Fast Way to Transfer Files from Android to PC [EASIEST METHODS]

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We all have an entry that we need to keep track of different digital formats. There are many ways to store today's technology-centric world, records, data and more. We have a variety of gadgets and devices that capture and look at that data.
Fast Way to Transfer Files from Android to PC
Fast Way to Transfer Files from Android to PC

We want to protect that information, including things like emotional photos, online bank statements, business files, and more, some of the important digital information we are trying to keep track of and keep. An important step in this file protection process is the ability to transfer files safely and easily between your phone and computer.

Why should you transfer it from your phone

Nowadays, our smartphones are practically quite sophisticated for your whole life. However, it is also always important to be able to back up those important files.

Like humans, you make more mistakes than you want to accept. If we can put your phone down in the toilet or on the riders' flights and do not back up those files on our phone, then it can contain important information that can not be duplicated.

Read on to learn more about the ways to transfer files from your phone to your computer.

Fast Way to Transfer Files from Android to PC

Using special Bluetooth software

Recently, special software has been developed that allows the user to transfer files from the phone to their computer efficiently and without taking too much trouble. Software that may be visiting

This particular software does not have to be used by the Internet and no cords are needed to transfer files. Instead, it works by using Bluetooth technology to successfully transfer files.

It works with various operating systems, platforms, and devices as many people are using slip software because they give the ability to transfer files without interfering. 
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Bluetooth was a great way to swap on the first day of mobile phones. Today, although not ideal for large or multiple uploads, it's still a convenient way to transfer files. Since most current-generation laptops are Bluetooth enabled, they also have the snap to set up. 

Step One: To get started, you want to make sure your PC's Bluetooth is turned on. You can find the option of your taskbar in your system.

Step Two: Once turned on, go to Devices and Printers and click Add device. If your device's Bluetooth is turned on, your computer should pick it up without any problems. Select it and click next.

Step Three: Your PC will show you a code to make sure your device is connecting on the right device, which should also appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Verify the code matches and then verify it.

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Transfer files using Cloud Storage

Another popular way to transfer files is to have a type of computer data storage where data is stored in different logical pools. It can operate on different servers and usually the central hosting company controls.

One popular example of cloud storage is iCloud for iOS and Apple devices. If you have storage on Icloud and then you can back up storage files from your iPhone on the cloud account from your other devices, such as your desktop or laptop.

Another similar cloud system is Google Drive, in which you can upload photos directly to Drive and you can download and access it elsewhere and even share it with others. Cloud storage is a popular option for people who need a lot of storage space or you're able to pay the amount for it.

Transfer files using emails

Email is usually an easy solution for friends and colleagues, and due to the right reasons, the teeth can be a bit bigger, but swapping files on your PC and your Android device is still a great way.
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Depending on the email service that you use, you can send it, of course, it's okay for a word document or a strange music file, but do not expect to easily send hours of video footage

Transfer files using WI - FI Network

The best way to transfer files between your PC and Android is to share them with shared wireless networks. There are a lot of apps that you can use for this but our favorite file drop is. Here's our useless guide to setting up this.

Step 1: First, you need to install the app on your mobile device and download companion software for your computer. After briefly installing, fire the program on both devices and click the Scan buttons.

Step 2: The PC program will try to select your device type and it will prompt you to input the device code. 

Step 3: Do not get this code, enter the code and the computer will be connected to your mobile or tablet.

Step 4: It's easy to drop files between the two - drag and drop just files into the program window on your computer.

Step 5: If you are transferring from Android to Windows, tap the icon for your PC in the app, then navigate to your selected documents, choose either file browser option or select gallery options to quickly select multiple photos.

Step 6: A notification will appear in the In-train section at the bottom of the acceptance transfer on the destination device, where you can select it quickly and open your files. 

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Transfer file using Wireless media readers

A gadget that's easier for media for us, mobile Drive or wireless media reader. These devices are loaded by the media via an SD card or USB drive, and then connected by accessing the device's own WiFi hotspot.

The key features of this are the ability to access multiple users at one go and use them independently from the Internet connection. Most of them can also work as a power bank.

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The non-app way to transfer files

If apps are not your deal, there are a few other ways to transfer files on your computer to Android and vice versa.

USB is still the best solution

If you do not use special transfer software or cloud storage, you can always transfer files using a USB device. One of the simplest ways to move data is one of the simplest ways.

All smartphones come with a special cord, which has one end of the phone and one USB on the other side. You will include USB End of the port on your computer and you will be able to create a link that will allow you to transfer files between your phone and your computer.

However, all of the above methods are very simple. So, let us know what method you are going to use on your phone and computer, let us know.

If your Android device supports USB On-The-Go (OTG), then there is a whole range of devices that can function as a flash drive for your smartphone or tablet and for traditional PCs.

The advantage of these devices is to use them for file transfers, you can also load them for larger commute or travel.

We're experts in Kingston Micro Duo with its small form factor, a pretty impressive capacity (up to 32GB).

Transfer file using Micro SD card

Devices with Micro SD Card You can use the File Manager app to move it to the SD card, pop it out of your phone (which is closed), and then use the adapter to place it in your card reader on your laptop or use a different adapter. On your computer's USB Drive, you can easily find adapters for both types on Amazon

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