How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone [MOST EFFECTIVE METHODS]

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Mobile Internet users have made significant increases over the years. Now, most people are using the Internet on their smartphones and tablets instead of their computers.

With the 3G and 4G internet services, the speed of mobile internet has also increased to a great extent, but if you are experiencing a slow Internet experience on your Android smartphone, then I am going to tell you some tips about How to Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone

How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone
 How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Phone

Here are some tips that can make your current mobile internet connection (2G / 3G) on your Android smartphone.
Check network signal strength
First of all, you should do that if the power of the network signal is good or not, if your phone is out of reach or the signal strength is visible only once or twice, you can experience a constantly roasted slow internet. To get a better network signal to fix this step in another area or out 
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Prevent Auto Sync and App Background Data
Prevent auto-sync and background data for those applications that you do not want it to be because there are some applications that sync themselves and use background data. Eventually, slow Internet speed can be the result because other applications are also using the internet.

Turn auto update off
Turn off Auto Update in Google Play Settings This is where some apps can start updating themselves and use your internet bandwidth which can slow down your internet

Use Fast and Better Browser
You can also use a better and faster browser like Opera Mini or Google Chrome for a better and faster internet experience. Stock Android browser in some phones is not good and does not work well and while browsing on the Android browser you may experience a slow Internet experience.

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Select Right Network Mode (GSM / WCDMA)
Ensure that the network mode settings in the mobile network menu are either set to Auto or GSM / WCDMA, because if it is set to GSM only, they will only catch 2G / Edge network, even if your phone is enabled and You have a 3G activation plan on SIM, as a result, the speed of internet has decreased because you are getting the speed of 2G internet only. Check this setting

Update Android OS
Sometimes the slow Internet problem is also caused by some bugs or non-optimization of the network / Internet settings in your Android OS, so to fix this, you can update your Android OS in the latest and see This fixes your slow Internet issue

Telecom Service Provider Issues
It may be possible that your telecommunications service provider is having problems with their internet server, so call them on your customer care number and verify whether the problem is from their end or not.
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Change Telecom / Mobile Operator
If your telecom or mobile operator is not up to the internet services mark then you can change it and get a SIM of telecommunication operator, which provides fast 3G internet services and has a good record in this area. You can consult your friends and relatives to find out what the mobile operator in your area or region can do.

Get a Better Android Phone
If your phone is really old and does not even have the latest technology, then I would suggest you get a better Android smartphone with the latest hardware specifications with 3G and 4G / LTE support.

Clear your cache

Android devices have cache-memory to store log-in credentials, locations, and more. However, some mobile-apps store other types of unnecessary information which uses this valuable storage source. Every Android device has the option of clearing the cached data. By regularly cleaning your cache, you can optimize your phone's performance, so that browsing speed can improve significantly.

Monitor your phone's network settings

Optimize network settings for your Android phone's network settings in the Options section, However, reaching the exact name menu page, check that most phones enable automatic network selection options, un-check it to select the manual network selection option and select your operator manually. Before this, select the GSM / WCDMA / LTE option that has many Android devices. If your Android device is 4G LTE enabled, be sure to turn it on.

Uninstall Futile Applications

Most of you have a unique feature with interesting features to download new apps, but we usually forget about two or two of them. Many such apps can be used for storage and processing sources on your mobile phone. It is useless to locate unnecessary apps, once they are uninstalled, they can release your phone's resources and speed up the process. This will speed up your phone's browsing speed.

Choose a browser

There are many apps you use to use the internet, the most common of this web browser. It is important to choose the right browser to opt into the optimum speed on the Internet. Thousands of web browsers are available. Through most of their features, they can provide an enhanced browsing experience, however, it is important to take care to choose which offers regular performance updates, which can help you browse faster.

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Install Speed Boosting App

The general idea that apps have consumed resources are numerous Android apps available that can speed up your phone or tablet. You can find them on the Google Play Store.

Here are some tips and tips to speed up your Android phone, but there are many other reasons that affect your device's performance. Wrong hardware or incompatible software may also be the reason, however, these above-mentioned tricks should be sufficient if not mentioned above.

Enable maximum data loading options

According to the wireless and network settings options in your Android phone's settings, you are likely to choose a GPRS transfer preference. If you've done something wrong, then changing the data preference option will increase the improved internet speed.

Use ad-blocker

It's a known fact that some people will need to download sometimes, others will not only have to take a long time but when this happens they affect the processing power of your Android phone and also reduce the speed of the internet. Using ad-blocker (available in browser settings) provides some browsers as an add-on, but if you do not have a browser, then they can keep web pages free of advertising and increase internet speed.

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