12 Ways to Protect your Mobile Screen [DETAILS AND SOLUTION]

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The touchscreen is one of the most important and important parts of your smartphone. Without it, you can not talk to your phone and no one can work. If you want to protect your smartphone from any damage or scratch on the screen to protect the smartphone touchscreen, the screen guard or screen protector is available on the screen, which acts as a protective layer on your phone screen.

With the drop of your phone and cutting its screen, the durability of smartphones has improved considerably, but this does not mean that you are careless. If you want to stop scratching or to sit on a secure side, here are our tips on how to protect your smartphone.
12 Ways to Protect your Mobile Screen
12 Ways to Protect your Mobile Screen

Include basic things

This may seem incredibly obvious, but how you use and carry your smartphone every day or day can make a big difference to its stability. Nowadays, many devices come with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, whose shoulder-height drop has been tested and is considered scratch-proof, but if you are worried your display may still be bad.

12 Ways to Protect your Mobile Screen

One of the easiest and most common ways in their forts is their pocket screen like their forts. Friction will happen when you are walking, this will cause a mini-scratch - unless you have a screen protector and you do not believe us then it is sunny out

Another part of the advice, which can be seen clearly, but many people do not follow it, is it? If you have a chance to skip over your huge slippery material or smartphone then go ahead
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Cover your screen

If you have already taken the steps above, but you still want to be a safe party (or chaotic), screen protectors will help you. However, while trying to buy an online you can get overwhelmed by everything so we will explain everything that offers each option. 
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The cheapest and most preferred choices are they are lightweight, very significant and not easy to implement. However, they also offer minimal protection. There are two types of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that you are most likely to find online.

PET protectors are strong and are not suitable for phones often, but it is much easier to implement. By comparison, the TPUs are more flexible, but they are more flexible. The bubble between the TCP protector and the screen is also expected.


Tempered glass protector has a step above the plastic. They are more durable and do not only scratch and wear clothes from day to day but also reduce the loss. However, tempered glass protectors are not more than one size, just like most of their plastic cousins - you are careful to buy.

Flip cover

The more effective cover is probably going to cover the flip. I think it looks very beautiful. And I do not think the hair flipping area will be annoying because after a while you will be used on your phone.

A cheap cell phone can absorb environmental damage. The most convenient thing about mobile cases is that they are affordable for cheap prices and responses.

You can also buy them for a whole year and in other cases. Many creators create themes and collections to attract users, you can collect a different theme and give your mobile phone a fresh look every day.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Screen Glow

Apply the blue light filter

High-energy blue light emits in many screens of smartphones, it is one of the main sources of stress in the eye and is considered bad for the retina. Smartphone users can overcome display settings. Many smartphones with custom forms work by changing this display or changing the color tone.

Adjusting the brightness level

Many users keep the brightness level for the excellent experience. Both steps can be harmful, adjusting the brightness level according to ambient light, and adjusting the brightness level for the use of brightness is another trick that helps reduce the eye on stress and reduce the sudden shock from users.

Use the special screen protector

Screen guards cannot protect your smartphone's screen from your scratch and effect. Most screen protectors come with non-reflective coating. Applying them also reduces the reflective appearance of the screen and puts less stress on the eyes of the users, which is usually when you are viewing the screen and the light source moves on your head or back.

Keep distance

Putting a smartphone in close proximity is another factor that can damage the eyes and prevent them. However, it is difficult to keep pace. For good or near-sighting, users have a tendency to bring the smartphone closer to the loss. For those users who are struggling to find the right distance, there are apps that alert the screen while eyes are closed. Samsung's Security Screen is an app that can help users to stop

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