How to Choose Best Mouse and Keyboard for PC [SIMPLEST WAY]

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Mouse and keyboard are two of the most important and basic input devices that are used to communicate with the computer, whether it's a desktop PC or a laptop. The mouse and keyboard are the cheapest devices

If you want to get a better and easier PC without any real fatigue, you need to get easy and easy to use display mouse and keyboard. It's a cheap mouse and keyboard, so here I will tell you how to find the best mouse and keyboard for your computer.

How to Choose Best Mouse and Keyboard for PC

Comfortable size and suitable size

The mouse should be medium size

Sufficient DPI (Dots per inch)

The more accuracy and accuracy of DPI or dots high DPI mouse. Go here for at least 800 dpi or 1000 dpi mouse. For gaming, you can go down a lot for the DPI, go to the link below

Should have a button

The button on your mouse means that you do not have much strength to register a click and clicking is not very fragile. Must have the right balance

The scroll should be smooth

The scroll button will be smooth and its click button may not be too difficult. I have seen in a lot of mouse where the button is very difficult, the button is very difficult, it can cause pain on your fingers and you will not be able to work on your computer.

The brand

You have got a good mouse button because they are good at efficiency and they also last for a long time. The cheap and local branded mouse has very poor quality and efficiency. Recommended brands for mouse: Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo.

Wired vs. Wireless
You want to connect one with a wireless mouse or cable. Generally, the wireless mouse lives more comfortable, because the cable does not catch or rotate on your desk. However, there may be some distance between the wireless mice (usually around 8ms), which can take up to one hour if you are in the middle of a fast gaming session.

Also note that if you are wireless, you have some different options like Bluetooth and RF. RF misses are generally slightly more responsive and require a USB receiver so that they can take a USB port on your machine. It's also possible to interfere with other wireless devices as I mentioned earlier.

Bluetooth mouse is a bit scarce, but many computers will automatically add them (if your computer includes Bluetooth). It might be difficult to find a good Bluetooth mouse because RF is more common-so if you're not really small on USB ports, I would not recommend being too smart about Bluetooth versus RF

Finding a Good Keyboard for Your Desktop

Here are the things you want to see.

Standard layout and full size

Always get a full sized keyboard Make sure the keys are well distances and are not very close to each other, apart from that key light should also be clearly and easily visible in low light.

Soft and responsive key

That's supposed to be soft and does not require too much power to register because it's like I've seen in many stylish-based keyboards where they are too tight and over time they become more stringent. If you do a lot of typing, it can be very painful then get a mechanical keyboard.
How to Choose Best Mouse and Keyboard for PC

Multimedia and shortcut keys

Multimedia control and keyboard shortcuts are personal preferences, but if you have one 

Spill proof

The keyboard should have spill proof so that it can face the sudden drop of liquid on it.

Signal LEDs

The keyboard must require an LED indicator for caps lock, numeric lock, and scroll lock. 
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The brand

Then, the brand is very important. Recommended brands for keyboards: Logitech, Microsoft, TVS.

Wired vs. Wireless

The main draw of the wired keyboard is responsive, which can be important in gaming. In my opinion, however, wireless wards get fewer benefits than their wired counterparts than wireless wires. 
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There are wireless like Downsides like wireless keyboards: they are more expensive, require a battery, even if you have a USB port on your machine (if not US Bluetooth) and most often chain. Even if something went wrong, even if you want to move your keyboard around (or if you decide to use this home theater PC), it might be convenient to get rid of that trick.

Tip: When shopping online, you can see these items by going to the official website of the mouse/keyboard and reading e-commerce shopping sites, forums, blogs, etc. on customer reviews.

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