6 Ways to Free Phone Memory of Android Phone [SOLVED]

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Nowadays if the phone is normally bought with a standard 32GB or 64 GB storage standard or 16 GB budget model. But even when you're taken away with apps and even when taking photos and videos

If you do not have access to any storage issue, keep your storage properly. When you are getting the message "Insufficient storage available" (try updating apps or apps) and while following all of our instructions, you will see our free guide on how to clear Android's cache.)

The best way to free space is to reset the Android factory and start a new one. But you can lose the valuable photos, videos, and other files you want to set back to things you want them to do, and if you back up with the right value.

Internal storage is an important part of your phone because the Android OS needs it and all your important and inbuilt apps are only installed on internal storage. Internal memory refers to inbuilt storage space You can not use your internal memory of your phone Some phones come with low internal storage and some internal storage.

The problem usually goes with those phones which have less internal storage capacity and if almost all internal memory is used then you may have to face the problems you are experiencing below.
6 Ways to Free Phone Memory of Android Phone

Problems due to less internal storage

Here are some of the major problems caused by low or inadequate internal storage in your main smartphone or tablet.

Low performance

Your Android smartphone will slow down and its performance may be low. This requires some space for your Android operating system to work as well as work smoothly.

Hanging issues and freezing

Due to low internal memory, your phone may be hanged or freeze. This is a very troubling problem for anyone and the only way to fix it  
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No room for some apps

Some apps are installed only on your phone's internal storage and can not be accessed with SD card storage. It is very important that you have some internal storage space to install those necessary apps

6 Ways to Free Phone Memory of Android Phone

Here's the recommended way to free up your internal storage.

Move files to SD card

First, you can move your data, audio, video and image files into SD card storage. You can also configure your camera settings and other apps.

Move Apps to SD Card

The next thing you can do is to move your SD card storage. You can select Settings-> Applications-> the app that you want to move and then select Take option to the SD card. There are some apps that can not be moved to the SD card so that you can not do anything in this case and you only need to keep them on internal storage if you need them. You can also use the app2sd app to view and delete apps from internal memory in the SD card. 

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Uninstall unnecessary apps

Uninstall apps you do not use

Update uninstall

If you do not need it then you can delete and uninstall the update. It's like a memory you can do this by selecting Settings-> Apps-> Apps and then clicking Uninstall updates.

Remove log files

Periodically, log files are generated by some apps and phones OS and they can be added to a larger size. It will be used for free. You can find the location of the log files by using any good file explorer app, such as the location of the log file or the inbuilt file explorer or ES File Explorer file manager.

You can safely delete it after the location of the log files. Sometimes there is a secret code for some hidden files. So you have to see this item
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Remove cache

Delete cache files You can do this by going to System Settings-> Applications-> Applications-> Clear data and clear the cache. This can be used in one way, so it is not a proper solution, there is another way to remove data cache data by going to System Settings-> Storage-> Cached Data and then clicking OK.

Uninstall factory installed app

Uninstall the built-in waste factory installed with your Android phone These apps cannot be uninstalled normally and you need to uninstall it completely from your phone. Routing will cancel your phone's warranty

How to get more storage in Android

We have already been added to add a Micro SD card to your device's storage capacity, but not all phones support them and others do so on the cost of another SIM slot which can be used by you.

The good news about Android

Even if your phone does not support Micro SD card, it is easy to attach to an ad-hoc basis using the Micro SD card reader. It connects to your phone's Micro-USB port or you can use a wireless version like the Available Media Warehouse Wireless Mini from Amazon

Verbatim looks like a USB flash drive - and, indeed, can be included in your PC's USB port, where it allows you to drag and drop those files - but there is a Micro SD card inside which supports the transfer files

By downloading the Verbatim MediaShare Wireless Mini app (free from Google Play or App Store), you can connect to Wi-Fi on your Android phone or tablet. The big thing about wireless connections on Verbatim is to drive up to five people and access a password-protected.

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