12 Ways to Fix Mobile Network not Available Issue [SOLVED]

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Network problems are in an Android problem, you can see that your mobile network connectivity has been lost and the network signal is out of it. It is very disappointing and it takes a long time to go back to normal. Today, we will tell you how to fix mobile networks, go here -
12 Ways to Fix Mobile Network not Available Issue
12 Ways to Fix Mobile Network not Available Issue

My phone says that the mobile network is not available on mobile phones or there is no mobile network. There is no mobile network or cellular network available, your mobile signal will be at zero level and this means that you will not be able to make and receive calls, you will not be able to run as an Internet, This is a very troublesome problem here is some tips to solve this problem

What does the mobile network not available mean?

The mobile network is not available, that means your phone is unable to catch a mobile network signal. This problem can be caused by your mobile phone or mobile service provider.

Cellular data cannot be connected to the network, the mobile data network is working or there is no network available problem. Here you can find solutions to problems that are not available that can not activate mobile data network, mobile network No, the mobile network is unavailable.

This guide is applicable to all mobile phones whether it is based on Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc. Apart from this, solutions are applicable for all mobile phones or smartphones of different brands whether it is Samsung, Sony Xperia, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, LG, etc.

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12 ways to fix the mobile network not available issue

Here are different solutions for your mobile phone or smartphone

Restart your mobile phone

The first thing is that you can either turn off your phone or shut down automatically and can turn on or use the restart option to power the phone. There are good prospects and most of the time, restarting your phone does not solve your mobile network problem then follow the next step
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Power cycle the mobile phone

If your phone restart does not fix your mobile phone then follow the steps below for the power cycle phone:

Disconnect the phone from the charger or power adapter.
turn off the phone
Remove the battery
Remove SIM card
Wait less than 5 minutes or less
After that, insert the SIM card, battery and then turn on the phone.
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After doing this 70% chance that your phone will get the network and the network is not available the problem will be solved. If there is still a mobile network after doing the above procedure

Select the right network settings

It is possible that you have selected the wrong network mode or settings. This means that you have either chosen a WCDMA mode or GSM mode that is running from your mobile phone. So you have to choose Auto mode

To select the auto mode in the Android phone, go to System Settings-> Tethering and Networks-> Mobile Networks-> Network Mode and then select GSM / WCDMA (Auto Mode) option. This setting is different for different mobile phones and operating systems.
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If you already have auto mode selected or after selecting it, the problem is still there then follow next step

Select the right network operator during roaming

If you are roaming then it is possible that the network operator is your phone in which there is no network or tower in that area. So here you have the right network operator if the selected network is unavailable, then in the Android phone, select System Settings-> Tethering and Network-> Mobile Network-> Network Operator and then Network Operator to select it.
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Turn off the WiFi device

If you are at home and in the office where there are wireless internet devices (wireless keyboards/mouse etc.) then it may be possible that interference due to their frequencies can cause this issue. Here you can turn off the wireless device in your area and then restart your mobile phone.
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There are very good opportunities that your phone will be able to catch a mobile network or signal. You can then turn on the wireless device if the mobile network is unavailable, the problem still remains.

Move a bit

If you are in a place where the network signal is too low or dies, then you can not get a mobile network problem or a mobile network problem cannot be found. These places include elevators, basements, remote locations, highways, etc from the city. Here's one thing you can do that is a mobile tower near you or you can catch the signal easily You can also go to the height

Network Provider Issues

It is possible that your network provider is having problems, here you can ask other users with the same mobile network in your area to make sure that you are alone to face this issue. Are not there. You can also call your mobile service provider from any other phone or landline phone and file your complaint. Issues with the network provider do not last long and should be resolved within a few hours.
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Update OS / firmware

If you are not experiencing a mobile network or the problem of any mobile network is also on regular and good network reception, then you have to update your OS or firmware because the software problems cause this problem. Because in most cases what phone software is updated

Defective mobile antenna

Well, it is very rare but it happens that your mobile antenna is damaged in any way, if all the solutions are not working for you then it is a reasonable opportunity that your phone has a hardware problem and its antenna works properly Not doing it. Here you have to take your phone to the authorized service center and check it and repair it. If the phone is in warranty


Well I have listed all the reasons and solutions for the mobile network if you have something to ask leave a comment below

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