8 Best Razors for Mens [2021]

Not all people enjoy using electric shaver. There are some people who develop skin problems while using electric shaver which is not surprising. They are more clean and more difficult than maintaining bacteria. On the other hand, classic Safety Razors, this is not a problem, security risks are more secure in cleanliness and can provide a better beard.
Best Razors Mens
Best Razors Mens

Safety razors have been forgotten by electric shavers. However, in the last few years, people have started again, these simple rays have a classic design with a straight razor. It Is Easy to use. It is true that after using some changes, there is a high probability of reduction with security

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Best Razors Mens

Today we have seen 8 different safety razors out of the hundreds available on the market. The main selection points are their quality, use of materials and their safety mechanisms. The top 8 best safety razors reviews.

1. Parker Safety Razors 76R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor with 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

Parker 76R Butterfly is a simple safety razor with a stylish design. It has a chrome head that is resistant to corrosion and black handle. The coating prevents grip and safety improvements at the same time.

The model is compatible with all safety razor blades and has a simple mechanism. According to manufacturers, the product used in Germany is high-quality content.

Parker 76R continues in the tradition of excellence with an excellent brass frame, butterfly open mechanism, and Parker's world-renowned smooth shaving head design. Parker 76R is known for having a heavy razor, which cut in the most difficult way of the beard.

Changing a smooth and comfortable shave is a simple and comfortable blade - just fold the knob under the door of the butterfly and make a new Drop-in blade

2. Parker 98R - Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

Parker 98R is one of the most popular models in our list. One of those major aspects that make it a great choice. The model comes with a rubber cover texture handle which provides excellent grip. The remaining razor is made of high-quality with chrome finish.

Like other Parker models, 98R has an open head facility with a twist which makes it easy to swap the blade. The model is quite easy to clean. For additional convenience, 5 additional blades were included in the kit.

Parker's long-standing wait with Parker's world-famous butterfly head is 98R, which is known for hair. This razor has a fixed grip handle frame is all brass and the head is nailed out. Together with the shark blade, this razor provides an incredibly smooth shave. Razor weight 3.0 oz and expert is perfect for a wet shower.

We believe that this razor will be an opponent on the market. This razor is designed to provide a very smooth and comfortable shave. Do not be fooled by the look of this razor, it's a beard with you and it will shave you every time a barber shop.

3. WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor.

WEISHI Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor is an easy choice for those who have solid stainless steel with a chrome finish and a handle with a pattern that improves grip.

Manufacturers used a butterfly model for security razors that make it easy to replace the razor. It is easy to clean and comes with a decent price tag. The product comes in a small black box.

Simple quick and safe blade The razor uses the "butterfly" opening mechanism to rapidly change the blade. You simply knock the knob to open, then insert the new blade to secure the blade firmly. Use Standard Double Edge Blade This is a beautiful safety razor!

4. Parker 60R Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 blades Premium Blades Included

Parker 60R Finally, with its chrome finish, its simple construction by using only stainless steel provides a strong and classic look. Safety razor makes excellent use of its durability with a stability handle which ensures grip and better precision.

The model has a twist-open design that makes it easy to take a new one. According to the product description, it weighs about 3.4 oz, which makes it the most heavier model in our list.

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Brushed frame for chrome plated Twist-to-Open ("Butterfly Open") Designed for easy hand blade 4 inch long textured handles - 3.4 oz with heavy hands - Heavyweight a real parker safety razor product Designs. For more than 40 years, Parker's safety razors have been emulated, but have never been imitated

5. Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor + 10 Feather Blades Combo

Engineered for perfection with a smooth chrome finish, our single-blade precision protection generous weight, and innocent design makes it easy for beginners. The Bombay Shaving razor comes with a Japanese-engineered feather blade, which reduces cleanliness through facial hair. Really Comfortable Shaving Experience

Razor is packaged in a premium gift box to present in your life - for the anniversary of your father's wedding or even for your friend's or brother's birthday.
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Designed for the Way: Fast and heavy weighted slowly

Nickel-Chrome Finnish Precision-Safety Razor is made from metal for the right theft with an aggressive clamp setting and a protective razor sheath. It includes 10 Japanese-engineered feather stainless steel blades.

6. Kenem-X Adjustable Double Edge Safety Shaving Razor + Free Shaving Travel Pouch

Kenem-X Adjustable Double Edge Shaving Razor Plated With Chrome Finished Polished Finish Adjustable double-edge razor has six different depth blades adjusting. The # 1 setting reveals less skin to the blade, while the # 6 setting provides more aggressive beard. Its strong snap-on, snap-off razor head clears it and changes the blade to snap.

7. Parker 111W - Faux Porcelain Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 Shark Super Chrome Blades

Precision 3 Piece Design - The unscrews head for blade insertion comes with 5 shark super chrome blades! New and experienced parker 111w safety razor provides a great beard for both users! A Real Parker Safety Razor Product! Over 40 years, Parker's safety has been imitated, but never imitated!

8. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor 38c

Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor 38C was made of metal with the whole model chrome finish. It feels heavy in hand, which means that it adds little accuracy and makes it relatively easy to handle.

An interesting fact about the model is a turn-to-open system that makes it easy to store safely. It works with most safety razor blades and it is quite easy to set up a new one. It is difficult to clean the model compared to other models.
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Due to solid brass, chrome plated core, this protective razor weighs more than 4 oz, the head is similar to other classic non-adjustable razors of Mercury. The handle has an advanced hold for great control

Safety razors are almost the same in terms of design, the way the material ends, the same is for the security mechanism in which the feathers are different. While choosing a model, some people can also see in some cases, a model may be more expensive but may include extra replacement blades or even a cleaning cloth.

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