How to Stop Mobile Hanging Problem [SOLVED]

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Hanging is a common issue. This is due to negligence and improper use of the phone.
How to Stop Mobile Hanging Problem
 How to Stop Mobile Hanging Problem

So what I will tell you reasons in this article and tell you the solution to solve.

How to Stop Mobile Hanging Problem

These are the main reasons for hanging on your Android smartphone

High CPU and RAM usage

This is the main reason for your Android phone hanging and freezing problems. If you are using high CPU and memory usage, it will be slow and sluggish, resulting in your phone cooling down. 
High CPU and RAM usage may not be on this and due to other things, due to the details are given below, there may be a defective / buggy, OS bug, or other things.  
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Reduce the number of concurrent apps to stop the phone hang

Every mobile phone has a limited amount of resources like memory and processing power. If you put more weight on the phone, the phone can be hanging. So, try the number of apps running at the same time and reduce it. There are lots of apps running in the background. You can release the combined memory by halting any apps you no longer need.

Keep all apps up-to-date

Continue to visit the App Store if Google Play (you have an Android phone) and the iTunes App Store (if you have an iPhone). Mobile app developers follow their apps so it is highly recommended that you can update all apps whenever there is a better version available. 
The latest versions of apps for low memory and CPU power can be used.

Turn off your mobile phone

It's a good idea to turn off your phone at some time at all times. When you restart your phone, its memory will be released from all the unnecessary pieces of data that are being leased and capturing memory space.  
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Turn off and remove the battery

There will be no effect on this tip. But removing the battery and SIM card after a few months is also a good idea. Removing the battery and the SIM will clear the dust from the electric touch point.

Install apps in external memory (SD card)

Most mobile phone users have all their apps on their phones. When installing apps, they do not pay more attention to where the app is to be installed and how it affects phone performance. In most cases, by default, apps are installed in the internal memory of the phone.

This space leaves fewer space to continue and as a result, the memory matches. If your phone hangs up, it is recommended to install apps in the phone's external memory (ie SD card). Often the external memory is larger than the internal memory. And if needed, external memory can also be easily extended (instead of 2 GB card, just insert 8 GB card!).

Therefore, more apps without the phone can be easily installed in external memory. This will save your phone from hanging.

You can set the default write to disk for this. Go to Settings and Storage Default Write Disk and SD card. Please note that this setting is available in a different mobile handset. So, you have a little bit of a viewpoint.

Move apps installed from external memory inside them

You can always go to external memory. As mentioned above, this will give more as your phone will not be lengthened.

Delete unnecessary apps

After you uninstall apps, you can browse through some apps that are not instantly installed, you can stay in your phone and keep all the important memory space in the trash.

Delete unnecessary data (photos, videos, singing)

If you have stored images, videos, and songs in internal memory; You are really stopping internal memory space and this can give you an opportunity to go ahead, see all the pictures, videos, and songs, and delete the ones you do not need.

Alternatively, you can the first backup this data from your computer and then delete it from your phone. Photo, video and audio, and this are one of the common reasons for the launch of this phone. 
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Install antivirus software

The virus is a mess If your mobile phone is hosting a virus, then the virus can slow down your mobile phone easily. Needless to say, as your phone hangs frequently, you definitely need anti-virus. Anti-virus software will take a lot of memory

Installing Multiple Apps / Games

If you install large amounts of apps and games on your phone, your phone is dropped in a small amount of RAM and internal memory is working with it and as a result, it often hangs or feels cold.

Less internal phone memory

If the internal memory of the phone is very low then it can cause the sluggish behavior of your phone and as a result, there may be problems related to hanging.

OS/firmware issues

OS and firmware worms can also cause hanging or cold problems.

Faulty phone

A complete defective phone is also the reason for hanging problems.
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The solution for Android phone hanging issue

Here are the solutions to fix Android smartphones that fix issues.

Monitor app usage and uninstall it

There may be a case whereby consuming more CPU and RAM the problem can only be one or two applications. So monitor the app activity on your Android phone using the Task Manager and find out which app is using high CPU and memory, and then uninstall it.

Remove unwanted apps and games

I have noticed that many people have the habit of filling their phones with useless apps and games, they do not know much and they have different problems with their phone, so here I am giving you unnecessary and useless from your Android I suggest that remove the app and keep the game and only what you want or mostly use.
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Free internal phone storage

If your phone's internal storage is very low, then I suggest that you free some internal memory by clearing the application and clearing the browser cache and transferring your files from phone storage to external storage or SD card. You can also use the App 2 SD app to transfer apps from internal phone memory to an SD card.

Update Android OS / Firmware

Update your Android OS or firmware in the latest updates, often fixing various bugs and problems in previous operating system software or firmware.

Contact Customer Support

There are some cases in your phone and to resolve that you contact your phone customer care support team and get directions or resolution to fix it.

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