6 Best Inverter in India [Buyers Guide 2021]

No matter whether they are camping, traveling, or just driving their vehicles, many people want to use high quality and modern power facilities. If you have a lot of devices and you want to make sure that you can power your car, you need to get the Best Inverter in India
Best Inverter in India
Best Inverter in India

Inverters will connect to your lighter outlet and come with at least one or more power outlets you can use to plug in your phone or other similar devices.

What is Inverter?

Basically, they are the tools that turn your vehicle into a direct current (DC) of an alternative (AC) - like electricity in your home, which is attached to the energy grid.

Being a power converter means that you can plug your devices, and you love power outlets at home.

In your car, you can get a USB adapter so that you can charge your phone or plug it into your system. But with the appropriate plug for large gadgets and electronics, you will need an inverter.
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Working of  Inverter

As we said, they convert the currents safely into one type. Your vehicle's battery voltage provides a current that gives strength to its internal functioning - you need to know how your battery uses the right inverter.

A battery adhesive current on a circuit, in one direction - where the 'direct current' name comes.
However, to empower your gadget, you will need an alternative flow, because those electronics need more power to work compared to DC. They were made in homes with high voltage AC current supply.

Inverters increase the DC voltage, convert it into AC, then use it to power your device. They increase the voltage of your battery so that you can play video games and use the kettle in your RV.

Should You Buy Power Inverter Online In India?

Sure! You get great deals and discounts because you need to buy it from a reputed online store like Amazon India or Flipkart. After all, they are reliable and you have a refund policy if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

You can find best sellers for Inverter so that you can easily get the best quality products in a short time

The advantages of buying an online power inverter are as follows:

1. Concession

2. No need to hear the sales pitch and deal

3. You can always get a change or a refund if you get a bad piece. This is the case with offline shops. They will tell you

To ensure that you are sure the real power inverter purchased from Amazon Fulfilled vendor or Flipkart Asus vendors, we found trusted sellers for power inverter and other items on Amazon and Flipkart.

You should consider when deciding to buy an inverter for your home: 

 So far you have a clear idea of what you need to look for if you want an inverter for your home or your office.

If you decide to buy an inverter now we have a closer look at some additional things to consider.  


The type of battery you need to choose with the help of an inverter largely determines the amount of power consumption. If the demand for electricity is high, the battery will not last long. That said, there are currently two types of inverter batteries available. 

They are lead-acid seeds and tubular batteries. Tubular batteries are expensive but they are more efficient and durable. In our opinion, tubular is the best and we recommend you get an inverter with a tubular battery. Compared to a lead battery with a life of 4 to 6 years, a tubular can last 8 to 10 years.

Also, lead-acid seed batteries require constant maintenance and have a tendency to emit harmful gases during charging and discharging. No such thing is required for a tubular-type battery. It works like a regular battery and you only need to provide an electric charge. 

That's all. Power requirements As we have said before, always make sure your inverter meets your energy requirements. Getting an inverter will not benefit you if you choose something with less power. Refer to the table of energy consumption above to get the best inverter for home and calculate what you need.

Inverter warranty

Warranty to buy an inverter is an important aspect. Nowadays, most manufacturers offer a minimum two-year warranty. It keeps you in a safe place. If a repair is made for any reason, you can offer it for free or you can get a replacement in a really bad situation. Make sure that you have carefully read the company warranty policy that the company provides a full warranty that only a few parts of the inverter get the idea.  


Inverters have become essential for every housework due to the frequent power outages in suburban and rural areas. There are many brands that sell inverters with different features. But it is always better to buy from popular brands because the product will have convenient features, high efficiency, excellent quality and exceptional durability. However, their brands are not discussed when inverters are needed. For example, when you think of the best-LED TV, you think of LG or Samsung. This may not be the case with the inverter brand.  


A quality inverter falls under the premium price range. The benefits are endless when you buy high-priced equipment. But, there is one important thing that we should always keep in mind. That is, it all boils down to everything you need from the inverter. Do you want to cover your entire home? Or do you just want to run certain home appliances? Do you want to operate large equipment? Do you want to use an inverter for your office space? Think about these questions very carefully and seriously, make a list of your needs. Keep it with you when you go to buy an inverter. Power consumption of general electrical equipment 

Before finding the best inverter for your home you should consider how much power you need. Depending on how many devices you need to backup. Once you understand this you should then calculate the total power consumption. 

Here is a table representing the average energy consumption of the usual equipment. 

Equipment energy (in watts) 

Equipment Energy requirements (in watts) 

LED bulb - 7 watts 

CFL - 25 watts 

Tubelight - 50 watts 

Fan - 80 watts 

TV - 120 watts 

Refrigerator - 300-350 watts 

Mixer grinder - 500-750 watts 

Induction cooker - 1000-1500 watts

Types of inverters and how to choose one 
There are two types of inverters available in the market: pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter (or square wave inverter). 
The choice will depend on the type of equipment you have. If you want to run electronic equipment (such as TV, computer, etc.) on the inverter, go for pure sine wave inverter, otherwise, you can go for a modified sine wave inverter. Please do not modify sine wave inverters Humming noise can occur when used with induction motors such as ceiling fans etc.
 Differences between UPS and inverter: 
 Although interchangeable, there is a difference between UPS and inverter. The basic work and architecture remain the same, but the difference is minimal.

