12 Ways to Fix Page Cannot be Displayed Error in Browser [SOLVED]

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If you are using Internet Explorer in Windows, then you have to face this page. The page can not be displayed in Windows 8 and Windows 10 in very annoying error in IE 10 or IE11. When experiencing this error, you will not be able to browse any specific sites.

Internet Explorer may not be the default browser for some users but it is necessary because some websites and programs that work well with Internet Explorer and troubleshoot.
12 Ways to Fix Page Cannot be Displayed Error in Browser
12 Ways to Fix Page Cannot be Displayed Error in Browser

Internet Explorer can not be solved in this annoying error due to this error.

There are still a large number of users using Internet Explorer, and many of them have reported an error that the Internet Error Explorer could not display the webpage. This error prevents Internet Explorer from accessing any website when they try to access the website on IE.

Since the site does not tell you the error because it is not able to open the site, we need to draw some guesswork and it must proceed with troubleshooting. The problem under this error is that there is a separate software problem with Internet Explorer or Connectivity problems.

Before you proceed with the following steps, make sure that your internet connection is working and there is no VPN running on your system, as well as disabling antivirus or firewall software. The methods listed in this guide are more likely to save time and energy. If the problem has been fixed through an issue, then you do not need to proceed with the other methods.

The solution for this page can not be displayed in IE 10 / IE11

Here are the various fixes of the page in Internet Explorer in Windows.

12 Ways to Fix Page Cannot be Displayed Error in Browser

Check whether the internet is working

The first time you have to face the "This page can not be displayed" error is to check whether your internet is working properly or not, to test your internet, some sites on Firefox and Opera Try to load if the sites are well open and in other browsers, it means that you are working well There is a problem with the settings. If your internet is working properly and you get the page
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Website down or not

The next step is to see if the site you are reaching is below or not. You can view it using a different browser or by using the site or not by the tools.

If you are getting this error, then the site is up and its servers are running fine.

Clear browsing cache and history

Clear and clear all browsing history and cache, including temporary Internet files, cookies, ActiveX filtering, and tracking security data, etc. To clear cache and browsing history, delete Tools and ; Internet Options- and Browsing History & Delete;

Except for the preferred website data here, check all the options and then click Delete. After that restart your Internet Explorer browser and start surfing. If the page can not be displayed.

Enable TLS and SSL

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security or cryptographic protocols provide an additional layer of security for website communication over the network. It may be possible that TLS and SSL have been implemented but they are disabled in your browser, to enable them to go to Tools and  Internet Options and Advanced. Scroll to the end here and then enable or check all available SSL and TLS options. Then apply and right click

If it does not even solve your problem go with the next step

Disable add-ons

In IE 11 or earlier versions, some add-ons and extensions can cause the "This page can not be displayed" error. To disable ads, manage Tools and Add-ons and then disable the add-ons.

You can also disable all add-ons one by one to see which one is facing the problem
If you still have an error, go with the next step

Enable EPM (Advanced Protected Mode)

EPM or Enhanced Protected Mode is a security feature introduced in Windows 8. EPM has disabled all add-on extensions in Toolbar, Browser Assistant Objects (BHO), and Internet Explorer, which are incompatible with it. By default, IEM is locked in IE, but you can enable it by going to Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced. Check here, scroll down and enable Advanced Safety Mode. Then right click and restart the browser

If this fix does not resolve the page, then go to the next step.

Correct windows time

Some SSL sites do not open when your system is set up correctly, so make sure that the date and time are set correctly in your window. If date and time are going wrong, you can restart your computer so that means you are CMOS battery is dead and you have to change it with new

Disable proxy and proxy software

Using proxy "This page can not be displayed" is one of the main reasons for the error: In Internet Explorer in Windows, disable the proxy in Internet Explorer under Tools-> Internet Options-> Connection-> LAN Settings and Proxy Server Should uncheck your proxy server for LAN option.

If you are using a dial-up internet connection, then click Settings and do the same under the Dial button and Settings.

If you have any type of proxy software installed on your computer, then uninstall it completely and then reboot your computer. After that check the site in IE and if the error persists

Reset Internet Explorer

Due to any program or virus, Internet Explorer may also have misconfigured settings webpage. Internet Explorer, You can reset Internet Explorer in Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced and Internet Explorer settings reset Click reset to reset Internet Explorer's settings to your default settings.

If the browser is shaky you can also reset it. If it does not even solve your problem, go with the next step

Malware or virus infection

Internet Explorer is a very secure browser and it is usually weak for viruses and malware. So if your Internet Explorer browser is infected with any type of virus or malware, then you may have to face "This page can not be displayed" in Windows. You can use the HiJackThis (HJT) tool to inspect the problem. Can. To remove malware, you can use Malwarebytes anti-malware tools.

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Use Public DNS Server

You can also try to use a public DNS server such as Google DNS or Open DNS for this page, but you can not display the error. Go through the guide below windows.

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