8 Ways to Remove Malware from Android Phone [SOLVED]

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Like your computer, your Android smartphone may also be infected with malware, there is a big risk to slow down your data, privacy, and even your device. Android malware is different because the Android OS is built on different platforms and in your PC or laptop.

Malware is a common term for viruses, adware, trojans or other malicious unwanted programs. They should be removed immediately. There are many good anti-malware programs for Windows computers, but this is not the case with your Android smartphone.
8 Ways to Remove Malware from Android Phone
8 Ways to Remove Malware from Android Phone

Some antivirus are available for Android, but none of them is sufficient and they slow down your smartphone to a great extent. So here in this article I will tell you about some great practices that you can follow to keep your smartphone away from malware and can also tell how to remove them.

Android phones and tablets can behave incorrectly from time to time, especially the junk installed on them. Sometimes bad behavior can be attributed to a virus or other malware and it can be difficult to say what is to blame.

It has existed nine times out of 10, but they are rare and usually installed by apps. You can find them in Google Play store. 

The most common feature is presented as evidence of the virus. Pop-ups in the browser can be easily removed by clearing the browser's cache.

Go to Settings Apps Chrome Storage Clear Cache. Hit three points in Chrome itself and clear Settings> Privacy> Browsing Data, then select Check all options and Clear data.

If your device misbehaves in another way, then the best way to remove it is to factory reset, settings> system> reset options> all data can be erased from the phone.

But this is not an attractive solution, we must be careful when you start it

If you're sure what problems you are having - maybe you're sure that everything will be removed after the installed app is 100 percent trusted - you can fix it by removing a few specific apps.
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Uninstalling the app may be difficult but it can not be controlled. Let us explain how to put your Android phone or tablet in safe mode, remove admin rights and then uninstall the app

Suppose you have done all of the above and your device is still slow, it may be old age or a new software update that does not play good things slowly. Check out our guide on how to make Android faster

To avoid more danger, you also want to install an antivirus app for your phone or tablet. You'll find it in the best of our favorite mobile antivirus rounds. Our top choice is Bitdefender

If you are sure that malware is large, read on

How does malware get into your Android smartphone?

Malware is the most common way in your smartphone whenever you install any suspicious app, malware bundles with your smartphone, and then cause trouble for you.

8 Ways to Remove Malware from Android Phone

Tips to Keep Malware away from your Android Smartphone

Here are some great practices that can be used to protect any type of Android malware.

Read reviews before installing the app

Before installing an app, you should check its rating and also read reviews about the app if it has received less than 50% rating and I have received more negative reviews then I would suggest that you do not install that app and Do not look for any other type of app.

Do not install apps from unknown sources

Do not install apps from unknown sources, that means if you need to install an app from unknown sources from Google Play Store, then you should be very sure about it.

How to remove malware from Android smartphones?

Here are some solutions that will allow you to remove malware from your Android smartphone.

Uninstall malware from the app menu

Go to your system settings General- App menu (if you have an installed app) that you have not uninstalled and removed such an application, these malicious applications are usually very fun and funny The names are there. And they can be easily identified.

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Use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular and most commonly used anti-malware applications, and for good reasons. It is capable of destroying many types of malware that other software does not remember you, nothing at all costs you, when it comes to cleaning an infected device, Malwarebytes always remains free and we Recommend it as an essential tool in the fight against malware.

The first time you install Malwarebytes, you are given a free 30-day trial of the premium version, which includes real-time scanning and anti-theft features. After 30 days, it automatically comes back to the original free version which will detect and clear the malware infection only when running the scan.

You can also use Malwarebytes anti-malware to scan your smartphone and remove malware from it. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is anti-malware software for Windows OS (for computers), but also for Android platform. Uninstall malwarebyte anti-malware app after scanning and removing malware

Clean junk files from Android with Ccleaner

In this phase, we will clean the ccleaner application. CCleaner is a free app that will help you clean your device with junk files.

Download Ccleaner.

You can download Ccleaner by clicking the link below.

Install Ccleaner on your device

Click the "Install" button, and when app permissions will be displayed on "Accept" to install Ccleaner on your device.

Click on “Analyze”

To scan systems with Ccleaner, click the "Analyze" button.

Clear your device with junk files

Ccleaner will now start scanning your device for junk files. Depending on the apps you have installed, the scan may take a few minutes.
When the analysis is complete, tap to check the checkbox next to "History" and "Cash". You want to see your cached content.

Remove Chrome Notification Spam

Chrome notifications are very good, however, cybercriminals are pushing the deceptive notifications of Android users to different sites so that their phones are on unwanted advertisements. In this step, if you are experiencing this type of issues, we will prevent these malicious sites from displaying your device.

Factory Reset

If you are not able to remove malware from the methods outlined above, then this is a factory reset. Factory reset will remove all your Android smartphones and delete them and restore them.

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