The difference between UPS and inverter is when battery power can be switched on when power is cut. A UPS can switch to battery power in 3-5 milliseconds, while an inverter can do it in 100 milliseconds. The choice between the two will depend on how much you need to switch back to the devices you want to support. 
For E.g. Desktop computers require fast switching because they can loosen data even if you turn it off for a few milliseconds. UPS also has online and offline UPS. Online UPS are those in which power is extracted from the battery from the main line regardless of power availability. 
This ensures that even a few milliseconds of work will not be lost when the power is cut off. Offline UPS is one where the power is cut off only when there is a power cut from the battery. All other times it is removed from the heads.

 Best Inverter in India

If you are in the market for a power inverter, then you are in the right place because this is because we will discuss in the guide given below.

1. Luminous Zelio+ 1700 Sine Wave UPS 

Luminous is a leader in the production of household electrical products. The Zellio + 1700 is a pure sinewave inverter UPS that can be used as both an inverter and a UPS for a personal computer. You need to purchase a 24V double battery separately. 

It takes 10 to 12 hours to fully recharge. It comes with an LED display, bypass switch in case of inverter faults. It works with heavy electronic devices such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc.  
Works with all electronic products Pure sinewave inverter 
Works as both inverter and UPS for PC 
The LED display shows the backup power with time 
Bypass switch in case of a faulty inverter 
2 years manufacturer guarantee
A bit expensive but worth the price 
A little noise but not noticeable when the cooling fan is on

2. Microtek SEBz 1100 VA Sinewave Inverter 

Microtech, one of the best inverter manufacturers out there, has made Sebz very energy-efficient. It manages the power supply so well that the inverter can keep your device safe and at the same time free from damage. This inverter from Microtech has a high VA rating and can power most of your equipment. 
Short circuit protection 
Smart overload sensor 
High capacity and efficiency. 
Do not make noise.  
A little heavy 
Old design.


3. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Pure Sinewave Inverter 

UPS Get this sine wave inverter that is available with 900 VA (volt-ampere) capacity and 756 W rating, providing power back up to 1 LED TV, 3 tube lights, 3 CFL, 1 air cooler, and 3 limit fan. This inverter is safe for your home as it protects against short circuits, deep discharge, reverse polarity, overload and input mains through the MCB (miniature circuit breaker) input. 

It supports one battery, and you can choose any type - tubular, flat plate, or VRLA (SMF) depending on your power backup needs during load shedding. This intelligent UPS system comes with several features, such as a handy bypass switch, LED display, echo and UPS mode and a 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP). 
Durable Silent 
Easy to install 
Fast-charging device 
Safe for sensitive devices 
A little expensive


4. Microtek UPS 24×7 Hb 950Va Hybrid Sinewave Inverter 

The biggest seller of this type is the inverter. The inverter is a micro-controller design based on a comprehensive backup battery UPS system. This device is equipped with various standard voltage range selections, which can be operated in voltages from 100V-300V. 
The output power of this inverter is 580W and produces pure sine waves. It comes with a built-in bypass switch and an Intel battery gravity management system. The item is very lightweight and easy to use.
Efficient power backup 
Narrow voltage range is 180V - 260V. 
So lightweight, easy to use.  
The item is a bit delicate


5. Exide 850Va Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter 

Exide 850V Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter is a well-known Indian product for its high-quality features. It also makes inverter batteries. This is a slightly more expensive product compared to competitors. 
But it is a profitable investment and its main features make it a premium inverter for your home. It has high-speed microprocessor and digital processor technology that makes this inverter run more efficiently and effectively. 
The LCD display allows you to easily record important parameters such as load capacity, input and output voltage, and battery power available in the inverter. You can expect to switch between USB and mains power in 10 milliseconds. The maximum load capacity with this inverter is 580 watts. 
Auto-sense intelligence control technology automatically converts DC current to AC current as required. If you're looking for a power backup device that efficiently powers all your high-powered devices, this is a great choice.  
2-year warranty. 
Powerful equipment. 
Auto-sense intelligence technology automatically converts DC current to AC current. 
The load capacity is 580 watts.  
Cannot use it for high-strength activity

6. Microtek UPS EB 800 VA UPS Inverter 

Microtech International Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company certified with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001: 2015. It is the largest energy producer. Their range of products includes power backup solutions, voltage solutions, solar panels, wires and cables, electric vehicle chargers. The micro-controller is based on intelligent control design. Now, you can switch from main to UPS and UPS. The inverter can handle loads of up to 5 fans, five lamps, and 2 TVs. It is with short circuit protection, smart overload sense. Furthermore, it has an auto-reset feature and a 12V single battery.  
The quality of the product is good. 
The product is worth your money. 
The inverter does not have solar charger mode.


It can be quite a task to choose among the best inverter for home when you go out to compare their features. Therefore we have listed out the Best Inverter in India along with the different types of  best inverter for home india, to help you take home the best. Hope this was helpful!

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