10 Ways to Increase Your Computer Speed [MOST EFFECTIVE METHODS]

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A PC may be outdated very fast because every month or newer, faster and more advanced computer components are released. It is possible for everyone to buy new hardware in such a short time and keep your desktop but you can still increase the performance of your old PC by doing the following things.

10 Ways to Increase Your Computer Speed
10 Ways to Increase Your Computer Speed

Tips to Enhance Your Old PC Performance

Here are some things you can do on your desktop.

Use it for Microsoft Fix

Microsoft Fix This is Microsoft's free tool that will help users to clean Windows 7 or earlier and perform many simple maintenance problems.

Clear your browser

Regardless of your browser, you should clean it regularly. To clear Chrome, click on the three button icon located in the upper right corner, then click "Tools," then click on "Clear Browsing Data" and then see the History box, Cookies, and Cached items.
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Upgrade your processor

You can also upgrade to a better and faster one. You can find an older generation of updated processors on eBay or some local computer hardware stores. This is because the companies have started their old processor. Upon purchasing an old but fast updated processor, you will have to fully test on receiving it from the local computer store.

Remove viruses and spyware

In addition to routinely scanning your computer for malware, you should also regularly scan for viruses and spyware

Access your antivirus and scan manually. You can schedule this weekly. Just make sure you do too, having more than one antivirus on your computer will slow it down, so if you are going to be incredibly complete, and maybe a bit unnecessary, then only one is better to run

Install more RAM

You can add more RAM or memory to your current PC if you have all your RAM slots pre-occupied then you can buy high capacity RAM stick and remove old ones installed on your motherboard. 
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Prevent program from being loaded when it starts

This is a common sight for most users to have a lot of apps and features loaded at the beginning of their machine. These are often established by the creators and others who automatically launch at startup.

While watching these programs, you can load the most visible examples that your machine looks like. On Windows 10 (and Windows 8/8.1), you can disable it

Use fewer apps at a time, reduce RAM usage to speed up the computer

Running multiple apps at the same time increases your productivity. But that's right, in many cases the CPU does not have much effect, but Ram exploits it.

Under the Performance tab> Memory you can press the Task Manager app and examine the memory usage. If usage statistics show that programmers are having trouble snapping, then we can kill the criminals from the process tab to speed up the Windows 7 machine. But make sure that you do not fall prey to the crucial process of Windows. You have to see that there is a difference between 'available' memory and memory 'in use'.
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Your system does not rest, adding more RAM is an option, but your hard-earned money is required. The less-effective solution to boost the Windows 10 performance

Check that your Windows is not infected

The term "corrupt" is used mostly for certain types of humans, whereas data on operating systems such as Windows can be corrupted. Maybe, some process or app things will get confused.

Corrupt data can work as a sloth (no insult to the animal) on your Windows 10 PC. And in the worst case scenario, your system may crash

The simplest way to fix files on Windows 7 is to run system file checker utility. You would have used the same corruption. Fixing contaminated files will increase the speed of your Windows 10 device.
How to run system file checker in Windows 10?

You can start the elevated command prompt window and execute the following commands.


The process may take some time depending on your hard drive. Alternatively, you can run the tool by visiting the PC and Windows Drive (right-click) and Properties and Tools. Click check

Shutting down and restarting Windows is not an option, this is a requirement

Restarting or Shutting down your PC in regular spaces cleans the system memory from time to time and also destroys all incorrect processes to speed up your Windows 10 PC.

Always keep Windows updated

There are a lot of updates in the Windows ecosystem that routinely shocks users, sometimes heavily. Windows 10's performance in addition to protecting the machine from unwanted threats and new discovery of vulnerabilities

Getting started with Windows 8, Microsoft provides universal drivers for a comprehensive collection of third-party hardware. Updates for such devices are distributed through Windows Update. But in the case of unsupported third-party apps and hardware, you must update them manually.  
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If you are running a recent version of Windows 10, then install the latest update fast. Microsoft has optimized the Windows Update process in such a way that the user is busy with their work.

Overclock your processor

The first thing you can do is exceed your processor. By overclocking you can run your project at high speeds, but the increase in performance depends on your overclocking. Overclocking of the processor is high speed. Overclocking is a skill and not for the novice and amateur users.  
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If you are new to overclocking then you have to do extensive research about it, read more about this on more articles on the Internet, and if possible, ask their expert for advice, because if something goes wrong then You can permanently damage your processor.

Remove program no longer in use

As well as preventing every app from starting on Windows on your computer, you should also review which programs you do not need and delete them.

Access the Uninstaller tool from your control panel and use it to uninstall the program. I regularly do this as a software reviewer.

Overclock your graphics card

If you have a graphics card you also overclock it, you can use EVGA Precision to overclock your graphics card.

Think of switching from Chrome to Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your web browser, it's time to upgrade. Make Google chrome

Chrome is fast and has fewer bugs than IE 11

Tweak Windows Settings

You can tweak and customize your Windows OS here You can disable services and services.

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