How to Increase Internet Speed on Wifi [SIMPLEST WAY]

Many of us face the problem of bad signal strength
Since the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, bad signaling reception can be disappointing.
How to Increase Internet Speed on Wifi
How to Increase Internet Speed on Wifi

Occasionally, also affects our productivity, therefore, if you are facing such issues with your WiFi Internet Speed, here are some tricks and tips.

How to Increase Internet Speed on Wifi

General Fixes

Basic Tips to Increase Internet Download Speed.

    Check your device, computer hardware and software, how well they work 
    Turn off the connected device 
    Clearing your cache and cookies 
    Using a firewall at a time Disconnecting from a VPN or proxy server Closed apps and browser tabs Regular device restart 
    Turn off auto-updates on apps, gaming consoles and PCs 
    Updating anti-virus software, drivers, firmware and computer and device software 
    Keep up to 10% of your hard drive free. 
    Updating PC, Laptop, and Tablet network cards

Understand what might be causing slow Internet speed.

  • Old software or hardware
  • Too many computers
  • Download is running
  • Signal interference from walls or other devices
  • Less Internet Speed Provider

Check your Internet speed.

    You can upload some velocity for Mbps (megabyte) and download it at per second; 
    Checking your actual upload and download speed 
    Most Internet service providers have promoted a specific number of "up" to a specific number, which means that high speed guarantee is not given.
     Most of the time, the highest upload or download speed of your computer, if the actual speed is more than the advertised speed, then your ISP is not a problem
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Compare your speed results against your plan

  • See your service plan to see what speed you are paying, then compare that speed with real speed. If you are going to make your ISP call If you have not upgraded your internet for a long time, you can find fast internet for low prices. View all providers in your area Do not fall for megabit/megabyte net, Ipp ads in megabit, megabytes are not megabytes (MB), are 8 megabytes (MB), so if you are paying 25 megabits per second (Mbps) then this should be 3 megabytes Copy is the second of the actual transfer speed (Mbps)

Decrease the distance between your computer and your router.

  • If you are connected to a Wi-Fi router, you will find that when you move away from your router, your internet speed drops. Stay as close as possible to your router for maximum internet speed Make sure your router and your computer are getting very hot.

Establish a line of sight between your computer and the router.

  • If your router's signal has traveled through a wall or device (for example, a refrigerator), then its signal will be weakened. A good rule of thumb is to reach your router. If your router is on a separate floor than you, you may also be able to get the signal.

Minimize the number of items on the network

  • Just like a freeway, your Wi-Fi network can only handle certain traffic before it is slow. If possible, make sure your computer is the only connection to your router; This is the best internet result. Limiting Internet access on a computer is not always possible, but you can unplug smart TVs, additional computers, video game consoles, and more (for example, an additional smartphone or tablet) that allows Internet connection Stays closed

Software Fixes

Update your computer or mobile item.

  • If you are running, with the exception of this rule, you should always keep your computer, smartphone and/or tablet updated to the most recent operating system.

To do this, click on one of the following links:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Android

Run an antivirus scan on your computer.

  • Occasionally malware or virus can interfere with the ability of the computer to access the Internet. Running antivirus software will detect and remove any harmful programs on your computer. It's a good idea to run an antivirus scan once a week.

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Update your Internet browser.

  • Snap out-of-date internet browser results in slow webpage load time, snotty videos, and many other symptoms. Click one of the following links:
  • Update Google Chrome
  • Update Firefox
  • Update Safari

Clear your browser's cached files

  • Another aspect of your browser Cached information allows websites to load faster after accessing them once, but it will also result in errors and connection issues if the website's cache does not match the browser's records. Websites will be a little bit slow; this is normal

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Remove the Toolbar from your browser

  • The final component of your browser's display; If your browser has many toolbars or add-ons,

Use Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • These two browsers are usually faster than other competitors and are available for all platforms including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android.

Try using a VPN.

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows you to avoid ISP restrictions by external servers, but if your ISP is not restricted or your connection, then it can not improve your internet speed, using your VPN network Slowing down your network will prevent your network.

Hardware Fixes

Determine how old your hardware is.

  • Unfortunately, the best solution is to buy new technology. Another situation in which you notice is not a computer or mobile platform recently. Especially if your router and/or modem are more than three years old, you would want to upgrade to a recent model.

Replace your router again

  • The vision between your work area and your router is important, but it does not matter that the router has many moisture devices, there may be anything from the microphone to the refrigerator from the dumping device Baby Monitor, so make sure that your router It is far away from these items Your router should be relatively comparatively if your router is at a low level, the level at which you use your computer, phone, tablet etc., you will probably participate in Internet connection issues.

Restart any Internet-connected items

  • The old "Turn it off and then on again" method comes to reset the Internet connection, especially when using any item which has not been closed for several days.

Upgrade your router's firmware

  • The best wireless router is designed to download your web surfing and functions. The wireless router has changed the wired network at homes and business locations, because they support many devices in the same network, and are cost effective
  • If you have a broadband internet connection at home, you definitely want a good wireless router. Any surfing on the mobile will be a daunting task for high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection on a mobile device.  Thanks to the rapid progress in technology, the old router has been upgraded, and today we are capable of downloading and uploading data in our eyes.
  •  If you are using the old WiFi router, then you are getting a new high-speed wireless router, which has the latest hardware configuration and supports the 802.11ac networking standard. For those who do not know, 802.11 AC standard router has long-range WiFi and is much faster than traditional routers. Old Router firmware can prevent your routing from continuous connections. 
  • This is a process that varies from router to router, so to verify the process you will have to check the manual of your router. This is especially important if you only buy a new router, or if you use a router which is one or two years old.

Buy a new router.

  • As mentioned earlier, only that you can do with old technology if your router and/or modem are more than a few years old, then buying a new one will surely increase your internet speed and reception. . Make sure you see the next section.
  • List of Router Click Here
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