7 Ways to Fix Your Touch Screen Problem in Android Phone [SOLVED]

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The Touchscreen is the only way to talk to your smartphone. If this stops responding, you will not be able to do anything on your smartphone. The display touchscreen technology in smartphones has become very advanced where you only need to touch the wings to register.

But sometimes you may have to face a problem where your touchscreen stops responding or the touch is not being registered correctly and easily. There are several reasons for this.
7 Ways to Fix Your Touch Screen Problem in Android Phone
7 Ways to Fix Your Touch Screen Problem in Android Phone

7 Ways to Fix Your Touch Screen Problem in Android Phone

Solutions for Smartphone touch screen are not working or answering

There are various touch screen problems and their solutions that you can not work on the touchscreen on a smartphone, are experiencing sensitivity issues or are not responding properly. These suggestions apply to all platforms such as phones, Android, Windows OS, iOS or BlackBerry phones. I have found out that some phones of HTC and LG usually have touchscreen issues. These tips will stay the same for tablets  
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Restart Phone

If your smartphone's touchscreen is not working and stops responding between your work, then the first thing you want to do is restart your smartphone using the power button. Press the power button to turn it on due to the software hanging problem, the problem is resolved in most cases due to the maximum number of problems and restarting the phone.
Factory Reset / Hard Reset

If the restart does not solve your problem, you can reset the phone using the physical power button and volume keys. The process for different operating systems and phones is different. For Android you can hold the power button and press the volume up button, then you will see the top of your screen. Now erase data/factory reset with volume keys and press the Power button to activate it. Select Yes, erase all user data with the volume button and press the Power button to select it.

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Screen Guard/Protector

Sometimes cheap and low screen guard/screen protector can cause problems with a touchscreen. Remove them and see if touch is working well if the touch screen does not work then your phone will work on the default settings. Back up your phone data before the factory reset.

Clear Touchscreen

OK, if your phone's touchscreen becomes too dirty and oily then you will touch the issues on your phone. Make a clean touch on your mobile phone using a little moist soft cloth.

Tip: Turn off your phone

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Touchscreen Tapping

Tap your smartphone touchscreen with a little force with your finger and see whether it works or not.

Update OS / Firmware

Touchscreen issues are software-based, so update your phone OS or firmware in the latest version. If there is no latest version of the software then Android users cannot install a separate or custom ROM.

Hardware Problem

If all your solutions were made for you then it would be possible to have a hardware failure with your phone touchscreen, and the only thing you can do in this case is to take your phone to the authorized service center and your Get the touchscreen of the smartphone replaced has been replaced if the phone is in warranty then I will be advised to replace it with only the touchscreen.

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Remove the memory card and the SIM card

Some times, bad memory card or SIM card has to blame. Therefore,

Turn off your device (hold the power button if the screen is not completely screened);

Remove the rear part of your Android device and close the memory and SIM card;

Reboot the device and see if the problem is over.

Keep the device in safe mode

Contaminated or annoying third-party apps can cause touch screen issues on Android phones or Tablets. Under Safe Mode, all third-party apps will be downloaded. If the touch screen works well in safe mode, you may need to uninstall some third-party apps, especially recently installed before the touch screen problem starts.

Turn off the power of your Android device;

Long press power button to reboot device;

When you see Samsung, Nexus, LG or another brand logo, release the power button and hold the Volume Down button;

Press the volume down button when you boot the device
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Touch screen with physical damage: How to fix?

If your phone or tablet is inserted, smacked, water hash, touch screen can be damaged and may stop working like this. Before changing the new touch screen, try out the first free tips.

1. Test touch screen on Android device

The diagnostic test screen will not fix the problem You need to enter a specific code in the phone dial to access the diagnostic tool. And codes for different Android devices of different manufacturers, models, OS versions are different. Here are some codes that are commonly used:
* # 7353 #: Most Android smartphones, especially Samsung;

* # * # 3424 # * # *: Too many HTC devices

* # * # 7378423 # * # *: Most Sony Xperia smartphones

* # 0 * #: Motorola Devices

For example, how can I test the touch screen on my Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android 4.0?

Open phone dial;

To access the diagnostic tools menu, type * # 7353 #;

Choose TSP dot mode or TSP grid mode, which was used to test the touch screen;

TSP dot mode will show small dots when you tap on the screen, while TSP grid mode will allow you to test the screen in the grid overlay.

2.Knock the touch screen

If the device is left or smacked, the digitizer cable could not be found. If so, you can solve a number of times easily by touching the screen. This method has been proved by most users

3. Fix a bad touch screen on the water

In most cases, the touch screen will stop working because the device experience fluid gets worse. Still hopefully if you have fixed the damaged water on the Android device with four D and DETS.

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