negotiate a warranty but will do anything

Ignore the additional equipment

Many times, you might have kept in mind that computer distributors will offer additional equipment such as cleanliness fluids, clean bush, game CDs and more. When we need the market with the best and reasonable prices, we must ignore it.

Avoid buying waste software

Whenever you want to buy new computers your computer vendor will be able to purchase various software related to antivirus, games, spyware and more. Never buy software because these licenses are expensive software and if they are useless then they will be proven. So, before purchasing any software, get detailed information about it.

The above paths are the common things you have never known, but you never know about these facts, so when you want to buy new computers, the above 5 items are saved to save.

Think about whether you really need a new computer First, honest evaluation If your computer is less than a few years old, but it is still slow, it may lead to malicious malware. Think about removing malware from your computer, whether you are in the market for a new machine or if you want a new machine's bells and whistles. Most people want to see more profits
Buying a used or refurbished computer can help you save money. Try to get a one-year-old (or older) model so that more savings will be saved and purchase from a reputable refurbisher. It is also a good idea to take the written guarantee of efficiency and to protect any issue in the near future.

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