When to Replace Motherboard CMOS Battery [SUGGESTION]

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CMOS battery is a small lithium battery or non-volatile battery located on your motherboard. Your computer's Real Time Clock (RTC) runs at all times whenever the computer stops, and this clock power is provided by CMOS batteries.
When to Replace Motherboard CMOS Battery
When to Replace Motherboard CMOS Battery

Actually, there is a battery similar to all PCs, desktops, and laptops, commonly known as "CMOS" battery. Although it's really possible to run most of the machines, they work as an important work
which quickly becomes annoying
The good news is that, as we have seen, they usually last for a number of years

There is a small battery on its motherboard on each motherboard to give power to CMOS on the computer. Remember, CMOS (Supplemental Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip disk drive, time and date, all of the things on your computer, so you have a CMOS battery failure.  
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The CMOS battery always gives the power of the CMOS chip - even if your computer is off - to save all the settings. Therefore, it is very important at the time of your computer and in other activities.

The CMOS battery's intent is to allow you to remember that I feel like a good watch battery. If the battery is deleted or removed, then your computer has forgotten the current date and time when it is booted.

It is relatively easy to get and replace the battery on a desktop PC normally. After removing the power you just need it and look for the motherboard and maybe there

Laptop users have a hard time Partial disabling of laptops is not uncommon to reach a CMOS battery that does not have a laptop. I have a case where I just die a battery and it does not change ... it was very hard. 

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I have avoided a lot of specific things because, clearly, the details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and battery to battery. Some may lose a few years or two a few years, some may lose some, some machines are designed to simplify the battery to change, but not all others.

My advice: Do not worry about losing your current time and date on every boot up about your PC. Then check for instructions on replacing your computer manufacturer CMOS battery, and replace which battery with it.

The computer can sometimes show an error message with time and date errors, such as "no operating system or newer CPU is installed." There are indications that the time of the motherboard or the CMOS time  

Ideally, this battery should be replaced once every five years with replacement and great care. Saving BIOS data

Learning to recognize the CMOS battery failure

CMOS Battery is a small battery that sits on your computer's motherboard. It's a life of around five years. You need to use a computer regularly. Battery power

If the computer is not connected on a regular basis, the battery life is usually 3 years. However, battery life can increase up to 5 years when you use it regularly. Battery empowers the CMOS memory and real-time clock.  

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CMOS battery number and voltage specifications

The CMOS battery used in your motherboard is CR 2032 and it is rated 3 volts. You should not use any other battery for your motherboard, here is CR 2032 (3V) battery which is very common and used in the motherboard, calculator and other small electronic devices.

When to Replace Motherboard CMOS Battery?

CMOS battery can run for 5 or 10 years and if the battery dies it will be replaced with a new battery. Here are some hints that can tell you that your CMOS battery is dead and requires replacement.

If your computer loses time or date settings or you receive a message, then you need to change the CMOS read error, CMOS checksum error, or CMOS battery failure, CMOS battery. To do this, follow the steps below.  

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Error message

When you power your computer and you get your error message (mentioned below) on the post screen, then you have to change your CMOS battery.

CMOS checksum error default
No operating system
CPU Overlapping Failed
New CPU is installed
bios CMOS battery low CMOS wrong memory size
System BIOS shading, video bios shading

Changing date/time

If you change Windows / OS / BIOS time on your computer every time it is a clear-cut signal that your CMOS battery is dead and requires replacement.  
BIOS settings

If you are turning on some BIOS settings and if they are not saved and when you turn on your computer the default values are reset, then it's time to change your CMOS battery.

How to change or replace CMOS battery

Replacing your motherboard CMOS battery is very simple. Just follow the below mentioned steps to replace your CMOS battery with a newer one. 

1. Turn Off your computer and turn off the mains power.

2. Open your PC cabinet.

3. Locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard.

4. Press the Lock / Clip sideways to release the old CMOS battery.

5. Take the CMOS battery carefully and sometimes you may have to hold down the lock/clip mechanism.

6. Insert a new CMOS battery in the slot and the locking mechanism will automatically capture the battery.

7. Start your computer and change your date and time settings at present and if necessary, change your BIOS settings as well.

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