How to Fix Computer Freezes Windows 7 [SOLVED]

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Windows is probably the most popular operating system on the market. Even though popular, many problems like Windows Perfect Computer are encountered, such as freezing, non-responding, program crash, and processing. Etc. I am focusing on some of the most effective reasons for my past articles as the status of the computer is stable. In the post, I will tell you some effective solutions to solve or respond to a Windows PC.
How to Fix Computer Freezes Windows 7
How to Fix Computer Freezes Windows 7

Once you know the reason, it can be solved. In fact, I've compiled some important reasons why a computer is free. So, I would prefer mainly read the following article carefully

Having "Not responding" and having frozen issues in your Windows computer? So, in this post, I will explain that the system of the computer is often frozen and I will give you a lot of ways to solve freezing.

Here I have collected the reasons for keeping your computer under control or continuously responding. Once you've found a problem, it's easy to solve

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Few reasons for your computer frozen

Now, look at the reasons behind frozing your Windows computer and find out how to fix it!

Many programs are open at the same time

One of the main reasons for frozen Windows computers is that every program or window in your program will open. Therefore, the more programs you run at one time, the more likely the computer is freezing.
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To ensure that the PC freeze opens more programs at one time.

You may be running older versions of the software

Computer locking or freezing software can also be related to problems. That means you must decide that you do not use the old version of any software. If you use any software with its old version, you should find the latest updates from a software developer or publisher.

In addition, you should also ensure that all the latest updates are installed on your operating system.

Make sure your computer's driver is up-to-date

Freezing of Windows computers can also be caused by drivers. For example, if there is a problem with your video drivers.

Make sure you are the latest driver for all major devices (video, sound, modems, and networks) on your computer.

Make sure no error is present in Windows Device Manager. You can check by opening Device Manager and checking that "Other devices are not listed" and if any device has no Exclamation or Red X icon.

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Freezing due to hardware problems

In addition to software, Hardware is responsible for locking your computer. So, please remove it to make sure to remove all the recently connected hardware from your computer

If you have not installed any hardware on your computer recently, remove all the hardware that is not necessary to run your computer as a modem, network card, sound card, and any other extension cards. Run the computer without hardware Check it now to fix the problem

Additionally, during the installation of your operating system, or during the operation of your operating system, your computer stops abnormally, perhaps it is likely that some computer hardware may have RAM, CPU, motherboard or power supply.

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It is possible that Windows may be seriously corrupted

If you have tried the above recommendations and still freezes your computer continuously, this means that Windows may be seriously corrupted. Try the basic troubleshooting steps for your Windows version. Even if it remains unresolved even after your problem is resolved, I will alert you of all information backed up and formatted and restored to Windows.

In most cases, the article linked above will help you not to resolve or respond to the problem. But even if they do not help

How to Fix Computer Freezes Windows 7

1. Scan your entire computer with antivirus

If you are having problems or not responding to your Windows computer, then it is possible that your PC has been infected with a virus. So, you should run a virus scan. Running a virus scan depends on your antivirus software, but originally you should choose Drive C and/or other disks (especially hard disks) that you suspect might be a virus

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2. Close the program when done

Many people are likely to become habituated to it. This is my habit of honesty, but when I got information about this work, I stopped shortening the program.

Each program or window will open on your computer. Therefore, the more programs you run at one time, the more likely the computer is freezing.

Freezing the PC To ensure that more programs are open at one time, try closing the program and opening one program at a time.

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3. Uninstall unwanted or useless program from PC

There are many programs available on your computer that are useless or unwanted.

It is possible that there are no useless programs running on your computer.

To uninstall programs in Windows Computer, go to Start; Control Panel; Uninstall a Program. However, if you are having problems, click here to read

4. Do not keep your computer running a long time

If you do not reboot or turn off your PC, then it is possible that hanging and freezing will start on your PC. Therefore, you should not let your Windows computer continue for a long time because you probably do not fix it and the problem does not respond. So, this is a bad habit

You know that many problems are restarting or rebooting, people know that it does not last forever

5. Keep more space on the hard disk

Free hard drive space is the place to use in your hard drives that you do not use or you can write in at any time. Hard drive free space is not used only for storing files and data, but swap file also requires virtual memory permissions for space and programs, for example, when creating temporary files

So, if your hard drive does not have enough space then your PC can start freezing. If you have less than 20% hard drive space to keep at least 20% of free hard drive space, when possible, by removing unrealistic files permanently, you should increase the space below.

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6. Defragment of the hard disk can be set freezing

Whenever you open, close, move or delete files, they physically move around the disk and are scattered everywhere. Therefore, discrete disks may be the main reason for frozen.

To liberate the fragmentation, the disk's defragmentation is an easy solution. But how? It's very easy! You can easily defrag a broken disc into your Windows computer.

Navigate to Start; Programs; Accessories; System Tools; Disk Designer. As you click on the disk Degragmenter, it will show that your disks will be broken. So click on the fragmented disk, and then click on the defragment disk. That's all.

7. Format your operating system and install it again

Formatting and re-installing your operating system can solve all problems. Yes, because many times they work as captivating, if your computer is often frozen or does not respond to the problem and does not work on any of the tips above, then you should format your disk and reinstall the operating system. It can solve all the problems

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8. Downgrade to a lower operating system

If nothing helps, it means that you downgrade your operating system to the following level (e.g., Windows 8 to Windows 7) or buy a new PC. That's why your computer may be running very low on operating systems at a satisfactory level.

If you need to run the desired operating system in your PC, it is possible that it will start shortly after hanging, if it is a minimum requirement. So, in this situation, you have to downgrade your operating system

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